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  1. ACen 2017 Is Over...

    yes its over it was good on the amount of guests this year, and the video game and game rooms were a plus the video games were a highlight running 24 hours, but would have liked a little more the eduactional stuff later at night I am a night owl and not all of us like the yaoi pannels, though the physics of giant robots was nice to see from a speed perspective from engineering people how much force one of the giant robots puts out and how unlikely you would survive even a punch at the estimated speed they move at, also try to pin down the schedual in the future better there were many guests that were last minute and I had no idea when they would have pannels even if I could have attended those.
  2. 2017 Guest Suggestions

    brice peppenbrook would also be good, we need a few more guests for this year we got only a handfull, they are good yes but we could use more.
  3. Band Maid for musical guest 2017

    I third that and make a motion for vote, I would also love the harp twins they are from chicago also to boot, I see you have the final fantacy thing going, but they do the same thing on harps playing video game anime and movie music, pleas consider them while they still might have a chance to come
  4. 2017 Guest Announcement: Toru Furuya

    boy this guy seems like a real ledgend of voice work, sailor moon, saint seiya, and the lead character in gundam.
  5. I made it to part of it, it was a nice pannel not really much I did not know before but archery in japan is something that is very special and for the samurai of japan the skill with the bow as something that enjoyed pride of place for much their history even over the sword which when they make a traditional blade has a whole ethos of its own and is a big event, as much spiritual as it is hardwork, of the master smith and helpers. Reminds me those of you bow fans check out some of the stuff about the japanese bow and eastern archery by Jaap and Kay Koopadrayer, they seem to be some of the foremost in the region of north america on the subject on the subject, and one of only a few traditional style japanese bow makers in the usa and canada, I dont know about mexico but Jaap and Steve my bow maker are the only I can name in canada and the usa, though there might be a 2 more, its not a high demand product though but it is a good design bow.
  6. Someone you very much need to see

    another few groups I would love to present your attention to is die milch, and colorpointe, and band maid, band maid already played a con up in the pacific northwest but it was one of their first times here in the states and they even made a music video to one of their songs at sakura con I think.
  7. Ok I ran across the group called the harp twins, they are from texas I belive, they are conservatory trained and they play rock as well as anime songs on the electric harp, they are twin sisters, we could very much use them they would fit right in as special entertainers, and they do all their stuff on the harp but it comes out well, they do stuff like the sailor moon theme, the theme song to walking dead, and other video game music and all on dueling harps they play togather, not only that they are drop dead pretty. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5X8wA2pn9sbD765c-rmkMg
  8. Hotel issues 2016

    I dont really have any grips except for the amount of guests we could get a few more, I mean I think it was great we were the first to have kyle mcarty with his first ever panel and it was not too packed, he seems like a nice fellow, not stuck up like some of the va's over the years have been, that is I mean va's that dont even seem to be geeks themselves and just happend onto the acting thing, and are like what ever or they are borderline worship me. The other complaint was The masqurade dept, you ran a good masq at the event but pre con communication needs to improve it was never an issue before, and I know you were out of contry for a month and we understand you have real life but find one of your helpers to get back with us and let us know what is going on Jon, also I am sarry for the loss of Jazz, the honest heartfelt tribute was nice, and I offered a prayer for Jazz and the blood and sweat he put into the first several masqurades to get it going, and thanked him for the part of his fairly big collection that his family let us have for going onto the stage and pouring heart and soul into it, I know I did, now did someone video the masq cuz I want to see how I did with the Attack on Titan skit I did. I also liked the good amount of cultural stuff they had, on myths and and figures in history of japan and video games, and the martial arts demos in the morning by the local club.
  10. Guest Autograph Question

    Well their could be more signings, and what is this guest list, we have some real good ones that are ledgends but this is a short guest list compared to years past, you all need to get your crap togather, I do like the fact there are archery panels, and martial arts that is good, but half the guests I never heard of, no offence to them, I am sure I will enjoy their pannels, but if this dont improve next year I may not be comming, it is fun really and the memories are great on years that its not so great but most of the stuff I want to go to is on friday and little on saturday, and dont they have anything better in the overnights then hentai news flash some of us aren't into that. but on the + side well irt has gotten better in the last 3 years by leaps and bounds, and the last 2 years with most of the events in the actual convention center really helps to pin stuff down and make it from one place to the other fast, and new food trucks, it will be a lucky break I think from the usual stuff, well time to get my costumes ready we are just under a day away.
  11. I concure I wish they would get a few more actors that do good pannels, though I was super happy the meet tony oliver last year after soo many years as a fan of robotech, and soo many earlier works. I would really like to see though Brice Peppenbrook from attack on titan.
  12. Original and Current Sailor Moon cast

    that would be nice, meet the voice of ash ketchum and for sailor pluto the oldest but one of the most mature and powerful sailors of them all.
  13. I have never seen yuri san at a con and he comes from ohio origionaly to boot, and Chuck one time was going to come to ikasucon but had to cancel at the last minute, so I did not get to meet him and talk to him, he is also from chicago if you did not know well at least origionaly. heh
  14. I would be up for that any of them really, it would be befitting since it was at our con that sailor moon's return was announced, of all of them it was ACen, ah but how do you top that kind of moment, 2015 was fun but somehow lacking as much excitment without something huge like that, senior year theme or not, it was fun but I would love to see more of crispin freeman and helan mcarty, again, samuri dan and jill are fun and always a nice pannel, but I would love to see more powerhouse in culture. or would It be too much to ask for Naoko hime herself?
  15. So will you be having it again this year would be nice, I wanted to come, but had a prior enguagment in 2015, due to scenduling.