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  1. Supernatural 2014

    Wish we had an episode yesterday D: I don't know if I'll be cosplaying spn but I'll for sure be there! Hopefully there will be some Zekes/Gadreels too.
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2014

    I'll be there as Axel (or Xemnas hmmm)too. Hopefully with some new chakrams and a Roxas. I always look forward to this gathering! :lol:
  3. Staying in character?

    Well, it's basically been said but I don't really advise staying in character if the character you cosplay is generally just loud and obnoxious. I also don't think it's a good idea to go up to someone cosplaying and expect them to act like their character. For example, a friend and I were cosplaying Roxas and Axel from Kingdom Hearts. We had just walked into the convention center and suddenly we hear this scream and then see a girl running towards us. I thought she was going to try and glomp us (which thankfully didnt happen considering my friend and I were both wearing ridiculously high heeled boots and no way could have caught her). She asked us personal questions regarding to the game and while I can do an okay job of staying in character, my friend freezes up and dislikes the attention. Another time the same friend and I were cosplaying Saix and Xemnas (from KH) and another organization member ran up to us, in character and expecting us to be in character as well. I would say unless you see someone acting as their character, don't expect someone cosplaying to be willing/appreciate having to act like his/her character. If you get the vibe that they are uncomfortable, then drop it. Say thanks or maybe ask them about their costume. But don't keep pushing for an in-character response. One time I was cosplaying Gaara and I passed another Gaara in the hallway. I just smiled but the other Gaara rolled his eyes and muttered something like "oh great, another one!" That shocked me and later, as I saw him more throughout the day, I realized he was just staying in-character. People need to remember to tone it down though if their character usually acts like a *insert rude word that ACen forums apparently dont like* though. WORDS CAN HURT OKAY. Just have some respect that certain people may not find your humor as funny as you do. tldr;;;I'm not saying it's bad to be in character! Just make sure to stop if someone seems to not like it and realize some people can be uncomfortable with the pressure of having to act. Last year I saw a Castiel from Supernatural alone and completely in character and that was awesome! I love seeing Disney characters in character as well (they're pretty harmless I would say).
  4. Supernatural gathering

    alsdhlsahdklasdh You should do Sammy! Man, if when I see a Supernatural cosplay I will flip out. No joke. I realllllyyyyyyy wanted to do one this year. Ugh well hopefully next time :c And what's her username on dA?.... if you don't think she'll mind you giving it out? alwayslookingforsupernaturalcosplayers
  5. Supernatural gathering

    YES. Please let me run into you.
  6. Kingdom Hearts 2012

    Yayyyyyy! We got the treepatch! :D That place is so much prettier than the loading docks.
  7. Supernatural gathering

    Didn't see a Supernatural thread so I figured I'd start one. :) Anyone else planning on going to the gathering? Or want to but can't? Anyone know who's running it?
  8. Kingdom Hearts 2011?

    It's almost here~! :D So, instead of Axel I shall be Xemnas while a friend cosplays Saix.... Hopefully we can finish Saix's weapon sometime this week.
  9. Code Geass 2011!

    My friend is going to be Kallen. :] Can't wait to see everyone's lovely cosplays! COde Geass is prolly my favorite anime.

    OH my god. LOOOOOOVE BECK. Never did get around to reading the manga but I'm sure it's amazing.
  11. Kingdom Hearts 2011?

    Oh,oh Kingdom Hearts~ ;D I'll definitely come to this. Last year, I was late and missed about half of the shots so hopefully that won't happen again. I'll probably be Axel and have a Roxas and Sora with me.
  12. Convention Packing List

    My friend and I live about five hours away from ACen... We really don't want to forget anything. Thanks for the list! Definitely going to print it out.
  13. Day Of Silence

    I did it today. All day at school I never said a word. it's amazing how much I realized I talked. ><;; But I am really proud I did it. I wrote a few things down when I needed to get my points across. My school supports it though, so all I had to do was show them my card and they respected me not talking and didn't make me talk--- Even in my disscusion based english classs. Dx; That was hard to do.
  14. Kingdom Hearts '10

    [/comes out of lurking] It’s been a long time since I first posted here >.<;;; Con is next month, yayy! Part of me wants ACen to just hurry up and get here but I still have a lot of projects to finish up beforehand… Still working on the axel and Roxas wigs. I swear, after those wigs are completed, I am not cosplaying another spikey haired charrie for a loooong time. -.-;; On another note, my friend and I are going Friday too. ^^ Sat. is packed full but we have no idea what to do on Friday. ~~~Forgive me if this a very stupid question but is this meet up only a photo shoot? Or will we have time to all hang out too? .-.
  15. --- Sorry if this is in the wrong place, covered somewhere else, or just a bunch dumb questions. ^^;;; I really did try and search around for them. D; I've registered for my group skit and managed to snag one of the last spots, so that's great. But in the email, it mentioned something about a Friday skit review? I know there's also a few other tasks that need to be completed by a certain time on Saturday. The rules mention it but there's not much detailed information about when or where all these pre-masquerade tests will happen. I mostly understand the meeting at 4:15 and I'm aware it says that the times and location will be in an info book or available someplace else at con... >>>>But is it possible to get this information before con? Or is it just too early to have set times right now? Or am I just going to have to figure it all out once I get to ACen? This will be my first time at ACen, so really, I have no idea where anything is or how anything is done. ><;;; It will be my partner’s first time too, so it seems we will be rather useless together. I get that this might be too early but what I'd really like to know is if I am going to get the extra details sometime before May 14th? ...Or if it's possible to have that happen? I'm just nervous about missing something and then not being able to perform... Any help would be much appreciated. :') Hope this all made sense...