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  1. Sleeping Beauty gown

    Hey everyone! I'm in need of a Sleeping Beauty gown for a company I work for. I am determined to make it, but I'm second guessing my pattern choice. This is the pattern that I picked out (ignore the cape): Butterick pattern B4377 And this is what Sleeping Beauty's gown looks like: Sleeping Beauty gown pic I think that I can add the collar and peplum to the pattern without too much trouble (I hope), but I would like a second (or third or fourth) opinion. Does anyone know an easier way to make the dress? Thanks everyone!
  2. Acen 2012 Cosplays!

    I'm definitely doing a Little Mermaid lolita. I might try to do a renaissance style gown and my bf and I might do Link and Zelda. It just depends on how busy I get. :P I would do Elphaba again, but it took me an hour to "greenify" myself and it took just as long to de-greenify myself. Just finished watching (and loving) Corpse Princess: Shikabane Hime. My bf and I might go as Ouri and Makina (respectively). So many cosplays, so little time!
  3. Girls' Generation (SNSD) 2011

    I'd be cool with just hanging out. That way we get to at least meet each other. And I like the idea of doing it for the Masquerade next year. :)
  4. Miss A 2011!

    I'm guessing not since it looks like we're not doing Gee either. :(
  5. Disney Princesses 2011

    <------watch this. I personally find it hilarious. The beginning is kinda hard to hear, but yeah. @Lynnie: Congratulations!!! :D
  6. Disney Princesses 2011

    Yay! I can't wait to see everyone's costumes. You'll know me because I'll be the green witch chillin' by the photoshoot. @Lynnie: I am so jealous! I've been to Disney Land and World each once. I'm going again (to WDW) next year after I graduate college. Cannot wait! @Demon Slayer: Sorry your trip had to get cancelled. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to go soon.
  7. Disney Princesses 2011

    Actually the "I'm a little nit-picky myself" wasn't what made me think you were attacking me. :/ It was the link with the "if you were really knowledgeable about the story". Since there are different versions I then felt the need to defend my spelling. And I probably should've put a ":P" or something after my comment to Lady Aeris to show it wasn't meant to be serious, and for that I'm at fault. I really didn't mean to offend anyone. I was just correcting what I believed to be an incorrect spelling. If I came on here and said I was cosplaying as Pokahantas, I bet at least one person would correct my spelling and I wouldn't be offended by it. I would look into it, and if I found that both of our spellings were correct, I would express so, like a "Thank you, but I've found my spelling to be correct too," which I think Lady Aeris did post something along those lines, and if I had been given a chance, I would have replied to her that I found that interesting and I would then look it up myself because I'd never seen it that way before, and you learn something new everyday, yadda yadda yadda. I hope no one is really mad at me, because I would really love to come to the photoshoot and not get beaten up. And like I've said before, I'm sorry to everyone that thought I was being rude to them. I really meant no harm. If I could go back and edit my post to sound less snarky I would (well, I can but everyone has seen it already so I don't really know what the point would be). I can has friendship of fellow Disney lovers now? *puppy dog eyes* On the Disney topic, how many times has everyone been to Disney (either World, Land, any of them)? And what was your favorite part (besides the obvious: everything)? And Demon Slayer and Lady Aeris: Your costumes look really good! :D
  8. Disney Princesses 2011

