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  1. Cosplay Progress 2016 Edition

    Friday: Young Justice's Black Manta. Almost done. Perpetually fighting with the helmet. Saturday: Break Blade's Hodr. Not even started, but it's just sewing so it will be quick to complete. I have a few backups just in case: D. Grayman's Tyki Mikk and Street Fighter's Dudley. Those are done. Sunday: Iron-Blooded Orphans's Orga. This depends entirely on the wig. If I get it in time, it'll be great. If not, I won't do it. I have to make the jacket, but it'll be a fun project just to have the jacket. Backups are Utena's Akio and the two aforementioned characters.
  2. DC Comics 2016

    I'll be dressed as the Young Justice version of Black Manta
  3. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    I was Captain Planet on Friday. Please let me know if you took a photo, thanks!
  4. Cosplaying Musicians

    I'll have a different costume, Cyborg 008 or Gorobei from Samurai 7. Either way, you'll see me wandering around with my sax.
  5. Cowboy Bebop vs Samurai Champloo

    At what? The Bebop crew have much more interesting back stories and interactions. Jin's whole character is cookie-cutter, from his ronin backstory to his personality. Fuu is a helpless damsel in distress. Mugen is basically a breakdancing, samurai Spike minus any charisma or relevant backstory. The show is, at best, an average parody of samurai films/shows. They share almost nothing in common with the Bebop cast and story.
  6. Cowboy Bebop vs Samurai Champloo

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand the concept. "Out Bebop's the Bebop Crew"? What does that mean?
  7. Gosick

    I was wrong. This was really good! The "cases" were pretty obvious, but they were there to push the story. I definitely recommend it!
  8. Classic Anime

    Gunsmith Cats has a quick, 3 episode OVA (OAV?) Ninja Scroll (movie, not series) Fist of the North Star (Asploding heads!) Cutey Honey (Asploding clothes!)
  9. Gosick

    Why hasn't this blown up? Or did I miss the boat when it got popular? I've gotten through the first four episodes, and it's pretty fun so far. I expect a plot hole when they address her father, but until then I hope it's just episodic fun.
  10. Cosplaying couples question!

    It's all good in the hentai-hood.
  11. Just a phase...

    You should show her one of the many cosplaying families. 'Twould be hilarious.
  12. Band Seeking Bassist

    Hey, I've finally got my anime jazz band rolling, and we just need one more piece to bring it all together. We're looking for a 21+ bassist that likes jazz, anime, and making great music! If you can learn by ear, great! If you can't, we're working on sheets! We want this to be a high quality, legitimate band. It's a sextet (with bass) of people willing to put in the time needed to sound awesome. Respond here or shoot me a PM if interested.
  13. Cosplay Ignorance

    I don't like Big Bang Theory for that exact reason, AkaRisu. JujuFox, you almost made me unblock Fox's site to look at this slideshow. Then I realized something. It's Fox News. Those people are morons. They were trolls before trolling was invented. Fox is the Godfather of Troll. Don't feed the troll, JujuFox. Don't feed the troll.
  14. Maximum the Hormone 2014!

    Fourth! We need more metal!
  15. Cosplay feelings go deep...

    Stop feeling bad. It's not particularly supportive advice, but it's reality. You should either stop making costumes for others or stop feeling bad about what you charge. If you charge too little, you'll feel even worse than not charging at all. Since I support people making money from what they love to do, I vote to stop feeling bad about it. Pretend you're Medusa.