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  1. Vegan food near convention?

    The Fashion Outlet has a food court that has a Maoz Vegetarian Resturant! I believe at least some of their options are vegan, though it is probably best to double check. I think that packing at least some food would be helpful too so you have some options for the weekend
  2. Shoot! I can't believe I missed the deadline! I'm going to definitely try and come see the show! can't wait
  3. Cosplay To-do 2014

    I can't wait to come home for Winter Break and get started!! My list so far is like this: Alice Madness Returns: Late But Lucky Dress -Reconstruct Jacket -Find a Vest and Scarf -Make Legwarmers -Make Rabbit Feet -Attach Rabbit Ear to tophat -Buy contacts/makeup -Wig -Make the Vorpal Blade -make Necklace Portal Turret Gijinka -Buy Wig -Revamp the sweatshirt hood -Make armguards I had another one planned but I can't think of it right now! ;A;
  4. ACen WAS HOT!

    When we were dressing for the fashion shows it was incredibly hot! Even just in general, it was pretty warm. I know when we got back home it felt about 10 degrees cooler, and we only live about 20 minutes away
  5. Japanese Fashion: Gashicon Hangry&Angry

    I probably should have asked this Sunday, but is there anyway to know if our emails went through for the model application? Anyways, I'm glad to see Gashicon back at ACen! She's absolutely adorable.
  6. Neopets

    Aw really? That sounds so neat! If I ever did one I have no idea who I'd be hehe
  7. Youmacon 2012

    What's this con like? I've only ever been to ACen and Kollisioncon so I'm a little curious
  8. Neopets

    I would totally recognize you! I used to play all the time when I was younger and recently got back into it xD Go for it! Any ideas on who you'd be?
  9. Shizuo (From Durarara) help

    Does anyone know how to make fake cigarettes? They don't have to be fancy. Though, i guess for under two dollars those that were posted aren't a bad deal haha Good luck on your costume! :)
  10. Bioshock 2012

    One year I swear I'm going to do either a big or little sister! They've been on my list for awhile :c I might try and do a splicer though, nice and simple. I saw one of the shoots last year and I was amazed at everyone's cosplays! Hopefully I get it done!
  11. Japanese Fashion: Hangry&Angry

    I'm so glad they're coming!! ahhh. I'm struggling between submitting a form for modeling for them or Angelic Pretty ahah.
  12. Japanese Band: LM.C

    Oh, man! I'm super excited!! :D
  13. Valve 2012

    I really want to cosplay a Portal Turret. :D I have no idea how to go about it as of right now, but I'll figure something out haha.
  14. FMA 2012

    Me and my boyfriend are planning to do Barry the Chopper and the Splicer Brothers. As of yet, we really have nothing started and are just working on ideas, but we definitely plan on having them done! :D
  15. Facebook!

    I'll just leave this here... http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=770202192 i love meeting new people that are into cosplay an all that, so yeah. ^^