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  1. Favorite Anime ENDINGS!

    Really digging Overlord Season 2's ending theme "Hydra" by Myth & Roid
  2. What anime are you looking forward to? 2018 edition

    Here's my winter list: Overlord 2 Darling in the Franxx Laid Back Camp Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Devilman Crybaby I know there's other anime coming out this year, but I'm taking it one season at a time. Off the top I can think of a few like One Punch Man 2, Gun Gale Online(I think), Food Wars 4.
  3. My views on ACen 2017

    They just posted the 2017 Attendee Feedback Form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVeCGQgOfgjYR1QjPZaqH3oiIzvWyA1Qzhu1WomqrE2zS0rQ/viewform
  4. My views on ACen 2017

    As an artist I wasn't able to attend many of the things, but here are my meager comments... Whenever I mentioned I was in the AA the person I was talking with would ask me where the AA was. Just from walking in the hall it wasn't obviously marked as the Artist Alley. Other artists in the AA felt extremely cramped both in the aisles and behind their tables. One artist mentioned that they had to crawl under their table to get out for a bathroom break. This info was being shared in an AA artists Facebook group. I think moving the AA to that cramped Hall B was bad for both attendees and artists, but overall the hall was nice and the layout worked for the most part. Since I was on an open corner this year many people would ask us questions. One person was a Rosemont PD cop who needed to contact EMRT. The only info we had to give him was for the Exhibit hall dept. It would be super helpful if we could have information on how to directly contact IRT/EMRT as well. I thought it would be a nightmare to try and go to dinner in MB Park during the May'n concert, but it was fine. It wasn't a huge crowd, probably due to weather and the delay, but it looked pretty well contained and well set up. The Hyatt lobby turns into such a blocked up mess after the hall closes. It'd be super helpful if IRT could help keep the flow of traffic moving while allowing attendees to congregate in areas of the lobby that don't interfere with traffic. The video gaming room was impressive, and very spacious. That was a good move. I played some PacMan, so the free arcade games around the outside part was a nice idea too. Overall it was a good year!
  5. Question about the food rule

    Oh I see that now in the FAQ page. Why don't you make a non-edible version? Like folded paper stars or something? Or fake wrapped candies like these
  6. Question about the food rule

    Question... where did you see this rule? I can't find anything about food in the rules here http://www.ACen.org/about-us/ACen-rules/ If you're cosplaying as someone who gives out candy I don't think there is a rule for that. I'm also not aware of a rule that disallows attendees to bring food into the hall or panels. The only food rule I'm aware of is for those selling as an Exhibitor/Artist Alley.
  7. Camera Gear Question

    Yep. Rules are here: http://www.ACen.org/about-us/ACen-rules/
  8. Anime Hip Hop Show

    I don't think GR checks the forums anymore. You should email them guestrelations@ACen.org
  9. I see some activity

    They also finally started using their instagram account. Would have been nice if they had a volunteer taking pics/video and uploading them during the con, reblogging other people who hashtagged acen2016, running contest before the con. They really need to up their social media game. There's a small local con called Count-i-con that really has done a great job on social media this year. They're very responsive to messages and comments, post updates regularly, keep their website updated, and are running contests for free tickets. If a small con can do it this well why can't ACen?
  10. ACen guest list vs.....

    This is the last time the GR dept head posted on the forums https://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/46864-john-cena/page__view__findpost__p__1132360 You can use the info in his signature to talk, I guess twitter. Or you can try to PM him. Maybe hailing him through other channels will get him back on here to respond to these questions and concerns.
  11. Cannot upload new avatar or profile photo

    I PMed an admin for you guys. If she doesn't get it or doesn't respond I can also try to ask on the Facebook group by tagging the admins there.
  12. ACen guest list vs.....

    Has anyone tried emailing yet?
  13. ACen guest list vs.....

    I asked on Facebook in the Anime Central group(not the ACen group) by tagging the admins. You can try doing that again. I wonder if it's just the season of life everyone's in right now. It seems like most of the dept heads are around my age maybe a few years older give or take, so I know how it can be more important to focus on life. I have a mortgage, bills, animals to feed, lawn to mow, jobs, volunteer work, social life. It adds up and takes a lot of time and energy. It would be nice just for them to stop in and say something. I remember seeing the GR dept head numerous times answering questions here back in like 2014 maybe?
  14. ACen guest list vs.....

    Even on the Anime Central FB group most dept heads don't respond to questions there. In the months leading up to the con I saw so many posts there looking for answers because no information was being announced, or no one was answering emails. Communication was really bad this year across all departments. You can try going on there and tagging a admin, but IIRC the dept head for Guest Relations isn't on there. You could always try to email too, but I'm doubtful anyone will respond.
  15. Nope, I only remember seeing that tree and I remembered seeing them at another local con(because of that tree). I have no idea what their business name is.