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  1. SoyCon | The Island Paradise Date: July 18th-July 19th, 2015 Price: Free (Zero Dollars!!!) Location: Ned Brown's Meadow in Rolling Meadows, IL - Grove #29 (Picnic Grove close by Woodfield Mall and Atrium Corporate Center) The intersection is Golf Rd. and Ring Rd. (or use the Atrium Corporate Center's address 3800 Golf Rd., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. We're right across the street from them!) SoyCon is hosting its straight 8th year providing events, food, fun, and memories. This year, our theme is The Island Paradise. Bring out your island style outfits, designs, swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts, or even island themed cosplays! This event is free! We are a social cosplay gathering bringing together fans alike to relax and enjoy the weekend. This is not about waiting in lines for panels, this is not about spending countless money on merchandise. This is all about being part of a fun community. This is about getting out there and having fun. This is another reason to get out of your house! ^_~ SoyCon also hosts a variety of events that you can participate in. Lip Sync Battles, Water Balloon Fight, Foam Weapon Fighting, Cosplay Contest, Smash Bros. 3DS Tournament. We even have a Selfie Photo Contest going on right now! (Click Here for more details on how to enter.) These are some events that will be going on throughout the weekend. We are also a potluck event so don't forget to bring some food for the picnic! This post will be updated weekly so stay tuned for any updates or announcements. You can also visit us on our social media: http://www.soycon.com Facebook (Group Page) Facebook (Fan Page) Twitter Tumblr
  2. SoyCon is coming up in 5 Days! Just wanted to bump the thread up in case anyone is missing it. Feel free to visit our gathering event this weekend of June 28th and June 29th with a special beach day on June 27th at 12th Street Beach.
  3. I'm glad you're still interested in coming down to SoyCon as well as sending a message to your club on coming up to our social gathering event. In terms of water, we do have a small section for medic needs in case you need first aid or water. Just in case, bring some water as well. I'm not sure how the weather is going to be like until the week of the event. Plus, the more water we have, the better! It is potluck so feel free to bring your share too!
  4. SoyCon returns with more cosplay fun and amazing memories to come forth! This year, we are surrounding ourselves with the theme of "School". This is a great opportunity to bring out your school uniforms and represent your school colors! Here's the general details on the event: > About: This is a social gathering event. We are generally fans who are open to the geek culture and enjoy socializing with others who are either experienced or new to the fandom. We welcome genres such as anime, manga, video games, sci-fi, comics, fantasy, etc. It's a great opportunity to come out and socialize with fans alike. We want you to be very open talking to new people and open up doors to new friendships while having a great time during SoyCon. We are all about the fun and nothing negative around. > Location: This event will be held on a picnic grove in Rolling Meadows, IL. Unfortunately, there is no address to this location, although the best we can do is pin point our general location. If you are familiar with Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL, we are about a mile east on Golf Rd. The intersection you need to look out for is Ring Rd. and Golf Rd. There will be a picnic grove area that you can turn into and we are the first picnic shelter on your left side. Parking is free, but space may be limited. I suggest to come on the early side to get a good spot. We will be there for both Saturday and Sunday. > Cost: It's free. And that is all. > Potluck: We welcome everyone to bring something in to contribute towards the picnic. Whether its food, tables, eating utencils, grills, tents, games, etc. You have an opportunity to make our event better than it is! We welcome it! > Dates & Hours: Saturday June 28th & Sunday 29th, 2014 from 10am-7pm We also have events that you could participate in such as cosplay foam battles, interpretive dance central, and talent show to show off all of your skills! Even if you don't participate, you can sit back and enjoy the great outdoors. Like to take selfie photos? Enter our online selfie photo contest! Take a photo of yourself according to the different categories we have listed on the contest page! Enter in one, multiple, or all categories listed! You have until June 15th to submit your entry and winners will be announced just days after! Want to enter? Visit our contest page here! We'll have some food here such as burgers, hot dogs, and drinks if you get hungry or thirsty. Or feel free to roam around the area, there's plenty of inexpensive places that you can all eat at! More details to come. You may also visit the following to keep up the news! http://www.soycon.com Facebook Twitter Tumblr If you have any questions, feel free to contact at soycon@soycon.com.
  5. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Don't worry, the post wasn't applied to yours. I hope the Naruto photoshoot times get adjusted for you. It was more applied to me being ready and hope everyone else is ready.
  6. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    This is how I feel...
  7. SoyCon 2013

