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  1. League of Legends

    i got the new champ and she is so much fun, i play her any time i get the chance. in one game i went 19/7/17, that was fun!
  2. Weather for Acen

    well i just checked weather.com and it said that on friday and saturday thre is going to be showers and will be in the 60's so this works(at least for me) i dont mind the rain i actuily kind of like it and it will be cool enough that it wont be hot.
  3. Buying Badges...

    you cant buy your badge at the ticket office you can only buy it at con or pre regester and have it mailed to you and you can tget another persons badge even if you have her ID
  4. At-Con on Thursday

    ya, you can buy your badge on thursday. i have several friends that have regestered and are going on thursday to pay and get there badge
  5. Elevators At The Hyatt

    once or twice at con i when was going to the actuial con from my room i called the elevater waited, and then when the elevator came it looked pretty packed so i just desided to wait for the next one and then, the one after that was packed and looked close to the limit so after that i just said screw that and desided to take the stairs from the 5th floor.
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    im playin some league of legends, its free and fun there is no reason not to play it.
  7. Not physically being there to get my badge.

    you need to show an id when you go get your badge
  8. Utada Hikaru

    that would be awesome
  9. Portal 2

    i got it and im only like an hour or two into it and its so much fun. i know what im going to do when i get home from school( i get out erly to day)