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  1. The room is no longer available. Please lock this thread.
  2. Bag policy

    I'm speaking as a long time attendee, not a staff member however I do know that bags are allowed in some area's and not in others.They are not allowed in the dances at all and have previously not been allowed in the video game rooms until last year. I do not know whether or not they will be allowed this year. I do not know if they are allowed in things like the manga library, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are not. Especially large bags. Also keep in mind that the halls get quite crowded and something on wheels behind you could cause a hindrance to the flow of traffic. Ultimately I would be prepared to either A) bring your box back to the room if asked/wanting to go to banned areas or B) not bring it with you all the time. There are no bag checks at ACen either. There are also medical exceptions to the rules, if you think you might qualify Id go see them in the Hyatt or registration. You can also email them eventaccessibilityservices-departmenthead@ACen.org
  3. Hello. I will send you a private message about this.
  4. ** This room is no longer avaliable.*** Hello! I have a room at the Hyatt Regency Ohare (the main hotel) and I’m looking for one person to split it with. I am a 31 year old female. This will be my 9th ACen. I love idols. See my profile page for more information about me! I love anyone until they give me a reason not to. Feel free to message me with questions. Originally I had planned to have the room to myself, but a family member passed away a couple of weeks ago and I had added expenses come up. As a result I’d like to save some money by splitting my room. Details: Check In: Thursday May 17th Check Out: Sunday May 20th (3 nights) Cost: $300.00 total* - Prepayment is due no later then May 7th. There’s no at convention payments. I can provide references if need be. You can also see my history on this forum. If there’s more then one person interested, the person who pays first gets the room space. I am staying in the hotel the Wednesday prior. If you are interested in staying then let me know and we can work it out. I will not split up the nights. Please don’t ask. When you come in/leave is up to you. The price is the same regardless. *Note: This is for a king room. Half the cost of the total price is $340.29 however I only have a king room, so due to that I am discounting it $40 due to lack of bed space. You can either sleep on the floor, bring an air matress or we can look at getting a roll away, which you would pay for additionally. Below is what I am looking for in a roommate. I say most of this so that everyone is on the same page. I’m fairly laid back and like to have fun. I won’t be in the room a lot. 21+ (preferably 25+ but I’m open.) male or female. ******This is a straight/gay/queer/bi/trans/non-binary or any nationality friendly room. I’ve had all sorts of people as roommates. I love everyone.**** This isn’t a requirement but I prefer someone who isn’t planning on being in the room a ton. I love rooming with artist alley vendors. (I’m an artist myself.) I treat the room as somewhere to sleep, change and shower. Not much else. Please be at least somewhat tidy. Keep your luggage/cosplay/food in one spot as much as possible. Zero Drama. I go to conventions to relax and have fun. I normally don’t have roommates due to wanting to avoid drama. Please don’t be that person that wrecks my weekend... I’ll be very sad. No room parties. Limited to no extra people in the room. No hookups. I don’t mind if you party. I plan on having some drinks myself. However there will be no parties at all in the room. If there is one then you have to leave, minus refund. I’ve never had to kick someone out of my room, but there’s always a first. Please keep any rendezvous or hang outs with friends outside the room. My name is on the room and I don’t want to get black listed. More-over I don’t want to go back to sleep and find that I can’t due to a party or having private time in the room. Please please please don’t drink so much that you get sick everywhere. Please avoid body paint/fake blood/etc. If you get sick or make a mess you clean it up and pay for any and all damages that you or your guests cause. Showering every day is a must. I have asthma, so an ax bath is not going to work. No smoking in the room. No drugs or any other illegal substance's in the room or out of the room at all. If I find them in the room or that you've been using it will be cause for immediate removal from the room without refund. Please message me directly if you are interested or have any questions! Everyone have a happy and safe ACen! It’ll be here before you know it.
  5. Countdown to ACen 2017

    Does it matter really? So my con time is different then yours. If you want people to count down from a specific time then should have put that in the first post..... Welcome to the insanity section of the dead ACen forums. It's not really looked at by anyone anymore and I've done nothing wrong. Regardless I'm done responding to a pointless argument. Hope you have a good convention, I shall refrain from posting in this thread again.
  6. Countdown to ACen 2017

    I see - con opens 8am officially though with the video game room and it wasnt said what time so I went with the official one.
  7. Countdown to ACen 2017

    Aww its ok! You will be!!! :heart: 4 days 21 hours 40 minutes and 10 seconds (until 8am 5/19) *Munches on brain* Yum! :zombie: :zombie:
  8. Lost Badge

    Im not an official rep for ACen (so dont take my word as law), I'm a veteran attendee and former staff member. It seems as though staff arent super active at this point as its so close to con. At this point I'd say to plan on going to registration to get a replacement badge. Do you have a copy of the email you sent to them? I'd have it there for reference in case they question it.
  9. Lines at ACen?

    Any panel involving guests expect it to be busy and that you will need to get in line fairly early. Also for popular anime ones. I remember when Legend of Korra came out, that panel filled up and there was about a 3rd in line who did not get in. That panel had no guests or well known panelist's on it either.
  10. Lines at ACen?

    Per the policy in Guidebook (look under "rules of ACen") you arent allowed to line up for main programming events more then 45 minutes ahead. I would advise you not to linger in the area before the lines either because IRT will chase you away and it causes a fire hazard. I think panel programing its you cant line up before the previous one starts (so no more then an hour).
  11. Con with preschooler

    Dr Pepper is doing free $5 uber credits (up to 10) when you take a picture of two or more bottles... its not much but if you drink that soda it could help... https://www.drpepper.com/en/whatsnew/video/uber
  12. Masquerade Time Length

    It's about 3 hours normally. They really don't let it go later, even for technical difficulties because of the precious Soap Bubble rave.
  13. Looking for Hotel Room for the weekend

    Please dont put your phone number on the public forum. They can be easily picked up by spammers/bots.
  14. Pre-Event information

    Hasn't been at ihop for years. I know because I was the last person to run it. Alas the problem was, as junk said, nobody was showing up. I won't be there on Thursday so I couldn't do one anyway. Somebody is more then welcome to take up the helm if they want.