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  1. .hack Panel - 2011

    We are definitely talking about .hack//Quantum, .hack//Link and the yet to be release .hack finale movie. Lots of new .hack stuff mixed with the old goodness, which includes the anime, manga, novels and games. We've got a lot planned! Hope to see some awesome .hack cosplay again this year! Welcome to "The World" - All About .hack! Saturday 1-3pm central time Armstrong Panel 3 @ The Hilton
  2. .hack Panel - 2011

    PS: Grunties will be at the Panel - we'll give some away with a trivia contest or something! Grunty Plushies!! http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs884.ash1/179243_495723717295_275586947295_5811396_2519037_n.jpg
  3. .hack Panel - 2011

    Hmm, I'm no expert on either other universes, but that is an interesting idea but a bit off-topic for this panel. If we get approved and you wanna discuss this outside of the panel, I'm down for it!:D
  4. .hack Panel - 2011

    Looking for some insight on what people would like to see at the .hack panel - we're trying to mix it up a little bit. Let us know in this thread!
  5. .hack Panel - 2011

    We're back for our third panel in a row: Welcome to "The World" - All About .hack! This year we're focusing on the whole .hack franchise and the later half on all of the new .hack//Link media. We will also talk about the cyberpunk genre a bit to mix it up. We'll have trivia contests and giveaways just like the previous years too! If you're a .hack nerd (or just like that one specific .hack media), this is the place to be at ACen in 2011! If you're new to the franchise, the panel is also flexible enough to get a good understanding of .hack as a whole! PS: Baby Grunties for the first 10 panel visitors!
  6. Last update - ACen changed the time of our panel to 11:30am-1pm. Hope to see a lot of .hackers there!
  7. Trouble Printing Panel Schedule

    There should be a more printer friendly version coming out soon from what I've heard on the boards - I believe the PDF on ACen right now is just to get the word out; no pretty formatting.
  8. Panelist Badge/registration Issues

    For those who got a surprise approval today, when can we expect an e-mail with the logistics of our Panel? Thanks for all the hard work!
  9. Yep I just noticed - we will definitely do the panel. The meetup may still happen too, depending on the Panel day/time! I'll keep everyone updated.
  10. I think we're going to coincide with the cosplay meetup and figure it out from there. It's going to be hard to draw a decent number of fans, but any help is appreciated. The time may change, I do like your idea; this is all tentative. :)
  11. The panel has been approved for 2010 - ignore "replacing the panel" - you can't edit thread topic names after the fact. Info Below - hope to see a lot of .hack fans like last year! Welcome to "The World" - All About .hack Panel! When: Saturday, May 15th Time: 11:30-1pm Where: Embassy 2
  12. Approved (tentative)

    Well this is a major let down - wish it were an April Fools joke. :mellow:
  13. Last year we had everyone in .hack cosplay come up to the front of the panel and the fans voted who had the best costume... but we could def. do something like what you're mentioning. As for the panel, I am hoping that we get selected again this year. I know ACen is being more stingy with panels more so than last year's. We'll see what happens and I will update everyone on dothackers and here. :D
  14. Late reply... try some random places online. You can probably find some neat red-ish glasses for Yata. Also, I submitted our Panel for 2010; it'll be 1.5 hours! .hack//Link should be hitting the U.S. right around May, so it'll be exciting!