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  1. Anime Midwest 2014

    im going for saturday, friday family time.
  2. Welcomee, ACen is tons of fun, out of all the cons i goto its the one i look forward to the most ^_^, hope you have a great time. This'll be my first year going alone,a bit scurred, but still excited xD
  3. ive been calling them/checking online for the past week everyday after work lol
  4. at the hyatt :) Now i gotta decide on what to cosplay, and if I should find roomies to lower the cost :o
  5. oh wow, mod please delete this, i literally just got a room
  6. I was pretty late in getting a room this year... and yeah didnt reserve a room :( trying to stay at room at the hyatt. looking for roomies who don't mind drinking, im 23 ive been to ACen every year for the past 7 years, liked anime as long as I can remember. im pretty easy to get along with, real shy at first. I probably wont talk much unless talked too. send me a message of where and price :)
  7. :)

    Im most likely go alone this year, wandering around lol. if you see me don't be afraid to say hi and hang out so I wont be lonely :D
  8. Anyone trying to get rid of a room,,,?

    The tree took advantage of me... lol yeah ive done crowne plaza walking back and fourth was a pain. Then i was at the one by rivers casino and i basically used a tank of gas going those 3 minutes back and fourth cause either me or someone needed to go back to the room...
  9. Probably not... but I figured I'd try. was a bit late trying to book this year and got hit in the face by the haha too late stick. uh yeah. looking for a room at the hyatt if anyone needs to pass theirs up.
  10. Attack on Titan

    Survey corps horse ftw.
  11. Jeremy just bored yo.

    how're you doin :P
  12. Con Withdrawal

    I definitely get upset, but I just think of (yes the smaller cons like midwest and kollision) I goto any really any con as long as its in illinois
  13. A week to go!

    So yeah i'm home alone being all lonely and stuff, BUT STILL PEEING MY PANTS ITS ALMOST ACen TIME. My besttt timeee of the yearrr every year for the last 5 years x]
  14. I think mine was flint the time detective then the toonami line up of tenchi muyo, ronin warriors etc
  15. First year!

    Welcomeee!! yeah its a lot more fun if you cosplay x3