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  1. Room for three at Hyatt

    As of right now the three spots have been offered and I assume filled based on that. HOWEVER, should any of them fall through I'd like to keep this thread open on the off chance someone does drop.
  2. Room for three at Hyatt

    Hey there! My friend and I are looking for some more people to share a room with at the Hyatt Regency, and we need three extra people. Just a heads up that everyone in the room will be over 21, and that the room is for three nights. If that sounds good to you, PM me for more details!
  3. rice balls

  4. Looking for Two for Marriott Suites up the road

    BARRING A CATASTROPHIC ACCIDENT The vacancy has been filled.
  5. What an unfortunate choice of words...
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    When I feel like getting mad? Battlefield 4. When I feel like getting angry at AMD? Diablo 3. That one game I'm putting off finishing? Persona 4 Golden.
  7. Attending cons with phobias

    Morons and people who can't take jokes are my two biggest phobias.
  8. I have room for up to two more people to join us at the Marriott Suites just north of the con. PM me for details. Regardless of if you're going to join with us or do your own thing, feel free to at least crash with us.
  9. The "damn" Thread

  10. Adult Responsibilities vs Anime Cons

    Since '08 I only skipped one year due to emotional issues. As it stands, when ACen falls it's my off season for the spring so I have no work. I go back home, rally some pals, and get it together and attend. I'm able to keep myself out of debt because I pay for my own rent, car, maintenance, but phone and student loans are on my parents which helps more than you can imagine. Really the only things stopping me are if I don't feel like it, if I can't find anyone to go, if it gets cancelled, or if I die.
  11. The term "weeaboo"

    Stop that. When it comes to hateful terms, I like to use them even amongst friends. Everything flies in our Skype calls and anyone who complains is part of the BBB (PM me for details!) If someone calls me a weeaboo I just call them a gaffot and laugh it off. Words only get to you if you let them.
  12. How do you eat...?

    Do what now? I don't. Ever since an embarrassing Gaia Online panel I've sworn the stuff off. With milk like any other hard-working American. Usually by mouth.
  13. Valve 2014

    Unfortunately I had no one take pics of the meet-up. However, I was the Red soldier with the Riding Crop, so if anyone saw my that would be neat-o to see pics of me.
  14. Is ACen no longer an anime convention?

    This topic appears more often than you'd think, and I sat in on a panel that someone on staff summed it up perfectly; although ACen caters to a diverse range of people, the main focus is still on Japanese anime and culture. Even though it felt like a large majority of people were dressed up as Western characters, I still believe anime/Japanese outfits outpaced the West. You can't stop people from going as Doctor Who, Homestucks, My Little Ponies, and internet memes. If I was more of a hard nose, I'd be a hypocrite considering I lost my composure when I saw someone dressed as Doritos Pope this weekend. For better or for worse, the fandoms have meshed, and barring people from dressing up as whoever they want to be becomes totalitarian.
  15. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    I went to two gatherings this weekend, both the 80's/90's Nostalgia and the Valve shoot. When we got there there was no one running either, so strangers took the lead and called out shots. I'm just going to say if you are running/organizing a shoot, do what you can to make it known you organized it and wish to be the leader. Otherwise, don't bother getting our hopes up. Also, I remember there was at least four pages of gatherings listed in the program book (which itself was a bit of a mess) but how many of these gatherings do we need? Some gatherings garner only a few people. And from what I recall one series had FIVE gatherings scheduled through the weekend. Even for ACen's size no one found this to be a problem? I think any/all Cosplay staff need to get together with whoever is running certain gatherings and whittle them down (2 to 3 shoots instead of 5, consolidating series, etc). Side note, mark alternate gathering locations on the map. At least three times me and my friends looked at the sentence "In the entrance hall not by Hall A" and collectively scratched our heads.