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  1. 2019 Guest Request Survey

    Will a listing of suggestions be posted anywhere? This would allow some discussion on potential guests, and give the folks in Guest relations a better idea on who might be a great choice.
  2. I'm in a lurch again. I have a room at the Embassy, and my possible room mates don't know if they will be able to go until early April. So, I'm looking for a possible room mate to share a room. You would pay half the room cost. I would cover all taxes. So, your cost would be $327 for 3 nights- Thursday thru Sunday. Or, $218 for 2 nights.
  3. 2018 Guest Requests

    I suggested Okayado, Shake-O, and ChouCho as guests.
  4. 2018 Guest Requests

    Is there anyway to see a list of who has been requested as it forms? It would be interesting to see the list as it grows, and it would give us a chance to comment on guests that others have recommended.
  5. My views on ACen 2017

    ACen 2017 is over, and after having a couple of days to recover, I thought I would share my thoughts. Overall, I thinks this year was the best in several years. It would have been nice if the weather had co-operated more. What did I like? The people at the Special Needs booth and staff overall. It was very nice that when I went to get my accessibility pass, the lady manning the booth remembered me from previous years. We talked for a little while we filled out the forms. It was also nice that many of the regular staff, when they saw the pass, asked if everything was ok, and if I was having any problems getting into events. This was the friendliest I have seen the staff in the last several years. The layout of the dealers' room was much better. It was nice to have the extra space to move around. You didn't feel packed in, especially on Saturday when it is always crazy. And, spinning the Artists' Alley off to its own area made a difference. The way the signings were handled. The location for the signings, at the front of the exhibition hall, seemed to work much better than having them stuck clear in the back. The organization for the signings was much better. Everyone working the area seemed to be on the same page, with no allowing lines to start early, or allowing people to camp out waiting for the lines to form. In fact, this leads into another aspect- lines for events. It was nice to see that IRT and the people working the events were being even handed in the lines. No loitering in the area, no camping, lines not being allowed to form until a half hour or 45 minutes before an event. It made moving around the con a lot simpler and smoother. The guest list. This was what we had been complaining about in the past. This year was a very good year. A wide variety of guests. Lots of musical guests. This is the kind of guest list ACen should have been having these past years. I liked that Sekai was able to bring in some guests with them. Hopefully in the future, other companies can bring in Japanese guests, whether voice actors, directors, artists. The outdoor concerts. This was a very good idea. They allowed big events to be held at the same time, ie the May'n concert and the Masquerade. What didn't I like or thought could be improved? The outdoor concerts. If they are held next year, it should be mentioned in the program guide and in Guidebook what will happen and where they will be moved to in case of rain or other bad weather. I felt sorry for the girls in Gacharic Spin, as no one was sure about when their concert was going to go, and so the crowd was light. It was a loud and boisterous crowd, but light. May'n's concert was better attended, as word got out to everyone. The guest list. Again, this year was heavy on the DJs, and light in other areas. One Japanese voice actor. I would have liked to have seen more. And looking back at the guest lists for previous ACens, the last times we had actual manga artists were in 2010 with Misoto Rocks! and in 2008 with Kenichi Sonada and Ono Yoichiro. I understand that many people come for the rave and Soap Bubble, but many more come for the other guests. Artists' Alley. Even though it was in its own area, it felt crowded and cramped. Maybe they could be given more space somehow. Overall, I think there was a big improvement this year over the last several years. If there could be more seiyu and mangaka, and fewer DJs, I would be a happy camper. I give this year an 8 out of 10.
  6. Well, it is 9:30 and we have already had rain. The forecast for this afternoon is calling for thundershowers most of the afternoon. I wonder what time they will cancel the concerts? I hope it is soon, as the internet access in the DSCC is terrible.
  7. Question regarding the concerts....

    I talked to the info center in the convention center, and the customer service center in the Hyatt. Both of them said the same thing. There does not appear to be a backup plan at this time. If it rains, the concerts will probably cancelled. They said to keep checking Guidebook for any updates.
  8. Question regarding the concerts....

    Thanks for checking.
  9. Question regarding the concerts....

    I was wondering about this as well. I asked on the Facebook page but haven't heard anything.
  10. Greetings. I posted a question on the Facebook page about the autographs, and have yet to receive a response to my followup question. My follow up question was asking if the guests are only going to sign official merchandise. The reason I asked this is because I try to get the autographs done in a sketchbook with acid proof paper. The autographs stay sharp and crisp, and do not run. Last year, Key and Akira would only sign licensed merchandise, and Key was very picky about what they would sign, as they were using ink stamps along with the signatures. Since I did not have any official merchandise from Key or Akira, I ended up having to buy an autograph board for Key, and a CD for Akira, neither of which I had budgeted for. Luckily I had enough money to pay for these. Are the guests going to require official merchandise for signings, or will my sketchbook/autograph book be fine? I would like to know so that if I have to, I can order something and have it express shipped to arrive in time for the con. Thank you.
  11. Video Room Content

    Originally, many years ago, when ACen was new, the video rooms would show alot of fansubbed anime. However, as they have grown, They now show licensed anime. So, yes, you would more than likely need permission from NHK to show the episodes.
  12. Greetings. I have a room booked at the Embassy for two people. I may be looking for someone to share room with, depending upon what my friend decides, which is mainly if he can afford it. If I do need to get someone, all I ask is that they pay half of the cost of the room. No need to help with taxes, I'll cover those. And they would have to pay for their own parking, as the Embassy only allows 1 vehicle per room on the bill. PM me if you might be interested. I won't be able to make a commitment until my friend gives me an answer. Hopefully that will be soon.
  13. Would like to recommend the following: Arne Roth and the Final Fantasy music presentation. His concerts in the past have been well received, and would love to hear more Final Fantasy music presented in the small, intimate format. Yuki Kaijura. She is doing a concert of SOA music in January. It would nice to have her as she has also composed the music for the Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, .hack, Noir, The Garden of Sinners , ERASED, and Pandora Hearts series, among others. She is also the composer for the FictionJunction singing group, and she also formed the Kalafina group in 2007.
  14. 2017 Suggestion

    All would be great guests. Takahashi and Ishida have been on my "want to see" list for a loooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggtime. Takahashi ever since I first discovered her back in the late 80's to early 90's with Ranma and the Mermaid series. And, I have liked Ishida since her work on Ai Yori Aoshi and Ah! Megamisama, and later on Strike Witches.