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  1. Room for 1-2 at Hyatt

    Bump, still looking :) message me with any questions!
  2. Room for 1-2 at Hyatt

    Ello all! We have room for 1-2 at the Hyatt. Easy going group, all 21+ and there will be alcohol. Room is for thursday - sunday, price at 130 for the weekend. Have a mixture of boy/girl, so all are welcome. Lookin forward to some ACen fun! Pm me if interested
  3. What Series keep you on the edge...

    Angel beats
  4. All events on the con schedule just need badges. Some like tournaments you might have to sign up for. But the raves/dances just your badge.
  5. Doubletree rosemont

    Just a heads up, if you copy and paste someone else's post, make sure it applies to your hotel. Doubletree does not have a pull out sofa unless maybe you have a suite there.
  6. Room for 1-2 in Embassy

    Both spots taken! See you all at the Con!
  7. Room for 1-2 in Embassy

    One spot left. Pm me if interested :)
  8. Room for 1-2 in Embassy

    Nope still got room for 2. Sending you a pm
  9. Room for 1-2 in Embassy

    Still room for 2.
  10. Room for 1-2 in Embassy

    Room full! Hello all, We have 2 spots left in our room for the Embassy - Thursday through Sunday (3 nights). Only accepting 21+ as there will be alcohol in the room. We are all around our mid-20's, and either gender is welcome (already have a mixture of both). Bed space already taken, so only floor space/pull out sofa is left. Price will be 135$ total for all 3 nights. Send me a PM if interested, and we can talk/answer questions. Hope everyone enjoys the con :)
  11. Looking for a room

    So my plans fell through ;( Still looking for a spot :D
  12. Badge Arrived Damaged

    Might want to take the picture down, they don't like it being posted for certain reasons. Just send the staff an email with the picture (or PM one of the forum admin with the pic)
  13. Possibly looking for 1 for Embassy

    Oo, I sent it through your profile. Ill just send you a PM :P
  14. ACen Badges~

    Also got mine today. Only about a month left to go ;)
  15. Possibly looking for 1 for Embassy

    Sent you an email :)