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    Games, technology, BOOKS, movies, anime/manga, etc.<br /><br />English/secondary education major. So spell right darn it! :P
  1. 2011 compliments

    I want to compliment all of the IRT staff this year that actually lasted until Sunday. I <3 you all!
  2. Acen Photographers

    What about having a Flickr group for each year's photos? This way a large group of people can share, and comment on, other people's photos. It would also make it easier to organize by year. And if you like a certain photographer, you could look through their album to see more pictures. Just a suggestion though...
  3. Main Programming Event Lines

    I completely understand what you are saying Ms. Cookie, but like Rabbi said, we have very limited staff. We can do our best to make sure that the line stays consistent throughout, but think about how long it takes to walk all the way around the hotel. Now imagine having to walk back and forth for 1-2 hours. Its not impossible, but realistically hard to do. It would really help us if everyone could try to keep themselves "in-check" and remember line rules, but I understand that people get excited right before the big events. So just do your best and have fun. ^_^
  4. Hello Acen...

    *high fives* I also didn't start using my account until recently (despite creating the account last year...)
  5. Salutations. :D

    Yo! Gad to see a different twist on Ed this year at least. (Too many Edwards!)
  6. How are you saving money?

    Have poor friends? :P Most of my friends only do free or cheap things, so I don't need to spend a lot of money socializing (which is good when you have to pay student loans, rent, and other bills.) I tend to save around $200 a month, but realistically I'll only spend about $100 total at con. Thankfully my room and food are comped. So I just need to worry about cosplay/impulse buys/21+ things. Hooray for being an adult. -_-;
  7. Gripe Regarding Fans.

    I would just like to make a friendly reminder to those who do feel like hugging (and ask permission before doing so): if in a long and moving line (think in the habitrail)PLEASE don't try to hug someone going in the opposite direction! I know you just wanted to hug/talk/whatever this person/friend/celebrity, but please, for the sakes of everyone else in that area, either postpone the reunion, or turn around and follow the person (with their consent) to a more open area. In enclosed and moving crowds, hugs and conversations can be as bad as pictures sometimes. Thanks! :)
  8. Dates For 2011

    Just a piece of advice CrimsonAnime: Make sure to get the money from your friends in advance of booking the rooms. I remember my first time having a room in my name. I had 6 friends, plus my sig o (this was a different con.) Only 4 people actually paid ahead of time, and they said they only had enough for the 8 person split, so we had to take in some strangers from another state. We got lucky, but unless you want to risk paying a lot or rooming with strangers, get the money beforehand!
  9. I also have a lot of school supplies to give if needed. Plus, a giant roll of duct tape. ^_^
  10. The Cta Trip Planner!

    The blue line is a 24 hour train line, but be warned it can take up to half an hour for trains at really late hours (12am-4am.) But most of you should be at the dances/sleeping at that time anyway. ;P
  11. Webcomics

    Nerf Now, Brawl in the Family, Shortpacked, Something Positive, Girls With Slingshots, Menage a 3, Dueling Analogs, Questionable Content, Least I Could Do, Punch 'an Pie... There are at least 5 others I read on a regular basis, so if you give me a genre or topic, I can usually find a good webcomic for you. :3
  12. I Still Got It!

    I wish I were one too... Haven't had time to play Pokemon in a while. :( On another note; I can still touch the tip of my nose with my tongue (really!)
  13. What was your first video game?

    My first game was Super Mario Brothers 3, we got it bundled with the system. I loved that game, even though the brothers always hogged the system.
  14. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes. Sadly. On spring break this week?