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  1. Hello! My friend, a MAJOR Hunter X Hunter fan took pics with 3 cosplayers who were walking around together on Saturday dressed as Illumi Zoldyck, Killua Zoldyck, and Hisoka Morow. He is such a fan that he was too nervous to speak much when he met them, but after looking at the pic later, he exclaimed how great the cosplays looked and wanted to get some pointers from the folks that brought his favorite anime to life. If anyone knows them, please let me know! Thank you!
  2. I have a few rooms at the Intercontinental and am looking for 3 people to fill the last one. It is a one king bed standard room, though it may be upgraded because I have status with the hotel line. $100 per person for the weekend. You must be 18+ (no exceptions) Male or female, doesn't matter. No smoking If you break something, you are responsible for it.
  3. Looking for 1 to 2 roommates

    I have been pmed by someone to whom we will be giving our last two spaces to, so our rooms are now filled.
  4. We have a group of 10 people and 3 rooms (one suite and two regular rooms) at the Intercontinental. I am the organizer, and I'm looking for 1-2 more people to stay with us to fill up our third room. Things to Know: - The price is $100 per person for the entirety of the weekend (Friday night and Saturday night) - I am an elite member with their club, so on Sunday morning, you can sleep in as we get late checkout (Search Ambassador status) - Some of us are busybodies, so in addition to ACen programming and events, we tend to go to a local Korean bathhouse spa, Mitsuwa, Hmart, Japanese-style karaoke, traditional Japanese restaurants, etc. at points during the weekend. (I provide schedules in advance to everyone in our rooms about where I'll be in case people want to catch a ride and come along) - The group is made up of some people who are new to ACen and others who have gone as many as 6 times already - Not everyone knows one another, so you will not be the "odd one out" What we are looking for in (a) roommate(s): - We are all in our early to mid 20s. Somewhere in the 20s range would fit well with us. - Several of us enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, so as we will have alcohol both in our rooms (and if you go with us, in our karaoke room), we ask that you are at least 21. - Someone honest and trustworthy - You can be sociable or not, doesn't matter. We would love to have you come to the spa with us or do karaoke or whatever we do with us, but we aren't pushy at all. - We have both males and females in our group, so either is fine Notable Rules: - Naturally, if the room or something in it is damaged because of something you have done, you are expected to provide monetary compensation for the damage to the hotel - We do not care if you bring food, but the Intercontinental does not have a fridge, so please bring your own cooler. Some of us will be bringing our own coolers for fruit, beverages, etc. - We do not care if you stay out all night and come in at like 5 am or something. You'll have your own key, and we are adults, so feel free to do as you please, just be mindful when coming in that not all of us stay up past midnight or 1am - You can bring alcohol, but getting drunk could pose some undesirable problems for the rest of us, so please avoid getting trashed - No smoking in the rooms - Bringing friends to hang out, as long as they aren't loud or destructive, is ok, but when people start going to sleep at night, only people paying to stay in the rooms can stay. - Basically, just be considerate. Some of the people in this group are coming for ACen, some the spa/karaoke, some to show off their costumes, and some a rejuvenating escape from the stress of daily life. I aim to create a place where all can realize what they came to do over the weekend. We have a system where every person going either knows me personally or knows one of the people who knows me so everyone there is "vouched for", so to speak. Therefore, our requirement for staying in the room is that I meet you first in person. I live in the Chicagoland area, so driving to the area around the convention center is not a problem. If you respond to this listing, I will send you a pm and we can decide where to meet. (I'm not planning on grilling anyone, I just want to get to know who is going to be in our room because I take responsibility for everyone I invite to come with me to things. I'd like to just hang out somewhere fun and get to know you.) Additional Specifics: - Payment is due for the room right after we check in at the Intercontinental - Who you will be rooming with is not yet known as it depends entirely on who hits it off with whom that first day we all come together - The Intercontinental does not serve breakfast, but this is one of the reasons we go to Mitsuwa on the first day: Mitsuwa has delicious bread and pastries we can bring back to the hotel room to eat for breakfast over the course of the weekend I tried to include everything, but if you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know.