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  1. Average Wait For Badge Line

    According to the website the pricing is the same for PreReg and at con this year. I know in the past it was cheaper so apparently that has changed... ? https://www.ACen.org/registrations/registration-info/ I would say preregistration is the way to go. You don't have to wait as long. The convention center normally opens an hour or two early but typically it pays to wait about an hour after reg opening then get in line - or atleast thats what I understand from the friends who do wait in the line. Most of the insanity stops then.
  2. Where do I find the guidebook?

    The guidebook isn’t out yet. Normally comes out about a week before con.
  3. At this point your probably out of luck to find something within short walking distance if you guys want your own room. ACen is one of the largest anime conventions in the country. The room block for the main hotel sells out in minutes. Your best bet if your set on that is to go ahead and split up. If you want your own room though it appears the Westin and the Comfort Inn are the only official blocks left. The Westin is about 15 minutes away walking. The Comfort Inn is by the airport and not walkable. I think the Comfort Inn has a shuttle though. I would call to confirm. Last year the Hyatt Regency (main hotel) opened some king rooms the last week but it was at more than the room block cost and payment up front no cancellations. Thats the first time they had ever done that though and I wouldnt expect it to be done again.
  4. Curious about ACen's Masquerade

    The Masquarde is nice if you havent been to one - though in my experience its rushed because they are worried about Soap Bubble right after it. The last one I attended was a couple of years ago and they never seem have enough time at the end to give out awards etc. I used to go every year religiously but tbh as years have gone by and the amount of new anime I watch is less and less I just hasnt been worth the effort to get into the thing.
  5. I'm back!!!

    I've always been here ;) Have you missed me? *glomps Junk* Hiiiii!! I missed you! <3
  6. First Time at the Hyatt!

    I'm actually going to make a correction to Moogle_21's post. The above mentioned stocked mini fridges have been taken out completely as of last year and in their place they have put in real usable fridges with small freezer sections. They have no mini bars anymore. I just spoke to the Hyatt about 5 minutes ago and this was a question I asked. Unless your planning on bringing huge amounts of stuff I dont think the cooler will be necessary.
  7. Room Full (Updated 3/17)

  8. Trying to locate retro Japanese style artist

  9. To be honest - things have changed - and what you consider good just really depends on your outlook and what you did before. Personally I feel like its less in terms of events/guests/etc. ACen has grown as far as footprint. There is much less nightlife unless your a rave person- Thursday is pretty dead. There are only a few room parties and they get shut down pretty quickly. The video game room has gotten better. International guests including musicians seem to be fewer and fewer and for the last few years they seem to be doing pretty much the same things. It seems like the exhibit hall hasnt grown the last few years- they redid the industry area and there is a lot of space now between their booths and the exhibitors area is tighter because of it. *shrug* The Artist Alley has its own section now vs being part of the exhibit hall. Seems a bit more crowded but there is more variety. I dunno - I go every year because Isamu, Rondo, Sinner and others continue to go but I dunno if I'll be back in 2020.
  10. Room Full (Updated 3/17)

    Bumping Post - room still available as of 1/9
  11. Looking for a Room for 2 people

    I have room - see here for details
  12. Room Full (Updated 3/17)

    Update 3/17 *** Room is Full*** I'm looking to find 1 roommate (2 spots taken/ 3 total persons) 21+ for my Hyatt Regency Ohare Room. Total Cost $233 per person** - This is the cost regardless of when you come in/leave. No payments at Con. $50 deposit (per person) required 1 week after confirmation to secure your space. $83 by 3/31. Remaining $100 by 4/31 unless other arrangements are made to prepay.*** This protects me and other roommates from having to cover the cost of someone not showing up/having the money at con. Check in - Thursday May 16th Check out - Sunday May 19th ** We have 1 single king bed - This is due to a mix up with our reservation - we are on a waiting list for a double room. I must have a bed spot due to my disability but one person can sleep with me (dibs are based on who confirms first but we can try to work it out if you need one absolutely) We will have a air mattress if we can not secure the double room. Roommate expectations: I ask that anyone who does intend to drink doesn't go overboard - you are responsible for your own mess and if you get sick you will be cleaning it up and paying for any damages. This is an LGBTQ+ friendly room. No smoking. No illegal substances. No major cosplay mess please. If you are using body paint/fake blood etc please bring your own towel so we arent charged for them. Be quiet during sleeping hours. No outside guests or parties allowed. Any complaints can go through me but overall I want things to be as drama free as possible. Please make sure you keep your stuff to one spot as much as possible - the rooms are small.The room is really just meant to be a sleeping/changing/chill out etc room. About Me: I am 32/Female - a long time veteran of Anime Central and former staff member. This will be my 10th ACen. I am an artist although I am not in the artist alley. Ive roomed with many artist ally participants. I go to parties while at ACen but overall I'm pretty chill and I dont like to get raging drunk anymore. I also attend DragonCon in Atlanta every year. Travelling is my main hobby. This will be an ADA room with a walk in shower. I may have a mobility scooter depending on my status at that time. It shouldn't get in anyone's way. I have a group that I mainly hang out with but I'm always up for meeting and making new friends. I typically dont cosplay at ACen but I do enjoy cosplay. Any questions feel free to reach out to me.
  13. The room is no longer available. Please lock this thread.
  14. Bag policy

    I'm speaking as a long time attendee, not a staff member however I do know that bags are allowed in some area's and not in others.They are not allowed in the dances at all and have previously not been allowed in the video game rooms until last year. I do not know whether or not they will be allowed this year. I do not know if they are allowed in things like the manga library, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are not. Especially large bags. Also keep in mind that the halls get quite crowded and something on wheels behind you could cause a hindrance to the flow of traffic. Ultimately I would be prepared to either A) bring your box back to the room if asked/wanting to go to banned areas or B) not bring it with you all the time. There are no bag checks at ACen either. There are also medical exceptions to the rules, if you think you might qualify Id go see them in the Hyatt or registration. You can also email them eventaccessibilityservices-departmenthead@ACen.org