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  1. Countdown to ACen 2017

    Does it matter really? So my con time is different then yours. If you want people to count down from a specific time then should have put that in the first post..... Welcome to the insanity section of the dead ACen forums. It's not really looked at by anyone anymore and I've done nothing wrong. Regardless I'm done responding to a pointless argument. Hope you have a good convention, I shall refrain from posting in this thread again.
  2. Countdown to ACen 2017

    I see - con opens 8am officially though with the video game room and it wasnt said what time so I went with the official one.
  3. Countdown to ACen 2017

    Aww its ok! You will be!!! :heart: 4 days 21 hours 40 minutes and 10 seconds (until 8am 5/19) *Munches on brain* Yum! :zombie: :zombie:
  4. Lost Badge

    Im not an official rep for ACen (so dont take my word as law), I'm a veteran attendee and former staff member. It seems as though staff arent super active at this point as its so close to con. At this point I'd say to plan on going to registration to get a replacement badge. Do you have a copy of the email you sent to them? I'd have it there for reference in case they question it.
  5. Lines at ACen?

    Any panel involving guests expect it to be busy and that you will need to get in line fairly early. Also for popular anime ones. I remember when Legend of Korra came out, that panel filled up and there was about a 3rd in line who did not get in. That panel had no guests or well known panelist's on it either.
  6. Lines at ACen?

    Per the policy in Guidebook (look under "rules of ACen") you arent allowed to line up for main programming events more then 45 minutes ahead. I would advise you not to linger in the area before the lines either because IRT will chase you away and it causes a fire hazard. I think panel programing its you cant line up before the previous one starts (so no more then an hour).
  7. Con with preschooler

    Dr Pepper is doing free $5 uber credits (up to 10) when you take a picture of two or more bottles... its not much but if you drink that soda it could help... https://www.drpepper.com/en/whatsnew/video/uber
  8. Masquerade Time Length

    It's about 3 hours normally. They really don't let it go later, even for technical difficulties because of the precious Soap Bubble rave.
  9. Looking for Hotel Room for the weekend

    Please dont put your phone number on the public forum. They can be easily picked up by spammers/bots.
  10. Pre-Event information

    Hasn't been at ihop for years. I know because I was the last person to run it. Alas the problem was, as junk said, nobody was showing up. I won't be there on Thursday so I couldn't do one anyway. Somebody is more then welcome to take up the helm if they want.
  11. Question regarding the concerts....

    For those who have large cosplay or don't walk well it can be. As I said not a big deal if there's not one, I just need to budget for a taxi.
  12. Will you be having some kind of shuttle to the MB Financial Park? If not that's ok, just curious. Also what's the backup plan if it rains? Will they just be cancelled? Because let's be honest - it'll probably rain atleast one of the days. As someone with disabilities it's important that I plan out the approximate area I need to be.
  13. Guidebook 2017

    Question regarding the concerts... will you be having some kind of shuttle to the MB Financial Park? Also what's the backup plan if it rains? Because let's be honest - it'll probably rain atleast one of the days.
  14. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Hey all. So I'm coming in as an independent third party, who is not staff, with 8 years of ACen experience under my belt, and has had my own fare share of issues with things and how they run. I ask that you do not eat me alive. It does seem like there's a fair bit of confusion and frustration on the fact that Knives has not followed up with you, lack of communication or direct answers, etc. Do remember that he's a volunteer, with other responsibilities at ACen then the photo shoots + his life. After reading through this whole thing, I can tell you that yes, there were some things that he could have done better. The 30 minute vs 1 hour shoot thing, for sure. But remember ACen is the con of late announcements. We are 19 days out, and just now had a major band announced for example. We do not have many VA guests announced, so I'd assume their **MAY** be some that are pending. Those main events could then conflict with those VA's popular show times, then everyone will want the schedule changed 2 days prior to the con, so they can attend said panel. Also, if he released the final one prior to the main schedule/announcements being made, everyone could get mad because he put them in a different slot then they thought they were going to have, and he cant say why he did that because said announcement has not been made public. He also could be being told by the major powers that be that he can not release it yet for whatever reason. These are just examples of what could be happening and do not take them as fact. I'd caution anyone from releasing old schedules as final, because we dont want mass confusion if they are not correct. I'd also say that remember conventions are for having fun. Try not to worry about the details that you cant control. Things will change. This comes from someone who has hosted many things, across many con's, and is extremely detail oriented. Prior stress will effect you at con if you let it.