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  1. Nintendo's Wii U

    it depend on how hardit will be to get, honestly, saying "oh it will flop" is just a geuss and not fact. do whatever you want.
  2. This Crazy World...

    bloomberg is preety mush a walking proof that liberials can be evil with "good intentions" he remind me of the leader of san anglas in demalation man. and i am liberil and i still think my party and it fans need to stop acting like morons, screw reading another forum it sound like if mitt romney wins he would reinact V for vendetta. i am on the same boat as fuji i have no money and i hope to get some help with that, also before anyone accuse me of being a lazy lawyer, i have been in mental health care since i started school i haven't been in a real school since 2nd grade, and i had a huge paying job that i got fired for by a women who stright up screwed me over, so now i want to work on cotrolling my bi polor, and this is said to do this by my hard working brother who hates obama andvoted mitt.
  3. The Nintendo 3DS XL

    i can give some feedback on that also necro! it something we have to talk about in sadness but E3 is sadly becoming more of a show to impress the american media and hype. so something like COD and casral style games will get more airtime then a quirky j-pop music game, atlas being the exaption since they make the hype themselfs. maybe it diffent in TGS, i don't focus mush on that tradeshow as mush as something like E3, gamescon or pax.
  4. Football 2012

    to be fair and i know i am gasping staws but texans are in a very bad divison and the AFC all together have been crap this year outside of the the 4 teams on top which everyone know would do good like NE and denver. bears can still fall apart but the NFC is very good this year AND we happend to be in the best divison in football right now, the lions you where just saying going back to old days are now over 500. and the vikings even falling apart still have the best runningback in the game. and the packers are just good i don't need to state fact. this game is very hard to call and not in a way that they both suck, both teams have great defence but i give the bears the edge, both teams IMO offeince are passable. honestly this game will go down on tillmin and when his new kid will be dilvered.
  5. This Crazy World...

    I agree with sent and fuji that we should come together as a nation, but we need both sides to give, dems and repubs. the jersy govenner is a good example and i hope unlike him others drop the party lines crap before millions of dollors of damages and death. also i don't think we should start fullblown war on iran, there is ton of red tape and bullcrap that just shooting a single missle would most likly start WW3. EDIT: remember when this forum ues to be fun, where we talk about fun stuff with sir viver and flyingelf? i miss those days.
  6. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    i am from chicago, so can i come and throw quarters at you people and laugh at the fact that goldilocks make vince lombardi roll in his grave due to his hippie haircut. EDIT: i am just showing love to the good people of WI. it like chicago's back yard that also have people in it that love cheese and beer.
  7. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon?

    knowing you posted digimon, thank you for not putting blackwargraymon on the list since he is a emo very nice lady that is only loved due to blum.
  8. Rumor: Disney may be seeking Hasbro

    stay the screw away from my ponies and elves you screwing rat.
  9. Voted!

    I am thinking of getting drunk, maybe turn on fox news if obama wins for the lawl and sweet tears of douchbags. EDIT: also to note my dad is voting for obama, after voting 30 years of republican voting, since he is one of the smart ones that know that bushed screwed it up and it take a bit more then less then 4 years to fix a econmey
  10. New Star Wars movie coming in 2015

    given what disny did with the muppets and marval, i do have some hope if lucas have no screwing control. and since star wars and indieana jones have a present in the theame parks it kind of a given. hell i would love for a indieana jones remake with bale or JGL. also 4 billion for lucasfilms, star wars name, and given it also skywalker sound and ILM seem cheep to me. also given this is a very heavly anime movie, i am shock no one is asking for death star in KH series yet.
  11. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon?

    I am the same ohki, i do love all of the lines i hvae listed, i just name the part of the line i love. strangly i didn't put in any gen 3, funny that i felt that gen 3 is underrated. i felt gen 4 was the weakest and gen 5 as the best gan since the red and blue. given a few silly pokemon i love that gen 5 new pokemon was the only thing to get before the elite 4, it makes me remember them more then the other gens before it. gen 4 sucked and it due to the fact that most of it was to just add more evolutions to existing pokemon, i didn't felt a connection to the new ones but the 2 on my list., and what really messed up is that most of the pokemon with the new evolutions can't be obtain untill elite 4, which is baffleing since why did you add them anyways, i love Weavile but i question some pokemon that had evolutions, maganite and the elecabuzz/magmar family i do get since they been in most of the games before it, but was the pokemon fans really demanding a evolution of likatoung? outside of the blind gen 1 fanboys?
  12. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon?

    1.Weavile 2.mereep 3.Totodile 4.Leavanny 5.Sandshrew 6.Growlithe 7.Sandile 8.Squirtle 9.Lucario 10.Nidoking
  13. Football 2012

    look up the hit johnny knox had last year at the seaharks, my mom thought he died.
  14. pokemon Black And White 2

    i will take a long time to fight red, you have to beat the E4, then unona, then the tournament for the 4 other gen gym leaders, then you can fight the champs which include blue, lance and red.
  15. Football 2012

    bears are playing overall better then the last 2 years on both sides of the ball, the D is just tearing crap apart, and jay is looking less moopy and have more freedom of playcalling under the new OC then under marx. as for who they bear, colts are still have a few leftovers from the manning era, the cowboys where riding off the high of beating the gaints, and the lions are still a tough team ignoring record for this year. rams and jags are still crap. the packer game wasn't great for the bears, but it wasn't great for the pack as well, screw up on O don't help D ut they pretty mush hold rodgers to 10. also the packers are still screwing amasing granted them not looking as good as they did last year.