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  1. Homestuck 2012

    Oh awesome! I wasn't into Homestuck until after ACen, but I will be more than prepared for this year! I'm going to bring Sollux, the boyfriend is going to be WV, and bestfriend is going to be Karkat. I can't wait to meet everyone~! :D
  2. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    Oh, very cool! I remember reading something like only specific wifi cards will work with it, but I'm not 100%. It sounds like it wouldn't cost too much, and it's something that I'd be interested in talking about at the panel. I'm really excited about this thing :D
  3. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    Haha, not to mention all the sweet cash to be made! But yes, I agree, plans need to be made! XD Yeah, I really really hope so! I'm hoping that I get a good turnout... I know not a lot of people know about it, but the ones that do are most likely like "FFF-WHAT!? MONSTER HUNTER PANEL!??!? >DD" But yeah! I'm going to read up on that xkai thing so we'll have more to discuss. Do you know if it's expensive? I have no idea what's required to make it run or anything, and nobody that I know in-person knows either.
  4. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    Haha, if that comes to the US, all my spare time will be GONE because that game would take over my life XD Aw man...yeah, that sucks. If I get a wifi card, I'll totally hunt with you and stuff! :D Solo stuff isn't nearly as fun :/ That's a great idea! XD I would love a MH gathering! There's not a lot of people that play it around here, so I pretty much struck gold when my friends all had PSPs and introduced me to the game, lol. I'm hoping this panel will get more people interested enough in the game to get it. :)
  5. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    Dave_The_Vagrant: I would have LOVED more DLC for Monster Hunter. But unfortunately, it just didn't happen. HOWEVER. There are rumors floating around that Monster Hunter Frontier (the MMO) may come to the U.S. since it did so well in Japan on the 360. But we'll see if that actually happens (which I really, really, really hope it does...) Yeah, Unite was in the $15 bin of new games at my GameStop recently, I believe. It's well worth the money... I've logged a ridiculous amount of hours into that game, lol. But yaaay! Monster hunting parties! :D Maybe that's a good idea for after the panel...just have a huge hunting session or something in the lobby? :3 Huh...a wifi usb card, you say. My dad miiight have one. Sounds like a pretty cool setup though! Although...I have like...six or seven hunters over by me that play as well, so it's not as hard for me to find people to play with x.n THOUGH, having the ability to log online and hunt with other people when my friends aren't interested...that sounds pretty great.
  6. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    FlyingElf: Yeah, that's true. I can see where you're coming from, then. Haha, besides that, a bunch of the monsters from Tri are going to be in Portable 3. If you're wanting to jump into the series right away, I'd suggest Unite, since it's basically an upgrade from Portable 2.
  7. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    FlyingElf: Well, I would wait on getting the PSP version, actually. Portable 3 is due sometime next year I believe, and from the videos, it's going to be pretty sweet! The Wii put out a really nice classic controller that you can use instead of the Wiimote, which I find to be a LOT easier to use.
  8. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    Dave_the_Vagrant: Yeah, I definitely like Unite a lot more than Tri. I'm kinda irked that they didn't put the Plesioth in Tri...because god knows I wanna dive in after it when it flees like a coward back into the water. I also thought they could have included a few more monsters...I feel like there's too small an amount of monsters... But then again, Unite probably spoiled me on that one, lol. Also, what's xkai? I keep seeing it on forums and such, but I have NO clue on how it works Alkaren Hyralt: Wha!? I hadn't even thought of using Skype! Pretty genious! FlyingElf: Well, if you've got a Wii or PSP, I'd HIGHLY recommend picking it up used or something. I've logged so many hours into that game series...it's ridiculous. But it's been really a lot of fun. If you're interested, I'm hoping to run a Monster Hunter panel this year at ACen! You can stop by and check it out and see what it's like. http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/38159-monster-hunter-2011/
  9. Monster Hunter - 2011

    Well, I was thinking of doing a little bit of both. At the beginning of the panel, I was going to describe the game and maybe show a bit of pre-recorded gameplay and ecology videos for a short while, and then afterwards have a discussion about the different games and things with the veteran players. I've constructed a small outline, but I probably will have to trim some stuff down. I'm trying to feel out the responses and see what people would like to discuss, that way I won't be boring anyone by talking about things that just don't interest the regular player. Do you have any suggestions or something you'd particularly want to see? :)
  10. Monster Hunter Unite, Tri, & Portable 3

    Yeah, ditto. It's a lot more fun playing with people online. The only problem I have with it is you pretty much need a keyboard or the Wii Microphone (which SO isn't worth the money...it's so hard to hear the other person :/)
  11. Any other Monster Hunter fans out there? I keep meaning to get back into Tri and play with people, but I keep getting put off because there's so few monsters to choose between :/ I miss Unite, but I don't have the money to run out and get the cables and whatnot to be able to play online with it.
  12. Monster Hunter - 2011

    Awesome! Is there anything you guys would be wanting to see happen there or discussed? I was thinking that we could discuss each of the games briefly and summarize the monsters for those just starting out or those wanting to bash on their most-hated monster (Plesioth, lol) and maybe watching some of the ecology videos as well. At this point, I'm making a loose outline as well as trying to get a headcount for the amount of people who would be attending to make sure that I'd be able to run the panel and estimate how many panelists to have, as well as how much time we can be allotted. I'm so excited to hear that there are people out there who would be interested! If you want to talk to me or anything, please feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions. Thanks for your feedback! ~CourtBo
  13. Monster Hunter - 2011

    I was thinking of creating a Monster Hunter panel to discuss the game series and share experiences from the game, as well as maybe a meet 'n greet! Trading stories and providing advice, and maybe even exchanging contact info so we could play together in MH Tri or something. I'm trying to see if there's enough interest to warrant a panel, so if you're interested please let me know. Any feedback or suggestions would be VERY welcome! Thanks~! ~CourtBo