    Hello everyone, I'm Soy, the event director that runs the social cosplay gathering event. I finally manage to get the site up now so you can now all visit! Here's the link: http://www.soycon.com/ The event is free. (Because Free always sound good!) It's a pretty chill, fun, and relaxing event. Costumes are welcomed, we will have some food and a couple events if you're interested in participating. We do have a beach day too on Friday July 19th. And if you like making videos, we're having a SoyCon commercial contest, and we'll throw in a gift card prize just for the fun of it! Feel free to ask me questions if you're unsure of something!
  8. MAJC and myself would all like you to invite you to the Japan Festival 2013 on June 8th at Elk Grove High School in Elk Grove Village, IL. We are extending our invitation for you to come to the festival and enjoy some of our Japanese events. The admission is free for all attendees. Just remember that this is an event, not a convention. Although the members of the MAJC are welcoming all eastern based media cosplay. We will be setting up a cosplay corner for those who want to mingle and also help out share the attendees of what cosplay is. We are also having a cosplay fashion show to showcase our costumes infront of a live audience. We want to send a message to everyone who are not familiar with the aspect of who we are and why do we love doing the hobby. I'll will announce more details on how to join the cosplay fashion show, cosplayers are welcomed. If you are interested on helping, feel free to message me. The bigger team we get, the better it'll turn out. We already have some helpers setting up our tables and decorating it on what to represent with cosplay. Feel free to visit the event page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/347306248722816/ For the actual event website, visit: Japan Festival 2013
  9. M.O.V.E breaking up.

  10. Nintendo's Wii U

    I pre-ordered the Wii U just in case I do change my mind on getting it at launch. I can move that pre-order to something else if I don't want the system. But my money is on it for now...
  11. Nintendo's Wii U

    As much as I like getting systems on the day it releases, I'll be waiting as well. There's maybe a few games I would like to get, but not enough for me to go all over for and buy it ASAP. I'm still interested in trying one out just to see how it is in person. Probably buy one sometime in Spring 2013.
  12. Mitsuwa Bon Odori Festival 2012

    See you all there tomorrow. I'll be in the "Sauce Boss" shirt with a DSLR camera. I'm getting there a little after 12pm.
  13. I forgot to post this, but here's our group shot taken by SoulCrash on Saturday's Cosplay Day. SoyCon 5 | The Big Group Shot
  14. It was very impressive this year. With a few small kinks that we may had to work on, this year probably the best SoyCon up to date. I have spoken to many attendees all day and they had a blast. We all do agree that the temperature was a bit warm and unexpectly for some reason on Saturday's event, there were some pollen floating around that were starting up allergies with some. Cannot control the nature so we just had to go through it. I think the most memorable moment of SoyCon this year would probably be the water balloon fight. We had about almost 20 bins of water balloons scattered around a designated area and it became water balloon warfare. Sling shots, super soakers, and 100s of water balloons flying everywhere. We also had a small meeting on Sunday morning just to get an insight of what our attendees are thinking. Gave a more personal feel so we know what can we work on or what can we do for our SoyCon events. Some shows went pretty well, although we had a few technical difficulties here and there. We may have to cut short some of our event times or squeeze more events inbetween so this way they're not too far spread out. Few attendees felt a little bored so hopefully we can add more events and perhaps more variety for next year. Other than that, it was a great year and I'm sure facebook is blowing up right now with photos, journal entries, and videos covering our event.
  15. SoyCon begins this weekend! See you there!