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  1. General Anime Trade/sell

    hey guys, you might want to try www.powells.com. you can sell online. they don't offer much but you but it might be worth a shot.
  2. Hi! Any Ranma 1/2 Fans?

    If you changed into some other animal/person when splashed with cold water, what would you change into? With my luck, I'd fall into the Pool of Drowned Roly Poly
  3. Hi! Any Ranma 1/2 Fans?

    Kyahh, loves you all! *splashes everyone with water*
  4. General Anime Trade/sell

    Fruits Basket volume 1 - 11 The Mythical Detective Loki 1-7 The Mythical Detective Lok Ragnarok 1 - 3 Shaman King 1 - 23 SOLD I bought them thinking that I would eventually learn how to read Japanese...and here they are still in their boxes.
  5. Favorite Anime/manga Quote

    ha ha ha. i'm going to use this one. where's this from?
  6. Favorite Anime/manga Quote

    "I fart in your general direction. Don't make me taunt you again." Ranma 1/2 I couldn't stop giggling at work. It kept my supervisor away though. :lol:
  7. The Yes Or No Game!

    Ahh, I hear ya. I put something that I needed for work in front of my door so I wouldn't forget but ended up tripping over it, cursed at it then left it there. Would you ever try the Easter Bunny Dinner special?
  8. General Anime Trade/sell

    All in English, I also have Fruits Basket and Shaman King if anybody is interested in Japanese but didn't list those.
  9. General Anime Trade/sell

    thanks for the reminder!
  10. General Anime Trade/sell

    I'm am also looking for Ranma 1/2 the complet series (the 1-36 set). Willing to trade. Thanks!
  11. Things I Truly Hate About Facebook

    Ahhh, people after my own heart. My friends created an account for me. I never moved so fast when I was deleting it.
  12. The Word Game!

  13. Konichiwa Everyone!

    Hello! Newbie myself...err, actually I guess I could say I'm a returnee. Drifted from the anime/manga world but now I'm back! Just wanted to say welcome!
  14. Hi! Any Ranma 1/2 Fans?

    Ahh, it's been so long since I've been able to talk to people about anime. Finishing school then finding a job seemed to just suck all the time away. I actually found this site since I was looking for a site to see if anybody was interested in buying the manga that was collecting dust on my shelves. Strangely enough, as I was searching for sites, I've found myself hooked on Ranma 1/2 manga and fanfiction. I'm looking for recommendations! So far, I've been on Fanfiction.net but it's hard to pick out the good ones. Maybe I'll start writing again...This seems like a fun forum so I look forward to chatting! :)
  15. General Anime Trade/sell

    :lol: Kyaa!! I’m so happy I found this link! I was trying to find a place where I could sell the manga that is languishing away on my bookshelf. Please email me or reply to this post if you are interested in buying or have any questions. Thank you! BOOK CONDITION: All books are in either very good or like new condition. PAYMENTS: Prefer Paypal. Please contact me at kellbaek@gmail.com and put BUY MANGA in the subject line if you are interested in making a purchase. SHIPPING: Items will be shipped out 1 – 2 days after payment is received. For shipping rates, please go to the US Postal Office website and look under media shipping prices or click on this link - http://www.usps.com/prices/media-mail-prices.htm . PRICES (shipping is not included) Individual Book $6 each 5 – 10 Books $5 each 11 – 15 Books $4 each 15 + Books $3 each Complete Sets • Aishiteruze Baby by Yoko Maki Volumes 1 – 7 • Beauty is the Beast by Tomo Matsumoto Volumes 1 – 5 Incomplete Sets • Apothecarius Argentum by Tomomi Yamashita Volume 4 • Backstage Prince by Kanoko Sakurakoji Volume 1 • Blood Alone by Masayuki Takano Volume 1 • D.N. Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki Volume 8 • Fall in Love Like a Comic by Chitose Yagami Volume 2 • Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya Volumes 2-6, 9, 12, 13 • Ghost Hunt by Shino Inada and Fuyumi Ono Volume 2 • La Corda d’Oro by Yuki Kure Volume 4 • Me & My Brothers by Hari Tokeino Volumes 1 & 4 • Millennium Snow by Bisco Hatori Volumes 1 – 2 • Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori Volumes 8 & 9 • Penguin Revolution by Sakura Tsukubu Volumes 2 & 5 • Ruroni Kenshin by Nobuhiro Watsuki Volume 28 (Final Volume) • Tail of the Moon by Rinko Uedu Volumes 1 – 2 • Tarot Card by Sang-Sun Park Volume 2 • Tenshi Ja Nai!! By Takako Shigematsu Volumes 5 – 6 • The Embalmer by Mitsukazu Mihara Volumes 1 & 2 • Wallflower by Tomoko Hayakawa Volumes 1 – 11 • Wild Ones by Kiyo Fujiwara Volumes 1 – 4