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  1. Do you like cooking?

    I'm a baking and cooking master. Ish.
  2. Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! :D

  3. Cosplaying as a Transgender?

    ^ This. This is a convention/forum to support and love what brings us together and the new friends we make because of it. Not to hate. We'll be watching.
  4. 2013 Gripes

    Good evening! I am the one who handled the issue as it came up. Unfortunately, it can be sometimes be a little hard to tell the difference between crossplay and someone who is transgender to the untrained eye at con. After correcting the staffer who made an honest mistake with no ill intent, the lovely lady was shown into the panel and given a very sincere apology. :] I later checked in with her and she said she had a lovely time and appreciated the help. We strongly support those pursuing their true identity and do not wish to discriminate against anyone.
  5. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet

    For the last time guys, do not post your phone number on a public forum. :| I won't be held responsible for what kind of spam you get because you wouldn't be careful on the internet.
  6. 1.50$ tacos?! I'm there!
  7. Count To 500 (Before A Mod Posts!)

    Back to 99! (not one, not two, ninety-nine!)
  8. Need Gluten-Free Food planning help :(

    Trader Joe's is a store with their own brand, Snapdragon is just a brand.
  9. Need Gluten-Free Food planning help :(

    Gluten intolerance checking in here as well. I will be bringing bread, Kind Bars (they're gluten free, delicious and usually on sale), fruit and a couple premade veggie dishes in tubberware also in a cooler. There are also a number of places that are starting to have gf instant noodles - trader joe's and snapdragon are two I can recall off the top of my head. Both are delicious, if a little salty. Good luck!
  10. Panels ALMOST full!

    I am deleting some posts because it isn't helpful towards the discussion and/or is just staff bashing. Just like I would delete posts flaming another poster, I will delete posts when false accusations are made. Please be respectful.
  11. Panels ALMOST full!

    Taking this from the facebook page: We've had panels approved for months and had the first list of approved panels posted in November on our Forum. At this point we are approving what is left as we schedule them. We do not guarantee a time slot to any panel. We are slightly behind in posting the draft schedule but internally we are right on track with scheduling, with pending panels scheduled and will be marked as approved in the system very soon. We are using first come first serve so those who applied in the first 2 months of the application being opened were scheduled first and given priority in scheduling. This is the same system we used last year and why we encourage panelists to not wait to apply for their panels. We haven't updated the pending that are scheduled in case we fill and need to unfortunately bump one for a panel we see as a bigger draw, or we need more guest space, etc. We are doing our best to fit in everyone though - Dept. Head of Panel Programming Please keep in mind that while some may feel ignored, we are working hard at making sure to give the best con experience we can for everyone. And sometimes we forget to reply to e-mails for a couple days or PM's become so clogged that we don't use them anymore (like Bloo says she doesn't in her signature). But we are working and will try to accommodate everyone to the best we can. Just lay off the bashing please. :|
  12. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    I cut back on my drinking after a fun event gone wrong a bit ago. Let's see if it'll be better when I see you gorgeous peeps again. :] (and yes blackcat, that wasn't aimed at you)
  13. Seeking room or rooms for 4 peeps

    No, it isn't. Save it for pm's.
  14. 1 Needing Place to Stay

  15. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    Agreed Momo. Viking Crunk Juice! Also, her number should not be anywhere on the forum now. I took care of that.