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  1. Need room for 1, I'm over 21.

    [EDIT] Found a room.
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Destiny on PS4. And occasionally Guilty Gear Xrd. Possibly the new DBZ game in the future since my boyfriend caved in and bought it.
  3. Non-Anime?

    I assume anything is fine so long as it isn't overly lewd or exposes yourself.
  4. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    Then you need to go to the Admiral. Fully nude strip club. A big downside is that because it's all nude, there's no liquor. ^ That aside... I can't wait till tomorrow night! :D
  5. What's the last thing you ate?

    Lays chips with oikos cucumber dill dip. It was soooo good. Gonna wash this down with a mocha frappuccino.
  6. Wristbands for ACen in the Future?

    Regarding age, I'm to assume that any responsible adult going to an 18+ area or even a 21+ area will carry proper identification. To not do so is moronic. The Rosemont police have become an active staple point in the hotel over the last couple years and I expect they'll be roaming around and checking ID's after hours. They will most certainly not take your colored sticker into account when they are trying to determine if you are out past curfew, smoking or drinking underage. They want valid identification. A wrist band or sticker is absolutely useless to them. While it would be convenient for IRT, it's all too easy to borrow a friends badge with sticker or wrist band if you're underage and trying to get into the rave. Also, there is nothing remotely acceptable about being checked on when there is no complaint against the room. Unless you are an on-duty Officer of the law, I will not be accommodating check-ins at set times. Not only is that overstepping, but it's flat out offensive. Like many people going to the convention, I am a fully grown adult. So long as I am within the rights of the law, abiding by the rules and behaving appropriately, I will be damned if someone even has the audacity to tell how and where to conduct myself, simply because. I don't think I need to tell anyone where to shove that notion. The hostility is clear.
  7. Youmacon 2011!

    I have a room and want to go, I just need more people to room with. D= Otherwise I'll have to cancel by Wednesday. So yeah. If anyone needs a room, you're welcome to stay in mine.
  8. How Much Should I Save?

    I never intended on 'cheating' my parking fee, but because we ended up sitting around the hotel after hours once the majority of people left, the gate was open when I went to leave. Due to how tired I was, I did not disagree and more or less hit the gas and took off to Mitsuwa.
  9. Youmacon 2010

    I was surprised how many people I recognized and knew showed up. I think it may or may not have a little to do with the deceased Reactor, but that's just my hypothesis. Regardless, that was an awesome weekend. Elevator fiasco aside.
  10. Youmacon 2010

    I like my last minute packing and lack of doing laundry. I should probably get that done if I think I'm leaving at 5am tomorrow with all my crap intact.
  11. Bleach / Manga Discussion

    I'm sure it'll all wrap up nice and neat with Ichigo going steady with Orihime at the end, where he smiles and holds hands like a little fruit cake. Maybe he'll be oh so content that not seeing ghosts makes him A-OK! ...; Should it end that way, I will rage. Clearly I'm bitter about the two week wait. ><
  12. Halloween cosplay?

    Because I just can't afford actual cosplay, and that I'll be in Detroit for that weekend, I'm thinking that Youmacon will have me in an Iron Man mask, and Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow mask for giggles. The cat ears might be worn at some point, but I gotta be a little lame and do something different for a few hours out of the weekend. Lina, you might laugh when you see what I have in mind. Especially if I just ninja up behind you in complete freak gear.
  13. Hockey time!

    Considering how many players from the Hawks' got sold and shipped off, I do not expect another Stanley Cup. At least that's what logic tells me. While what remains is still undamaged goods, they're either going to hit it off well, or strike a fat miss and kick themselves in the butt for it. I can only hope we do well this year and don't suffer the embarrassment of utter failure due to sloppy playing and uncoordinated team work. No matter how good half the team may be, it only takes the other half to be mediocre or unstable to make for a bad year.
  14. Bleach / Manga Discussion

    :< They're hiding in a cave, via Nel's awesome hiding tactics. Oh waiiiit... Aint a new Bleach out? -Reads.- ....; FUUUUUU!!!!!!
  15. Youmacon 2010

    I'm pretty sure that getting shot in the northwest suburbs of Chicago is proof enough that it really doesn't matter where you are. (It still sucked.) At least you're less likely to find someone wanting to slice you open to get gutted and hung like a deer in the city. That's rural cornfield nonsense. If all else fails and you're still unsure, wear a Detroit Red Wings jersey when you venture out. Ffff..!