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    I don't know!!! There are so many! Mainly watching Anime, reading Manga, playing Videogames (Fighting games and RPGs), Martial Arts ( mainly Kenjutsu, Iaido, and Kendo), Philosophy, Psychology, Books, American Comics (Marvel and Image), Cartoons, Fishing, Bowling, Mahjong (Japanese, etc), Card games of all kinds, TCG, CCG, Blackjack, collecting Eastern/Oriental weapons (katanas mainly), Top Ten Lists, Sleeping, Eating Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, American, and Italian foods, Chillin' with friends, Networking, Trivia (gotta love useless info), Information/Knowledge of all sorts, Daydreaming, Fortunetelling, Paranormal, Asian Mythology and Folklore, Women, Asian Women, Redheads, Brunettes, Blonde Bombshells, Sexy Women, Intelligent Women, Independent Women... did I mention Women in General (LOL), and more!!!

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  1. Hi There

    Ore sanjou!!! Jiraiya here welcomes you to the ACen forums!!! Being roped in and all that certainly sounds.... exciting *grins* Have a grand time here! And by the way.... WHERE'S THE CHEESE?!?!?!?!!?? WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. New Department Head

    I for one am really critical about our panels as they are being submitted (as part of the reviewer team) a couple of years ago) trying to figure out what benefits, connects, and relates to japanese culture. Really critical. LOL!
  3. New Department Head

    Hello Bloo! Jiraiya here, looking forward to working with you next year!! ^_^
  4. Newb-a-joob!

    Hi, Jiraiya here! And welcome to the ACen Forums!
  5. ACEN 2011 Looking for someone?

    Is it by any chance this guy was wearing a yellow shirt, dark pants or something, he has short black hair and he has an asian-mix look?
  6. Sup

    Welcome to ACen Forums!!!
  7. Shy People Meetup pt 2!

    It almost seems that this is not happening, sad to say... So unfortunately, we will have to cancel this karaoke meet up and reschedule this. Unless you guys just wanna meet up again and just chill and try to get to know more about each other, it would be more probable. Shy People Meet Up pt.2: Karaoke Meet-Up is CANCELLED!!! Stay tuned for Shy People Meet Up pt. 2 ver.2 If you still wanna do just simple meet up, hit me up a text message. San San Ichi - Go Go Ichi - Ichi Ichi Nana Ni!
  8. Kosuke Fujishima!

    LOL... an old thread but with a very good point. This man's work did changed my life and it would be great to meet him. This I greatly approve.
  9. UVERworld for ACen 2012

    Somehow I agree...
  10. Shy People Meetup pt 2!

    Crunch Time! Just wanna make sure, how people are thinking of going? And to Gabi and KeySmash, are you both sure that you both won't be able to make it? (If anything else, please contact me through facebook). I need to know who's going and what not. Cause it almost seems that we can always reschedule the meetup. And to Chris, please no... don't make me admin... yet.
  11. New Rurouni Kenshin Anime

    As a huge RK fan and also my most favorite anime and manga series, I am quite hyped about this. Really looking forward to what comes next. And as a lot of you have said, Reflections was horrible. Heck, horrible is understatement. Let's just say it's a good thing I read how it truly ended (I have all the mangas and books for it). So it just left a very sour taste in mouth after watching it. Is it just me (maybe because I am elitist when it comes to RK) or does anybody else hate calling it.... Sam... u.. rai... X (BARF!!!!). Forever Rurouni Kenshin!
  12. Sket Dance Anime!

    Yes it truly is an awesome show. I would love to see somebody cosplay as Onihime/HImeko. But to do Switch would be freaking awesome. I was gonna say, just carry a dead laptop on you and find away for you to voice him out without opening your mouth. This would have been awesome if you were a ventriloquist. LOL!

    At first, like most animes I watch, I was intrigued by the title alone until I watched the pilot episode. Love the concept and story so far. I do have that weird feeling that I get seeing them advertising actual brands which makes me laugh at times. Looking forward to more episodes.
  14. Nightmare for ACEN 2012!

    LOL, I honestly thought that they should have been our guests for ACen 13th but got somebody else. +1 to this as well. (even though I am learning more towards Maximum of the Hormone especially they're back on the scene).
  15. Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

    As I told you before at work, it's not that same Mio... I'm referring to K-ON's Mio.... dagnabit!