    Excuse me, but I did not start the argument. I simply stated the spelling that I knew. And if you even paid attention to what I had posted you would see that I pointed out that both spellings are used in different versions of the story. And I am not trying to prove that I'm some "be all end all" when it comes to Disney stuff, which to me it seems like the rest of you are trying to be. And we perform for kids birthday parties and at hospitals, so if bringing joy to children makes me weird then I will gladly be the weirdest person on the face of the Earth. And I know my costume's not perfect. I don't like the crushed velvet either, but we work with the costumes that we had available to us, since most of what we do is VOLUNTEER, we don't have a big budget to spend on high quality costumes, and we purchased them from people who already had the costumes but were not using them anymore. When I have the time and money, I'm planning on remaking my dress using better fabrics, but like I said, we work with what we have. And I never said that anyone should make their costume any certain way. Someone was being snarky saying that Sleeping Beauty doesn't wear eyeshadow and I was pointing out the reason that I had eyeshadow on. Any comments I made simply had to do with my costume, not anyone else's. And I did not talk down to a single person on this thread. I was simply stating my opinions. The very first post I made I was just correcting a spelling to what I believed was the correct spelling of the name. In case you hadn't noticed, afterward I immediately told the lady cosplaying Sleeping Beauty that I can't wait to see her costume, and that I can't wait to see all of the Disney costumes at ACen. I'm sorry, but KuroroCure is the one who actually started the argument, I was simply defending my position. And I only posted my website because I thought (since everyone on this thread is most likely a Disney/fairy tale enthusiast) that people might like to see some fairy tale costumes done locally and that they might appreciate it or think it's kind of cool or something. It was never intended as a "look at me! look at me!" post. And the only reason my make up is caked on is because we needed to make sure it could be seen in photos, plus it was our first time doing my make up. When I actually perform as her, I use a lot less shadow than in the picture. And to Lady_Aeris: I didn't intend to have an attitude with anyone. I like how you're all ganging up on me for having an opinion when KuroroCure had just as much (if not more) of an attitude than me. Like I said, I was simply stating what my opinions were and the knowledge that I knew. My initial post toward you was not meant as some stupid childish attack. In case you hadn't noticed, immediately after I said that I "got that out of my system" I asked you which outfit you were doing because I was excited to see it. And frankly, I am very excited to see it because I've always wanted to see an actual costume of her peasant dress because I think it's so beautiful. And what is the book called that you have? Does it have multiple stories in it, because that's something I'd personally like to own. I NEVER intended to be rude toward ANYONE. What I typed has been apparently read in a tone that I did not mean for it to have. This is what I dislike about online posting is that proper tones of voice cannot be displayed, causing stupid meaningless arguments to occur. And if Shelby happens to read this, I think you would make a pretty good Esmeralda. Who cares if you're pale? I can promise you I've seen much weirder things than a pale Esmeralda. Plus, she's not done very often so it'd be really cool to see her at a con. I say go for it.
  9. Disney Princesses 2011

    I was referencing the Disney version when I was talking about the spelling, considering this is a "Disney princess" thread, and that spelling is Briar Rose. And depending on what site you look at, the spelling changes. And by the way, the Grimm story is not the original version of Sleeping Beauty. In the original version by Perrault, the name Briar/Brier Rose isn't even mentioned. Also, if you look at pictures of any Princess Aurora that performs at Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Land Paris, etc, that's how her make-up is done and that's what we based it off of. Go to charactercentral.net and you'll see.
  10. Miss A 2011!

    I won't be getting there until Friday morning. Those of us doing Gee are supposed to meet up at some point, so we could meet then. Granted, I dunno when that's supposed to be. I think we set a tentative date, but I can't remember what it is right now.
  11. Disney Princesses 2011

    I'm sorry but I have to correct your spelling. It's "Briar Rose". I know it's only one letter, but she's my favorite princess and I volunteer perform as her for kids birthday parties so I get a little nit-picky. And her real name is Aurora (just in case you didn't know). Now that I got that out of my system, are you doing her peasant dress or her ballgown? And if it's the ballgown, will it be blue or pink? No matter what, I can't wait to see it. I'm totally going to this photoshoot, but just to observe. I <3 Disney!!! I'm definitely cosplaying a princess next year. Oh, and everyone should check out the website of the place I volunteer for. You can see pics of me as Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid (after Monday we'll have pics of me as Tinker Bell). The website is Looking Glass Friends
  12. Miss A 2011!

    It would be really difficult for me to do Saturday around noon or one, simply because of the amount of makeup that goes into my costume that I'll be wearing during the day. Also (and I can't remember the exact time), but I think my photoshoot is around 3 or so. I think a good time might be earlier in the day or the afternoon (maybe before the masquerade?). Btw, what time does the masquerade start? I've never gone to it, so I have no clue. :/
  13. Miss A 2011!

    I'm assuming that we'll be doing it right after "Gee" so that people don't have to change multiple times. It would be the most convenient option in my opinion. The only thing I'm wearing differently from my "Gee" outfit is that I'm gonna put tennis shoes on for "Breathe" because I figure those will be easier to dance in. I've got converse-like shoes that I'm gonna try to get green laces for so they still match my top. :)
  14. Girls' Generation (SNSD) 2011

    May 14 would be good for me. If we did May 13, I would have to ask my boss if I could have the day off, and since we're getting into wedding season, that might be a little difficult. And I think doing it in front of the bean would be awesome! :D
  15. Miss A 2011!

    Well if you look back to the Girl's Generation thread a while ago, Hikaru and I were planning on both being Jia and mirroring each other because we thought it would look cool. And, not to be rude, but I did say back in March that I wanted to be Jia. And I've been practicing this dance (as Jia) several times a week for a while. So if we could make it work, I would really appreciate it.