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  1. Annual Christmas card exchange

    I got Junk's card today! Thank you :)
  2. Annual Christmas card exchange

    All mine have gone out today except for a couple :) I look forward to seeing them all when they show up :) Is it sad I get more cards from friends and ACen friends than family?
  3. Annual Christmas card exchange

    Got your card yesterday! I certianly had a good laugh :) Thanks Isamu!
  4. Annual Christmas card exchange

    Yep same as before! Thanks!
  5. Annual Christmas card exchange

    Okay I would love to do this again this year, yay! Sorry I am sooo late getting to the thread this time. I still have my list from last year, but if you want a card from me just PM me your info and I shall cross reference my list, check it twice, and add you if needed! B)
  6. Horrible treatment at the Embassy

    Excuse ME??? He has no authority to tell me where to go, ONLY to ask me to leave an area that is closed. I am 33yrs old and have not been ordered to my room since I was 8! A hotel is not an amphitheater or concert hall. Even then you can only make people leave the area, not send them to their rooms since you do not follow them home(unless you are a stalker....) As far as the guards side I am sure he had to deal with allot of annoyingly immature people that weekend, but we were not those people. We asked politely why, and HE was the one who ignored the question and us when asked. HE endangered people at the pool with turning out lights and pouring chemicals into the pool area before everyone had a chance to get out of the pool. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR HIS SIDE on that one since that was not acceptable! Dark with wet floors, me blind without glasses trying not to get knocked down or shoved on my way to retrieve said glasses, my husband bumped and slipped because of the guards hurried, and reckless behavior. They are lucky no one was hurt or they would have a lawsuit instead of a complaint. I spoke with the higher up management and they told me he should never have done any of that, and that the pool was to be closed at 11p not 10:30p. He was suppose to inform the pool area that the pool would close at 11p sharp at 10:30pm. This man is not a good employee if he can not even follow instructions given him like that.
  7. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Horrible treatment at the Embassy

    A hotel is it's staff. They hire them to represent the hotel for which they work. If you are not treated with respect it is the hotels fault for hiring the people that should not be there or at least be better trained. We checked in on Thursday also and it was around 2pm I think. I find it hard to believe they ran out, we just were not provided with the needed information(print outs) to make our stay less annoying for the one incident on Friday. The One security guard needs to be taught manners and how to deal with people. You can ask for people to leave an area. You CAN NOT ORDER THEM TO THEIR ROOMS! He has no authority to tell me where to go, but he could have politely asked me to leave the area because it was closed till morning. That security guard should be glad if he wasnt fired after the pool incident.. There is no call for the Health and Safety issues caused by his careless and reckless actions to the patrons of the hotel using the pool at that time. We pay for him to have a job there at least for that weekend..... sigh it is sad though, because like you I had not previously had any issues staying here. This just makes me want to explore my options and not come back any time soon.
  9. That hair cut is very nice :) It is not offensive, slanderous, or obscene so I don't see how the school has the right to tell him to change his hair ???? It will grow out in a couple of weeks anyway, so what is their problem.... Maybe the teacher or principle doesn't like the team or player represented. That seems more likely than anything. This is just so sad, it really is.....
  10. Yes I made a friend in AA this year and she did really well, but if not for her table mates and friends :) she would have been hard pressed to get food and restroom breaks. She did not tell me of the cost for a table, or her badge, but after reading this topic it just struck me as odd. AA pays for a table and I would have thought that a badge would be included with that, and then a discount for table mates if they have them. Well maybe they will look into that for next year, since you all provided me lots of entertainment and shopping choices this year. More so than a panel or two I went to this year. -_- I wish all the AA people luck for next year, and more fair badge options as well.
  11. The Hentai's Guide to Puella Magi

    Im just sorry I could not make it to this panel, though I am glad it went well :)
  12. I must say I enjoyed the Artist Alley being that big this year. The Dealers area left something to be desired but I figured it was the dates of the con that effected some dealers from coming. With the bigger AA it gave me more to chose from personally. I did not know that AA doesn't get a discount on badges though, that is kinda sad, since many of them dont get to go enjoy the con. They were stuck at the tables for a majority of the days and not able to go to panels and photo shoots. I think ACen should consider something for them, since panelist get discounts for only 1-2 hours of their time for the whole con. I also would like to see the area hours vary a little for example : Friday 11a-7p, Saturday 9a-5or6p, then Sunday 9a-4p. Just as an option since people so get up early on Saturday even if they go to bed late Friday :) I guess we will just have to wait and see what you come up with for next year though.
  13. Anyone get carded at Red Bar this year?

    My husband and I with a friend went there for lunch when they opened Saturday. The burger I had was good and the sushi my hubby and our friend had was very good according to them :) We had a couple of drinks and were carded, but service was fine till we wanted to leave. The waitress was busy by that point and it took a bit to get our check. I have no complaints other than that.
  14. Con Swag

    Hmm what did I get.... Wall scrolls -Madoka Magica -Rosario and Vampire Pins/Buttons -Madoka (the five main girls and Kuybey) -Rosario and Vampire Button -High school of the dead pins -Various Buttons from artist alley small strap bag from artist alley small suede bag from artist alley Chain mail bracelet from artist alley (husband) A big plush rice ball Small plush soot from spirited away 3 Pencil boards from Madoka Magica Madoka and Homura plush/ufo dolls Bleach picture/pencil board Madoka board that suction cups to windows 3 T-shirts (1 ACen shirt, 1 Artist alley shirt, and one vendor bought shirt) 1 fleece hat Kuybey from artist alley 1 commissioned badge of Chibi Moka/chibi Vampire Moka (side by side) from Rosario and Vampire 1 chibi otaku badge from artist alley 1 art print of Momiji from Fruits Basket in Artist Alley 1 art print of Nyan cat from artist alley I think I bought more from the artist alley this year than I have before :) I think that is everything though, if I missed something I will add it later to the list!
  15. Georgia to require drug test for welfare benefits?

    I love this idea! If I have to pass a drug test to get a job and to keep said job, then I have no issue of others having to do the same to get FREE food stamps and to keep them.