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  1. Whats your New Fav Game for 2013?

    Beyond Two Souls is the game I'm most excited for this year, but it'll be a long time before I can really announce an official game from this year.
  2. Panels ALMOST full!

    RE: The League of Legends panel I have a member from the company that makes the game pretty much locked down for my event. As I told Wingy earlier, I do need a response this week. I have a meeting with the guy at PAX East this weekend and I need to give him an answer so he has appropriate time to clear things with his company. I feel like I have a good history with the con. I've stepped in to run events to save them from being canceled in the past, I have a history of running events well, and I am offering what is basically a free guest. You would be getting above and beyond the best panel related to this subject outside of an actual gaming event.
  3. Persona 4 Arena is a smash hit in Japan in opening sales.

    Sweet custom stick. I tried the game. Couldn't really get into it. Fighting games aren't really my thing. I love Soul Calibur back in the day, I rocked Naruto Gekki 4, but other than that, I've had a hard time getting really into a fighter. Needs to be the right fighter and I need a couple people who are also good at games to get really into it too so we can practice together for hours on end and push each other.
  4. Romney or Obama 2012!

    Every election basically comes down to the lesser of two evils it seems. Am I super satisfied with what Obama has accomplished these last 4 years, no, but Romeny scares me. I could go deeper than that, but meh, I'll let the voting decide it. Obama looks like he is in the lead right now, but we'll see on election day.
  5. D..Do i get to keep my man card?

    Does AMG count as a harem? Probably, right? I mean theres only a few girls and its pretty clear where the relationship is and no one else is trying to butt in TOO hard...AMG is pretty solid though. Though I enjoyed the manga far more than the anime...Except for the movie...the movie was sweet.
  6. D..Do i get to keep my man card?

    I don't think anyone is taking this post seriously. And Xeno, let's face it. Most harem anime is pretty terrible (Tenchi Muyo excluded). They take the worst male character ever, put them with a bunch of cute girls who for some reason love the guy because he is that big of a loser. Which is why most harem realize the only reason people watch them is for the tits. Love Hina was set in a freaking hot spring. Those girls got naked every single day and not one boob. Not one!
  7. clean room ACen 2012

    I didn't worry about it because I knew we weren't going to win. Still cleaned up a little bit because its the right thing to do...At least if you saw my room. We had a pretty good party though.
  8. D..Do i get to keep my man card?

    You actually get boobs in Ai Yori Aoshi, so you're good. Love Hina on the other hand...yeah, you'd be in trouble...
  9. Fantasy Football time!

    You can toss me an invite to one of these 2. The more competitive one please as I do enjoy playing more with people who take it seriously, since I'm probably canceling the one I typically run this year. I run 2 other leagues and I work a lot, and the last couple years, its been obvious that I just don't have the motivation to put forth the effort I'd like to with the league.
  10. Kingdom hearts 3DS

    If you're cool with being a douche, yeah. Like I get that every once in a while people are going to acquire something by less than legal means and no that doesn't make it right, but to actively advocate it and actually mock someone willing to spend their hard earned money, that just makes you look like a tool. Like it or not, its a business. People work hard to make these games and if you appreciate them and want to see them continue, you should probably man up and drop the money.
  11. Theater shooting

    Which always seemed really weird to me. Like how can it be cheaper to feed a guy for life than to kill him once. I'd really love to see the numbers on this some day, but I've also heard the same thing as you.
  12. Theater shooting

    I've posted my thoughts on this already too many times, so heres the shot tl;dr version What happened was horrible, but there is no reason to change how we go about our everyday lives at all. You can't account for crazy people. They're statistical anomalies. Which is why all this outcry and banning guns and costumes is ridiculous. Crazy people will always be crazy people. They will always find a reason to continue being crazy people. If it isn't a movie theater, its a school, if it isn't a school, its a mall. I for one will not be living in any greater amount of fear today than I did a week ago. As for the debate on the baby, bringing the baby there was ridiculous. You're a parent, you don't get to do whatever you want anymore. You're now responsible for another life. If that is not something that interests you, don't have a kid.
  13. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    You do have a problem. How the hell had you not owned Plants vs Zombies before now? Thats a serious problem.
  14. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    So far for me... Binding of Issac: Wrath of the Lamb Spellforce 2 Alan Wake collection Indie Bundle 1 Ys Origin
  15. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Yeah, I saw this yesterday...I just got paid today...This will not fare well for my wallet...