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    Hm...I love playing video games...hanging with friends and having fun...O_o Dunno what else to put....I love to write and read, I try to draw...Oh And role playing...Lots of fun.

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  1. Angel Beats! Girls Dead Monster

    Im dressing my Neice as Yui and ima be yurippe. Just as a heads up. Its her first year im taking her but if i can make it ill try to go to a photoshoot if one is held. Otherwise if you want send me a message and we can try to meet up or something otherwise if there isnt going to be alot of people.
  2. American Musical Group: Video Game Orchestra

    They are amazing to see. Saw them when they came to Wisconsin.
  3. H.O.T.D 2012

    This sounds like a very good turn out. Ill make sure to be Saeko again. Can't wait to see how well this turns out. Ill make sure to bring some zombies again since last year we were the only ones who did bring zombies lolz
  4. Is pedo Bear allowed?

    xD LOL! Actually speaking of that...When I was dressed up as Pedo Bear at Anime Milwaukee there was a gymnastics compitition going on at the same time...And...yeah we had walked threw it.
  5. Is pedo Bear allowed?

    Coolio. I mean i cant find a pedo bear outfit anyway to buy so whatevs anyway lol I just didnt wanna pay 200 bucks again if i found one and not be able to use it
  6. Is pedo Bear allowed?

    So...I am not dressing up as Pedo Bear but i have at another convention last year. Resently With everything going on about Fox news having a report about Pedo bear's having actual pedophiles in them (Crap). I know alot of people who dress up as Pedo bear and i am seriously curious. Is ACen allowing them to dress up this year? I mean I was going to buy myself one and I cant even buy it. So are they going to allow others to dress up?
  7. Highschool of the Dead

    I just noticed all the gathering stuff...And was thinking of times. I know it was talked about to be more twards night...buuutttt....Being that the soap bubble rave is saturday night and all...and we all know the lines...and my friends and I bought 3000 glowstick braclets....and 100 glowsticks...so! We would rather be able to get into that rave early...Unless we can get a good dark day? lol. Idk...I guess i just wanna be able to go get ready for the rave, but i would like to make this photoshoot too. let me know people lol.
  8. Soul Eater 2011

    Most likely i wont be doing my blair outfit till sunday >.< My friends and I are doing a big group of high school of the dead so thats out main dress up day. But i cant wait to see everyone!
  9. Gantz Live Action?

    Now this year there was a worldwide view of Gantz live action...I have no idea if this would even be possible..Just one of those...ma throw it out there... It would have to be 18+ just because of the show itself but i bet alot of people missed it. It was shown in selected theaters and only 1 night was it shown...But yeah just another one of those topics.
  10. Vocaloid Hologram Concert

    I do indeed love seeing the vids of this. I would go live if it happened. Even if my bf complained i'd drag him along. I dont know the vocaloids like crazy but i would indeed enjoy it.
  11. Gripes

    I never really go to panels much because im usually lost out of mind...I get easily distracted so yeah it would indeed be cool if there were more maps randomly around in the buildings with "You are here" (think i saw stuff on this posted already) or even more signs. And maybe you should hae the mascaraed tickets or something like that being given out closer to registry or something...Somewhere everyone will know for sure to go to. Thats usually why i dont go to things, well besides lines...Is cause i have no idea where to go. Its more i go if i walk into it.
  12. Highschool of the Dead

    Thats Awesome.
  13. Highschool of the Dead

    Alice! Im so tempting to wanna bring my niece with me...Shes like 10 and is so cute and little...But ofcourse she is too little and has school lol...But yeah Im excited to see an alice lol.
  14. Highschool of the Dead

    YES! Im going as seako...Gear and all with the hooker skirt xD plus my awesome Knee guards of doom. But yeah...In process of making almost done. Friendgirl1 is going as Shizuka . friendguy1 friend is takashi. Friend guy2 as a high school zombie and friendguy3(Maybe) as Kohta...Im surprised by the fact that i can actually walk in the freaking knee guards...Being that they are baseball leg gurads xD
  15. Soul Eater 2011

    My friends and I are ganna be doing a little soul eater. I will be doing Blair (Just gatta fix my wig lol.) and One friend is doing stien and the other is ganna try to make a death outfit. We shall see how that works out.