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    I like to include the following into my daily routine as often as possible: Video games, anime, Lindeman's Lambic Framboise, Adult Swim, Spider-Man, my dog, my cat, my fish, DJing, Jimmy John's, getting a full night's sleep, French house, learning to speak Italian, Italy in general, Homestyle Bakery's cheesy ham and hashbrown stuff that nobody likes but me, bacon, cheese, bacon, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four, steak, steak, steak, small amount of peas and bacon.

    Ohhhh!!! It's 2011 now! What else do I like?!

    My Jeep, my new coat, my phone, barrels of french onion dip and tea...

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  1. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    Looking for pictures of me in my Dead Space suit. A bunch of pictures were taken, but I've only been able to find one. Thanks!
  2. Rude anime fans

    I used to be REALLY big into Naruto. Not scaling trees and nursing broken limbs with chakra big, but spending a ton of money on the franchise big. I fell out of the series in Shippuden with all of the insane fillers. Le sigh. Not once was I ever ashamed for liking the series because of what some other people thought about it. If I cared what everybody thought, I'd watch nothing but Bleach and DBZ. As far as Hetalia goes, I tried watching it not long ago. I couldn't get into it. I watched a few "episodes" and might as well have had a small dog bark in my ear for 15 minutes straight. I could barely keep my eyes on my television. Not saying it's a horrible show, but it definitely wasn't for me. Everyone I tell about how I don't like FLCL reacts as if I had just told them I just ran somebody over in my car. I've given it a chance and couldn't get into it. It makes me wonder how many people have actually watched an episode of the shows they make fun of. I'm doubting it. I think that if somebody is going to flame a series as hard as some people do (see: Naruto), it should at least be given a chance. Even if so, don't be a d-bag about how you don't like it. Example: Friend A: "Hey Bill! Look at that Naruto figure! I really want it!" Friend B: "Woah, Sam, that is a rad figure indeed!" Random Stranger: "Excuse me. I couldn't help but overhear you two discussing Naruto and I just have to say a few things. Just a quick few things. First of all, I hope you both die in a fiery car crash. Secondly, that figure is made out of a cheap, second grade plastic that is painstakingly crafted by the little blistered hands of the starving children in Ethiopia. Also, the show is horribly written and the entire staff, clear down to the interns at the studio, deserve to be dragged into the middle of a field and shot execution style. Just looking at you makes two makes me sick. I don't even know you and I hate you so much. I hate you on a molecular level. I'm going to spend the rest of my time near you glaring at you, thinking of the horrible ways I could torture you in my parent's basement. Narutards!"
  3. Naruto 2011

    I went as Tobi last year. I was one of the few Tobis without one of the purchased masks. This was me. I woke up insanely early to put on my Tobi stuff to head to the photoshoot last year only to discover nobody around where it was supposed to be. Super irritated, I just took my stuff off and ate breakfast. Overpriced breakfast. But seriously, what the hell happened last year?
  4. The ACen Countdown...

    ACen is in 11 days! I still have to finish up my Dead Space suit, which will hopefully happen tomorrow. Technically, I don't even have 11 days, I have 10 because I'll be heading up a day early. I'm pretty close to freaking out.
  5. Cosplay Procrastinators Anonymous

    Still have yet to finish my Dead Space suit. Have to fasten pieces of armor to the suit as well as make a few more pieces. Every year I do this. Why?!
  6. Osama Bin Ladin

    Did you happen to see this? . Keep in mind that these heathens are celebrating the deaths of 3,000 innocent people. We are celebrating the death of the bastard who has murdered thousands worldwide. There is a difference. He deserved it. Imagine if this guy had one of his little minions blow himself up in a crowd, which happened to have your parents in it? Boom. Parents dead...all because of this guy's twisted views. As they mopped up your family, he'd be sitting in a cave somewhere, babbling nonsense into a camera and making death threats on entire countries, not even thinking twice about the innocent people he killed. You, on the other hand, would be parentless. Both killed by a heartless monster. You can't sit there and tell me that you wouldn't want to see him rot in hell and if someone put you in front of him with a gun in your hands that you would think twice about pulling the trigger. By the way, I'm just using the parents thing as an example. No offense if your parents have actually passed away. But somewhere in this country, there are people who lost their sons, daughters or parents because of this man...and for nothing. Those who died have been avenged by bin Laden's death. I, for one, choose to celebrate this. In this day and age, not too many people are very patriotic, but I am, at least to the well being of my fellow American citizens and the safety of the country that I call home. The death of this terrorist means the greater good for not only this country, but the entire world. That, my friend, is something worth celebrating.
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just now saw this! Nooooo, not on hardcore. I'm wanting to get around to doing that one of these days, though. Have you?
  8. What do YOU think is cosplay and what's NOT?

    In my opinion, yes. Unless you are at the grocery store in said Batman costume. "Running around town in a Batman costume" makes me picture someone in a Batman costume doing daily errands. Picking the kids up from soccer practice, buying odds and ends from the dollar store or getting your oil changed, all in Batman attire of course.
  9. What do YOU think is cosplay and what's NOT?

