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  1. Swimming boys anime confirmed!

    People are flipping out on /a/ about it. Personally I am slightly disappointed that it wasn't FMP/Haruhi/Chuuni, but I will check it out regardless because it's Kyoani.
  2. Potatoes and Starfish: A KEY panel

    Oh man, this panel is made for me. I'll BE THERE!
  3. 2013 Arcade Cabinet Suggestions

    DDR Extreme Some sort of ITG
  4. 2013 Tournament Suggestions

    Pokemon, for sure!
  5. Game Grumps

    It'd be amazing if they were there...
  6. Whats your New Fav Game for 2013?

    Next month my favorite game is going to be the new Monster Hunter. The new Ultimate Ninja Storm comes out though, too. We shall see!
  7. What We Leave Behind: The Saddest Moments in anime

    Not sure if the ending to the Little Busters anime will have happened by the time of ACen, but I know it tore me up hardcore in the visual novel. I want to say it hit me harder than Clannad After Story.
  8. Let's talk about Visual Novels

    Recently finished Little Busters and it blew me away. I haven't gotten around to Clannad yet, because I've seen the anime (not sure if it's still worth a playthrough). Currently working through Rewrite and loving it. I finished Chi's and Kotori's routes so far.
  9. Another Persona Anime?

    An anime adaptation of Persona 3 would be fantastic. I loved that game so much. And I think they did a great job on 4.
  10. Portable Handhelds at ACen!

    I wish I had prepared a Pokemon team or trained more with Duodecim. But I'll have my Vita/3DS with me. Are there any handheld tournaments to be scheduled?
  11. Anyone looking to meet new friends?

    5 or 6 years for me. I lost count! I've only ever really interacted with people I already knew or went with though because I'm shy. :P
  12. Diablo 3

    Ohhh yes! I have that Tuesday through Sunday off. And I'm gonna buy a new laptop after ACen for it. My body is ready.
  13. American Voice Talent: Vic Mignogna

    Oh my god. I thought I was excited enough already. Hoooly crap!
  14. Vic Mignogna

    I would LOVE to meet Vic!
  15. Reddit Meetup at ACen this year?

    I'm so down as long as it doesn't conflict with anything. I posted on the reddit thread, too.