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    AHHHHH I've been searching my tumblr archive for this tutorial and haven't been able to find it! This is great thank you so much for posting this! I need it for an upcoming con/cosplay
  2. Cosplay Costume and PG13?

    I'd go with the swimsuit rule. Most cons I've been too usually have a policy where a certain amount of skin must be covered. ACen to me, seems pretty lax about it so long as no private areas are being shown. Although, the past couple of years that I've worn some....skimpier outfits, I've had IRT be fine with it, or IRT say I can't wear it. SO definitely be on the look out for updated rules and policies, or if you know a specific cosplay I'd just go ahead and ask. It can't hurt anything and you'd already know far ahead of time to make plans on how to make it more acceptable for the convention scene!
  3. Shoutouts!

    most of the cosplayers I wanted to give a shoutout too I've already told over facebook... except there was this one handsome jack that, well...my friends and I were bored and giving each other dares. And one of my dares to my friend, who dressed as a claptrap unit from Borderlands, was to go up to the staircase in the main hotel area and yell out, "STAIRS!? NOOOOOOOOO" all dramatically. While I was at the top of the stairs I ran across another Jack, who was super sweet and came with me to "make fun of the claptrap" unit....and we threw pretzels at her and he was really cool at the shoot too. I have yet to know his name or anything like that, so shoutout to you other handsome jack! my other shoutout is to the hotel I stayed at. The Hilton. Before arriving at the con, we had gotten a lot of promises, and came into the hotel expecting them to keep those promises. Needless to say, NOTHING was presented to us, and we were getting ripped off. The Hilton management showed a lot of respect, listened to our concerns and frustrations, and acted right away. They were always polite to us, and in the end, I felt like everything had been resolved. So thank you Hilton staff. While I may not stay in that hotel again, they were very nice and polite and definitely deserve a shoutout for how excellent they were!
  4. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I'll keep my eyes out for if I see anybody! I was a Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 wondering around carrying a diamond pony if anybody has pictures!
  5. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    Here's some pictures I got around the convention. To be honest most of them are Borderlands related...but feel free to take a look! Walk around con pics Borderlands Photoshoot Feel free to tag as needed! Or let me know if the links don't work. I was the Handsome Jack wondering around with Butt Stallion, and I'd LOVE to continue chatting with anybody else that cosplayed from the game =)
  6. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    hey, I know who the female riddler is in your pic, but it won't let me tag it
  7. your favorite acen 2012 moment

    Chicken and beef panel <3 all of the new people I got to meet and talk to, even just a little bit. For breakfast we had people sit at out table, and then when wondering back to the hotel room drunk I met a really cool person. The fact that everybody I talked to was so incredibly nice and complimentary really put faith back into humanity for me. I have never been treated so kindly before at ACen, so it was very very nice! And people recognized my cosplay and even asked if I could do the rap for them, which I proceeded to do, and got tonsss of compliment on my hard work. That was very exciting considering I went into it thinking nobody would get it.
  8. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    There are my photos. I switched it to public so there shouldn't be a problem. But let me know if there is one!
  9. Horrible treatment at the Embassy

    .......they refunded a nights parking fee? Really? That's quite interesting... My friends and I stayed at the Embassy, and when checking in they had us write everyone's names who was staying in the hotel room. Then we asked about parking and how much it would be. The lady proceeded to tell us that it would be 25 dollars for the whole weekend....misquote by a long shot. When Sunday rolled around, we looked at our bill and it was instead 14 dollars a night. (we got there on Thursday). So we went up to the desk and told them about our misquote, and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do for us, and instead we had to pay that. So we just told them that what they could do for us was make sure every one of their staff knew the prices so nobody else would get misquoted again and run into that trouble. So for the fact that they refunded a nights parking fee for you guys but not for us just kinda ticks me off. That and every one else we talked to said they didn't have to write down their names. Just our group of people...
  10. Photo Request Thread 2012

    I got some pics to post up, so when I have time I'll go through this thread to see what I have of anybody. Just wondering if anybody had any pics of m. I was Mad moxxi on Friday, then Saturday and Sunday I was Tex Richman carrying around an Uncle Deadly muppet on my back. I was quite surprised how many people recognized him and wanted pics, and I have already found one. It reallyyyyy made me happy, cause it was so obscure =D
  11. Anyone Else Overspending On Cosplays?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm spending too much, but maybe it's because I'll wait a while, then go buy things in bulk rather than spreading it out. Even if it's the same amount of money, it makes me feel better spreading it out so it doesn't seem that much.
  12. Acen 2012 Cosplays!

    So I'm definitely excited for this years ACen! I've almost got one of my costumes done, and the other one I'm skeptical on doing because I dunno if people will get it, but as long as It looks good I'm taking it =D This year I'm going as Mad Moxxi from Borderlands, and then I'm currently building a puppet-style uncle deadly to bring along and I'll be going as Tex Richman from the new Muppet movie.
  13. ACen 2011 Pictures

    yay!! You're the first photo album that i've seen myself in. I was the red mist posing with hit girl. thanks for taking that pic!!
  14. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread 2011

    I was the red mist running around, so if anybody has some pics of me that'd be great! I'm especially looking for pics with me and hit girl together, the one's i got on my camera didn't turn out that well =/
  15. Cosplay Progress

    got some pics up on my deviantart if i get this done in time i'll bring Elesa from pokemon to ACen, as i just need to order the wig, get some heels, and make her headband with the wires on it. Elesa progress progress 2 and here's some red mist progress. I have a lot more to do on him. I need to make the mask, cape, gloves, finish the belt, and the boots. But here's what i have so far. Also the pics look a bit off, but in person everything is red, including my hair red mist progress progress 2