    I consider anything from anime, video games and comics cosplaying. It's just what has always come to mind for me when seeing someone dressed as a character from these things. I can see the argument from both sides, but as long as people are respectful of each others opinions, I can respect different views.
  10. Rude Cosplay Fans

    I haven't had anybody say anything rude to me just yet, but this is my first year going as a non-anime character. I have a bit of a temper, so I probably wouldn't take it very well if somebody did say something rude or if I heard somebody being rude for no reason to someone else. Last year, I almost punched the photobomb guy with the horse head when he tried to step into my shot of the guy who went as Kratos. I whipped around to see where he went, but he took the mask off and I didn't know which person was him. But, to stay sort of on topic here, I had something like this happen, but in reverse. It wasn't at a convention, but funny nonetheless. Cirque Du Soleil was in town and they had performers going around the city to promote. I went to one of the places they were at with my girlfriend and I tried talking to the performer, but she would not break character. She was dressed like a weird clown/ring leader and had on a top hat. I remember she didn't say anything, but was acting things out through gestures. There was nobody else around but her and I at this point, too. I was just trying to ask her what it was like being in Cirque Du Soleil and where she got started. After like five minutes of me trying to get through to her, and I remember this part perfectly....she stopped, put her hand on her chin and looked at me for a few seconds. She was doing that puzzled, squinty eyed look. She made the gesture like "Eureka!" and pointed at me and was gesturing me to close my eyes. So I did. I felt something on my face and she tapped me on the forehead. I opened my eyes to see her grinning at me and realized that I now had a clown nose on. So, needless to say, my questions did not get answered and I doubt I'll ever have an experience where someone actually refuses to break character again.
  11. Pretentious cosplayers

  12. The Best Thing I Ever Ate

    The best chicken-based food I've ever had was this chicken parmesan wrap thing from a place called Pugsley's in the Bronx. I don't really remember it now because it was years ago, but I remember it was awesome and I went back again before I left. Plus, it's run by this super cool Italian guy. He was super friendly, which was a nice change from the gloom of NYC right outside the door.
  13. Pretentious cosplayers

    How do you guys feel about pretentious cosplayers? I've seen a few first hand, seen some in videos and read some stories about encounters. My opinion? It really bothers me and gets under my skin. I was watching a video not long ago and there were a few girls going on about people taking pictures without asking, or walking by and taking a picture. They were acting like it was the sin of all sins and just being really snotty about it. Even worse, I've heard of people telling people no who ask to take their picture. Here's why I think that is incredibly dumb: You are in a public place, wearing an elaborate costume, surrounded by thousands of people. You are in a place where you know there will be cameras galore. It's like diving into a pool and expecting to not get wet by doing so. If you don't want attention for wearing your cosplay, leave it at home. Do you honestly think I believe that you put so much time and effort into your costume/props and you don't want anybody to see it? It's so push and pull... Inside voice: Ohhh! I'm so glad my costume looks good! I hope everyone likes it! I want my picture taken! Outside voice: HEY! What are you looking at, man?! You have a staring problem?! Get that camera outta MY FACE! If you really don't want anybody to compliment you, take your picture, or look at your costume and you made it "just for you", here's an idea: Get a box that is your height and cut the bottom out of it. Put wheels on the bottom corners of the box. Line the inside with mirrors so you can admire yourself and keep those pesky fans' evil eyes off of your cosplay! Roll around and enjoy the con! Or... When you're sitting at home and it's time to go to whatever convention you may be headed to, NOT SO FAST! Solution time: Put on your costume and make sure it looks AWESOME. Grab your convention badge. Set fire to the badge. Sit at home in your costume by yourself, away from all those evil, horrible people who want to take your picture. I hear Nikon cameras actually steal part of your soul. Maybe the person with the camera is just shy and doesn't want to go up to a random stranger to ask if they can take their picture. Maybe it's that person's first convention, but you just so happen to be dressed as his/her favorite character, but that person just doesn't have the courage to go up to you. But imagine if that first time con-goer works up all that courage to walk up to the person (who might be surrounded by friends or something) dressed as his/her favorite character and asks to take their picture and the person says no for no good reason? That person would be completely embarrassed, feelings hurt, the whole nine yards. To me, cosplay is more about fun and showing people your hard work and devotion towards something that you love. I wouldn't be upset if someone took my picture without asking and I would never say no to someone who asked if they could take my picture. I'm flattered, and I'm sure most of you are too, when someone picks you out of a crowd to take your picture because they really like your cosplay. It makes you proud of your work. Whenever someone takes my picture at a convention, I never think, "Sweet! This person wants to take a picture of me!/". I think, "Sweet! This person wants to take a picture of my cosplay!". It's a good feeling! /rant So how do you guys feel about pretentious cosplayers? Do they have a justifiable reason to be snobby d-bags?
  14. Crispin Freeman

    I'm going to go ahead and agree here. I'd definitely like to see this guy at ACen and I'm surprised I haven't yet. Then again, ACen staff could have their reasons why he isn't here. I'm sure every guest has their own charges. I imagine Crispin Freeman isn't cheap, either. It's probably a delicate balance of spending and profit.
  15. Anyone Else Overspending On Cosplays?

    This is the first time I've actually tallied up how much I've spent on my Dead Space costume, so here goes... 6 rolls of camp foam - $36 5 sheets of craft foam - $5 Screws - $1 Picture hooks - $2 4 feet of EL wire with inverter - $30 3 "Spot It" lights - $15 Gray coveralls - $40 Boots - $30 9 cans of Rustoleum - $36 Hot glue gun - $5 Huge bag of glue sticks - $5? A bunch of yards of different colors of pleather - $60 Craft board - $5 Clear Vinyl tubing - $10 Aquamarine colored window film (special ordered) - $40 Nice work gloves $15 Wire screen - $10 A big box of industrial strength velcro - $20 Skate helmet - $15 Heavy gauge steel wire - $5 Lightweight spackle - $5 Thinner gauge vinyl tubing - $5 Toy gun - $5 I'm not even going to include all of the tools I had to buy for this costume... So, let me add this up really quick here...(this is my first time seeing the total, myself) Roughly $400. I don't remember exactly how much everything was, but these prices are close. Jeez. I thought it wasn't going to be expensive, too...