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  1. Poses

    Yeah thanks that helps! I'll play around with some things and see what kind of sitting/standing poses I can find to try.
  2. Poses

    So I'm going to bring this thread up from the graveyard with a question that's been chewing at me for awhile now. I'm a tall girl, and a lot of the people I meet at convention photo shoots are a lot smaller than I am. Do you guys have any tips or suggestions to make this height difference less obvious in pictures?
  3. Cosplay Progress 2017 Edition

    Good luck with all you costumes guys! I'm actually fairly proud to say that my "big" costume for this year, inspired by an old Prince Summer Promotion from Utapri, has already been put together and is complete! I also received my commissioned piece, Nanami Haruka's S4 dress, with time to spare. The only thing I really have left to do is make a bracelet to go with the S4 dress and order a new pair of shoes and I'll be all set to go.
  4. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    I was the Nanami, Haruka in the white sundress and hat on friday, and the Rainbow Dream costume on saturday. If anyone has pictures of me I'd love to see them!
  5. 2015 Photo Thread!

    Here's my pictures! Namely of the Disney, Utapri and some of the Nozaki-kun photo shoots. Photobucket Link I'll have a sub album with edited photos in a bit when i can get in and edit and things.
  6. Uta no Prince-sama 2015

    Uwah! I'm so excited to see this topic! I'll be Haruka for one if the days, I got a Rainbow Dream style cosume for one of the days. It needs a few alterations but still, I might see if I can get something else in Haruka style but I'm not sure.
  7. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was Snow White on Saturday. I had a shorter dress, and it was rather sparkly. If anyone has any pictures I'd be greateful to see them!
  8. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    EDIT :: From here go to Sub Album ACen 2013
  9. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    I have all sorts of pictures from Saturday. General Disney Shoot Homestuck Pandora Hearts Also the unofficial KHR Shoot Edit :: I'm trying to fix the links.
  10. Shoutouts!

    I do believe it's time for this thread to make a comeback! I have no idea if he'll see this or not, but there was a little Aladdin ( from Magi ) who was just too cute for words when we took a picture together, and of course Mickey Mouse, you just make my day every year. So thank you both for being so awesome.
  11. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    Most likely be Haru Miura from Hitman Reborn next year. I'm really hoping to get two new cosplays though Queen Minnie from Kingdom Hearts, and Elena from Hitman Reborn.
  12. Kingdom Hearts 2013

    I hope to be Queen Minnie next year.
  13. Shoutouts!

    Ah, yes we won't forget the Asian Lambos, and thank you for the link!!
  14. Photo Request Thread 2012

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some more pictures of the Hitman Reborn photo shoot.
  15. Shoutouts!

    To the black 20YL!Lambo, thank you for making my little sister's first ever Cosplay photo shoot memorable by "proposing" to her for a pose. It really made our day! Actually... I wanna shout out a huge thank you to everyone from the KHR photo shoot. You all seriously made my day you were all so nice.
  16. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    I'm working on getting my '12 photos up right now. There's not many, but I do have Hitman Reborn shoot pictures! Click Here! P.S. I'm sorry about all the red eye! I fixed as much as I could.... ^^;; P.S.S. I noticed that my Mokona, and my sister's Usa-chan liked to creep in on the KHR pictures. It amused me so much I couldn't edit the out. <3
  17. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

    I'll be going as Haru, though in a Namimori Uniform, along with my sister who will be doing a rave version of fem!Tsuna.
  18. What was your first cosplay?

    My first cosplay was actually Kairi's school uniform from KH2 about two years ago, since my brother was going as Sora, and a friend of mine was doing Namine, that year I thought it's be fun. Plus if I dyed my hair it was almost the same color, so no wig needed! I ended up buying the costume from Mlianoo because I only had a few months allowance to work with, and couldn't buy a more expensive version of the same costume. when I pulled the costume out I discovered that the shirt was an ugly blue satin with funky sleeves, the tie was too short, and the skirt was almost a size too small. So I ended up buying a white shirt, bike shorts, and sewing myself into the skirt, and tie for the con. I still had a blast running around with my brother, and friend, but every time I look at the pictures of me in that costume I cringe... ^_^
  19. Family Cosplay!

    For the most part I'm the only one who actively seeks out characters to cosplay, but my brother, and sister are usually the ones who'll cosplay with me. My little sister, and I are actually doing matching cosplays this year. If I can ever find a good costume for my mom she said she'll do it too. ^^
  20. Anyone ever shopped here?

    So my little sister agreed to do a fem!Tsuna in rave girl form to match my Haru (or my Fem!Yamamoto if I can get my act together....) Fem!Basil. The catch is I have to buy the stuff for her to wear. So I went off to google an found a couple websites that have Hitman Reborn accessories on them. Being the paranoid internet shopper that I am this has brought me here to you wonderful people with a simple question. Has anyone ever ordered from 399animeshop or anime-toybox.com?
  21. I'm not sure if this goes here, but it feels like a newbie-ish question to me so here it is! See this year I plan on cosplaying the lovely Elena form Hitman Reborn. I know for a fact that I'm gonna need to get her dress commissioned from someone, because I've yet to see a website with it, and I can't really sew a dress. With my internet shopping anxiety this is kinda a big step for me, so do you guys know some good people I can look at, and get price estimates from? Any and all help would be very much appreciated.
  22. Panel Ideas!

    I hope one of them will be a panel I'm going to. :lol: I remember my first ACen I did a Host Club one like that with a friend. I'd love to do it again, or with another show.
  23. Panel Ideas!

    I think this would be a blast to do or attend. Now if only I didn't have stage fright...
  24. Corset for Elizabeth Middleford

    So as a historical reenactor I can safely tell you that nothing will give you the exact corset look/shape accept for a corset. However if you absolutely don't want to wear a corset Spanx shape wear, and a really good bra will give help give you a smoother look. If you do want to wear a corset, but don't want to use boning you could use broom straw, or plastic cable ties where the boning would go. It'll make the corset a little more forgiving. A work corset would also work it'll give you the same look as a regular corset, but it's much more forgiving because it has no boning. If you want more information on the corsets let me know and my mom said I can give you her e-mail so she can tell you more about it. If you want modern though go for the spanx.
  25. Thread Killers Anonymous

    I usually kill role play threads, for some reason I can't kill a good chat thread to save my life. ^^;;