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  1. Hihi! I and a friend of mine are looking for a roommate or two at the DoubleTree for this year's con. We're both women in our early thirties, and are alcohol and cosplay friendly. It's right across the street from the convention center, so no hiking! We have the room from Thursday-Monday, but are fine with taking people for fewer nights. Costs would be $55 per night per person. We always bring snacks, drinks, and utensils to share. I'm driving and am familiar with the area, so rides are no problem, and the occasional trip into town is good times. PM and/or reply here if you're interested. Hope you have fun this year!
  2. Canceled room?

    My friend and I have room for one or two from Thursday-Monday at the DoubleTree if you're still looking.
  3. anyone have space for 2 at the hyatt?

    Sent you a PM.
  4. Need a Room?

    It's Thursday-Sunday.
  5. Need a Room?

    Looking for two roommates to share a double queen room at the Hyatt. You'd be looking at rooming with two 21+ women. We're fine with alcohol in the room, provided you're of legal age. We'll probably bring some snacks and get a fridge for the room. It's pretty relaxed, and our goal will to not be in the room for most of the con anyway, so pretty much whatever. The total cost divided four ways would run about $145, judging by last year. We'd expect a small good-faith payment before the con, with the rest due when you get settled in. I attack things in my sleep, so I'll be sleeping on the floor in a corner, and someone will get a bed to themselves. :) If you're interested, just reply or PM. I'm looking forward to meeting you and having a great time at this year's ACen!
  6. Robot Unicorn Attack

    Holy crap, I think I just lost any chance at doing anything useful right there. I got 60-somethingK after refusing to leave the keyboard for a few hours a couple of weeks ago, and haven't played since, 'cause I can't stop once I've started. Oh, well. It's something to do after I've finished what I'm working on. ... ... ... ... I hate you. (not really, but I know I'm going to waste a huge chunk of my life on this damned thing now) I WILL FAIL
  7. The Types Of Glomps

    I don't know what you'd call it, but I run up, hug my friend while NYAAing, and try for either a motorboating or a good squish. At which point I get hit repeatedly and called an idiot. It's basically ritual by now. Maybe "The Bad Touch"? It's a terrible thing to do to people you know (amusing enough to be worth it)...do people actually do that to complete strangers? The prospect is both terrifying and intriguing.
  8. Things I Truly Hate About Facebook

    I need to eliminate status/app notifications, but other than that, I haven't had much of a problem with Facebook. It let me get back in touch with a number of people I hadn't seen in years. I do need to clean out my friends list. I do lock it down as much as possible, though. There is no visible contact or detailed personal information anywhere, and I've set it so nobody can see pictures that have me in them. I also don't post anything too questionable, allow myself to be found in searches, or use apps. I also clean my "wall" out regularly to keep available information to a minimum, and get it off of Facebook's servers in case I want to deactivate the account. Seems they keep all the information you put in there unless you delete it before you deactivate, so I won't take the chance of ever leaving it there in the first place. If you treat it with care and caution, I think it's a great tool to get in contact with people. I just don't trust the tubes enough to be anything but paranoid about it, myself.
  9. My Bologona Has A First Name

    We are the champions, my friends and we'll keep on fighting to the end WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS NO TIME FOR LOSERS CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS
  10. Heeerrrpp Deeuuurrrppp

  11. Roommates Needed

    There's one spot left (maybe two, big, big maybe), and I'll consider the room full on April 3 if it's not taken by then. Thanks!
  12. Dooodd! Lunar Silver Story Remake!

    Holy crack monkeys on a dung pile, I was just going to dig my copy out and play it again. This is good, good, news. If the remake is handled as well as the Star Ocean ones were, it'll be a treat to play. I'm just hoping an updated CFW will be available at release time. A new game would be nice, but I suspect it's not considered a profitable venture at the moment. I'd like to scrounge up enough cash for a 360 in the next few months - the number of interesting games for it is staggering.
  13. My Bologona Has A First Name

    Posts involving annoyingly catchy songs go below. First person to post Rick Astley loses. GO