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  1. ACen is proud to bring you FLOW

    Kay. xD Thanks a bunch x.x Though I dont own one OTL
  2. ACen is proud to bring you FLOW

    What would you bring to them to sign? Like a CD? because I love them @.@ but still confused on what to have them sign if I could..... >.>
  3. Conchair Asks Advice: How Do I Limit The Damage?

    myabe they were all drunk? Or in the moment? Some people do that on impulse to impress frineds/people. Or to troll on others lol xD
  4. The ACen Countdown...

    So like, do they accept cash to buy the badge at-con? >.> Cause I did that last year and we're only buying one-day badges for 3 people... Meh :T
  5. The ACen Countdown...

    FFFFF If only I knew how to make colthing correctly i would D: I don't even know how to make a pattern and... meeehhh heeelllpp meeee, I could do it in 3 days or less if I knew how to doo iiittttt So...: Not ready ):
  6. Help a Newbie Cosplayer?

    Oh thank you so much! I will start right away! (when i go to the fabric store >///<) This will help alot ^^ Umm, thanks a bunch guys! This helped alooootttt I will(maybe...) show my progress if I can remember :| Other than thaat, thanks!
  7. Help a Newbie Cosplayer?

    So, I've posted some comment around the forum for help, but got none. SO, I'm deciding to make a topic D:< So I'm gonna cosplay wear a Pikachu thing at ACen, 2nd time there >.> (is it possible to cosplay as another person?) lol http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=cartoongirl7#/d1zsxbl Umm, I was wondering how to make the thing the girl with the pink hair on the left side is wearing(that epic Pikachu thing D:<) When I tried making it, it was too small >///< Can someone help? I'm tall(5'7") and decent skinny(I look skinny with a boyish figure xD even some boys have more curves than me >.>) So can someone please help?
  8. First-Time Con Goer Resources?

    ANYWHO, Shiki needs help ;D (once again) from her dear friends in the forums. So, my dad will be dropping me and my cousin off at ACen sometime in the afternoon(one or 2o'clock D:)and we will be wanderers around there... I know the line will be short once I get there, but I ran into a few problems while there. 1.) We didn't have an guardian with us and did NOT have any sort of ID either so I was wondering if we would have to bring it again this year, 'cause...yea. 2.)Masquarade and concert tickets: I've been wondering where to get those, because I didn't get them last time... 3.) I wanted to cosplay a Pikachu...like I guess a humanized ver.? But when I posted something in the cosplay form topic thing here, I got no reply. i was wondering how to make this thing the girl is wearing in this picture: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=cartoongirl7#/d1zsxbl Please and thank you~!
  9. First-Time Con Goer Resources?

    Nvm, I can gooo...
  10. Use For This Forum!

    Uhh...Im not exactly a newb at cosplay, but Im terrible at constructing my own. Like, I don't know how to make a pattern that fits me. Actuallu, Im incapable of doing that and it troubles me. I know I have to do measurements and stuff, but then what do I DO with it? I don't know how to apply it drawing out my wn pattern. Please, can someone help? D:
  11. First-Time Con Goer Resources?

    >.>, im sorry, i couldn't deletet his possttt
  12. Panel Programming Feedback Thread 2010

    Thats the reason why i wanted to bang my head on a wall, but Ill lose brain cells...
  13. Panel Programming Feedback Thread 2010

    I thought it was....okay. 'Cept for the part in which I didn't know the panels were at the HOTEL!! I wish someone would of told me!!! Arg!!!
  14. My One Gripe Is That I Am Dumb.

    Your not alone, yesterday was my first time there. When we finally got to registration(very short line), we realized that we needed a school ID or a guardian to get it. My dad left us because I knew he really didn't want to go in...I wanna punch his head off. he was questoning why everyone was dressing so weirdly and looked doewn on it. seriously...dad.... So we waited a good 10 minutes for my cousin's friend's dad to help us get in cause I knew my dad was in a BAD mood...OMG...words cannot describe how i didn't want to have him come back down from the car.... So after her dad helped us, we wandered the dealers hall...soooo much stufff...for a good 2 hours...then the artist's alley...and we realized the concert for Aural vampire was going on...I had a question...did we need to get a ticket? And after a second realization...the panels were at the HOTEL. My heart dropped when i realized they were at the hotel...and I didn't even know which way to GET to the hotel. It was okay though...but i felt sad missing the thing I wanted to go to...omg...for some reason, Im regretting going there...somethings bothering my head...what went wrong...?
  15. First-Time Con Goer Resources?

    Just a quick Q Does anyone have an idea on how long the wait time for the line to buy badges for tomorrow? 'Cause last year, i heard some people had to wait 6hours cause of a crash in the database or something...sp yea, anyone have a general idea?? And imsoooooooooo exicted!! Its tomorrow!! im going tomorrow!! :DDDD