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  1. Yu Yu Hakusho 2015

    Hey, y'all. This is the Jin that showed up. Just hoping to see if anyone's got photos from the shoot up. Specifically, if anyone has that DBZ style punch pic me and Dark Tournament!Yusuke did. :3
  2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn Cosplayers?

    I'll be going as Bianchi and a friend of mine is coming as Gokudera (probably genderbent though). I think she's bringing her little one as Reborn. Since she's coming Sunday, I don't know if I'll feel like wearing Bianchi on Friday for the photoshoot. Nice to see another cosplayer from the series though!
  3. Badge pick up for another

    Alright, thanks. The email has been sent.
  4. Badge pick up for another

    I'd like to get an official word on this. I've never done this at ACen so I have no idea, but I know working reg at another con, we allowed people to do so with a copy of the other person's government ID so...I mean some cons allow it.
  5. So, I've checked the faqs and didn't see anything when I searched so sorry if I overlooked something, but I have a question about grabbing someone else's badge. My cousin's mom just decided to let him go. Since he'll be in school, she asked me to get his from will call. Can I do that or will he have to get it?
  6. Pokemon 2014

    I'm trying. I hope my design looks decent enough since this a spur of the moment idea. ><; If they're both alright by ACen, I'll prolly just wear one for both photoshoots.
  7. Pokemon 2014

    I think the shoot is right behind another one I have planned, but if I can change quickly enough, I'll be Wooper or Bouffalant.
  8. Shaman King 2014

    There's a Shaman King spot on the photoshoot/gathering list, but I didn't see a thread for it! Shoot's scheduled for 1:30p Saturday afternoon. That said, who else is cosplaying the series? °w° I'm still debating if I am for a fact going through with it, but I plan to be Chocolove. It'd be great to see other SK cosplayers, especially at the shoot!
  9. Oh my, it's been a while since I posted here. I've been trying to pull a panel together though so I thought I'd post and see if anyone would be willing to join in. I know panel submissions have been opened for about a month now, but I'm hoping there's still time to get enough people in and submit before things fill up! Here's the description copied from the Facebook event page: "The Gourmet Club’s known for their awesome cooking and love of food. Unfortunately, not everyone has a Gourmet Club member to pack their lunches for them. No problem! The trio is ready and willing to show their fellow nations and citizens how to cook like them in the comfort of their own homes! Alright, so just by the last sentence, this isn’t your usual Hetalia panel. I’d like to think it’s a little bit of Ask a Nation meets a little bit cultural enrichment meets a little bit live studio audience cooking show (but not actually cooking, of course -w- ). The idea is, this will be an interactive panel featuring Gakuen Hetalia’s own Gourmet Club (China, France, and Turkey). The trio will be educating you on how to fix up simple recipes for daily lunches or even convention trips! While learning neat sweets to make, the nations will also share a little bit of cultural food knowledge with you. Of course, even if this is a Gourmet Club shindig, don’t think the other nations will be left out. They too will be around learning and jumping into things (except England for he has a lifetime ban to Gourmet Club :P). In the end, there will be a chance to win something lovely for the audience by demonstrating your culinary prowess! Now, depending on what nations co-run the panel, this can go two ways, Way 1: If a Japan joins in, with this being an anime convention and all, the panel will mainly be about Japanese snacks and baked goods (think of it as a SPECIAL EDITION GOURMET CLUB). In between Japanese culture learning, there will still be bits from the other nations. Way 2: If there’s no Japan, the presentations will center mainly around things from the trio’s countries, this time with little bits from the other nation co-hosts. Once panelists have been found, we can always go over specifics and this event page will be updated to reflect that." So as you can see, I wanted to switch things up a little. I'm aiming for something both fans and those who have never seen the show can enjoy. The fans get the usual hijinks of an ask a nation while newcomers or those uninterested in the show can still take away something valuable. This is a new thing for me, but I'm hoping you all would enjoy it nonetheless. Like I said, I'm already starting to pull people together. I'll be Turkey so I'm looking for a France and China specifically. I do have a maybe on China already, but if anyone wants to try for it, please do. Also, I will be accepting other nations besides the trio (I already have an England, but in the chance something ever happens, I'm looking for understudies too). If anyone is interested, please message me on here and I'll give you the rest of the details. Of course, if there are any comments, questions, and/or concerns, please comment and I'll do my best to answer! :3
  10. Con Swag

    I picked up some wing earrings, G Gundam Round One dvd, and a Monster Hunter Felyne keychain. I was cheap this year. ._.
  11. The Sickness

    I had 2 containers of hand sanitizer on me the entire weekend. Halfway through, I started to get the sniffles, but that was just my allergy medicine wearing off thank goodness. The worst that's happened since being home is sleeping like the dead for almost 2 days. I'm still wary though.
  12. Maybe I'm just getting old?

    I've been going to the con since I was 14. Back then it was like "HOMAHGAWDHEAVEN!" but then I'd hear about all the awesome parties and get upset that I was too young. Now, I just made 21. First thing I did when preparing for the con was go out and buy a bottle of vodka to take and find good drinking games. I had 1 glass the entire weekend. The random people my roomie brought in had more than I did. Usually, I can make it through with the bare minimum of sleep, but this year I just couldn't. I think I only visited the game room twice and maybe 1 panel. I'm just disappointed in myself. I waited so long to grow up and experience everything only to go to ACen and feel like "now what?". It doesn't even feel like I'm too old for this stuff though. It's just weird.
  13. 2012 Con Compliment Thread

    If this is the same person I'm thinking of, then that's Hotrod who I'd also like to give a shoutout to. Pretty much every panel in that hallway had a ridiculously long line going on and it was beyond chaotic, but he helped bring some amount of order to the situation and helped a few of the panelists out. Thanks for being awesomely helpful guy!
  14. Nerds and Male Priveledge...a discussion

    What the article describes is part of the reason I hate going to game stores. I do love the one near my house though. While the customers are generally males, a good portion of the managers and employees are female so none of that "Let me direct you to Cooking Mama" or "Your brother/boyfriend is going to love this game." I recently traded in TvC for credit on another game and someone asked me if it's because the game was too hard. All the reasons I could be giving it up and you ask if that was it? That's nuts. I know people have said the anime community is a little better than gaming, but it's there, and depending on who makes up your community, it can be just as bad as XBox Live. You don't like/know any of the classics? You're a deceiving witch. Get out. You do love the classics? You looked that up on Wikipedia. You're beyond into DBZ/Gundam/Toku/other male dominated fandoms? Your boyfriend/dad/brother/etc is really cool for introducing you to it. You like yaoi? Men aren't here for your entertainment (Yes, I have heard that argued). You can't win. I can forgive some of the "creepers" (used very lightly). As an awkward penguin myself, it took awhile to learn how to flirt without seeming desperate/crazy. I figure some of them just need some time. If they never get it and become actual creepers, tough luck for them. Since friendzoning has been mentioned quite a few times, I'm just curious how many of the people that claim females only want jerks/guys only want DDD's have actually asked out this other person. You may think your comeons are completely obvious, but not everyone thinks like you. Some people may actually consider just a really good friend or like family. They can't read your mind that you're super supportive because you want them. I laughed heartily. Best insult ever.
  15. Great Weather Were Having :D

    I have definitely been enjoying the weather. I'm sure my body appreciates the vitamin D. I'm taking the forecasts as they come though. No way I'm looking at sunshine a week ahead only to have them say we're getting snow 2 days later or something.