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    Boxing, Wasting my day on the internet, tattoos, tinkering with my car, wandering around wikipedia, fanfiction

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  1. Howdy.

    ohm nom nom. Am I doin it right?
  2. Howdy.

    @wrexness - Thanky @GUTG - I has no accent :( @HaruHE - Thanks. I've been consitering it quite a bit lately. Pretty good money, and the heavyweight division is stagnate. Maybe I can shake it up? @Ska Toranpetta - Thanks. I've been working on branching out, my brother has a few recs that i'll be looking into. @tatterpillar - Thank. @SongstressLenne - Thanky. I got into boxing due to my little brother, actually. (Hard as it is to say, he's far superior to myself.) I used to be the village punching bag in middle school, confidence issues and all that. Boxing isn't just about being able to fight, it's more about self confidence and the will to get up when your body is telling you that you can't. @Neko master Luna - Thanks. The con looks like a good time, and i'm sure to be there.
  3. Howdy.

    Reeeally? I'll have to look them up. Thanks. Much appreciated, i'll treasure this cookie for the whole 8 seconds that it lasts.
  4. Howdy.

    Thanks. I still don't get the accent thing, but i'll roll with it. Thanks. So..how's this biting thing work exactly? ;) I've been boxing for close to 10 years, and coaching for 4.
  5. Howdy.

    Howdy. Name's Eric. I'm a 21 year old boxer and boxing coach. I was introduced to anime about a year ago by an 8 year old that I was training..crazy things we learn from the kids. So far i've been watching Death Note, Elfen Lied, and a bit of Bleach. I'm also a long time fan of Final Fantasy. *insert witty comment about having an accent* E