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  1. Drunk guy slapped my friend's butt

    Thanks to everyone. Next time I'll be sure to find some IRT to help me. I'm just always intimidated by them >.< They look so fancy.
  2. Drunk guy slapped my friend's butt

    Thank you. That's pretty good advice.
  3. Saturday night, I was with my two friends (one male and one female) and my female friend was standing recording us sitting and acting silly. I think we were in the executive wing of the hotel? (I really don't know, I always stay in the Embassy so I don't know how this Hyatt works) so we were away from the hustle and bustle of the Hyatt lobby. So the next thing I know, the elevator doors open and this posse of drunk people walk out and the male slaps my friend's butt (the one who was standing) and then gives me a high five. We could tell they were extremely drunk. My friend was so embarrassed and felt terribly violated, it ruined the rest of her night. I had no idea what to do. Later, the idiots came back and my male friend said "I want you to apologize to my friend" which of course, he was too drunk to understand, so he started blabbing "I'll apologize to YOU! I'll slap your butt, man!" and tried to give him a hug. Then, I'm not sure how it happened but I think he started getting mad and looked like he was going to start hitting my female friend, but his drunk (what I assume was his) girlfriend starting, I don't know, humping his butt while dancing (some kind of mating ritual?) and pushed him away, back into the elevator to leave. What the screw? I was ready to beat the crap out of him if he touched her again, but thank God it didn't come to that because, surely, I'd be arrested for murder and banned from ACen >.> But I felt so helpless. I mean, what am I supposed to do when that happens? I don't want to get into a fight, but I'm ready if necessary. Help?
  4. Scared To Cosplay

    lol just so you all know, this isn't my first time cosplaying, or at ACen rather. ^^
  5. Scared To Cosplay

    Oh my! I don't have anything like that! That's pretty scary o.O Thank you! *e-hugs back*
  6. Scared To Cosplay

    What's this about "illegal" stuff? And what inappropriate behavior?
  7. Scared To Cosplay

    HAHAHAHA lol ^^
  8. Scared To Cosplay

    Oh, thats so mean. I hope that doesn't happen to her again as well. :(
  9. Scared To Cosplay

    Wow, thank you guys!! This really helps a lot. ^^ You're all so nice :3 I'm going to make my list for ACen right nao! :D
  10. Scared To Cosplay

    True, true. I guess I'm just mainly worried about my weight. I have acquired a pudge >.<
  11. Scared To Cosplay

    It's only a few more days 'til the big event and I'm already really freaking out. I'm starting to think that I should not cosplay this year, except for maybe one character. Right now, I'm really feeling intimidated of other people's well done cosplays and I don't want to get dirty looks for my costumes. For example, I dyed my hair black this year for Orochimaru but I also want to cosplay as Lightning and Zakuro. Problem is, I don't have any wigs and I'm afraid my pitch black hair will make the other two costumes look terrible. -.- I just feel scared. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?
  12. Cosplay Advice, Girls Only Please?

    I feel the same way! Having DD boobs and not fitting into any clothing makes you (well me, idk if anyone else feels like that) fat and ugly :( I hate it...
  13. Announcing Aural Vampire!

    Thats what I'm wondering! I'm scared they took her off the list or something o.O :unsure: