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  1. I'm so old I am new!

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and let all my friends know that I am still alive and almost well!! All my kids are keeping me very busy. But I am still here and kicking!!
  2. Whatcha Reading right now? (except manga! XD)

    Since I last posted I read, 2 mysteries, and Smoking Seventeen, the new Stephine Plum book that came out last week. Right now not reading anything. Might try to keep it that way while I take care of things here.
  3. 25

  4. 25

  5. Whatcha Reading right now? (except manga! XD)

    I can't decide which one. But currently I am leaning toward Ranger, and you will see why in the later books.
  6. Whatcha Reading right now? (except manga! XD)

    Just wait till you get further in. Lula's wardrobe gets better, and more cars get blown-up.
  7. Whatcha Reading right now? (except manga! XD)

    I am reading Plum Lucky. Which is a between the numbers Stephanie Plum Book. The new one comes out tomorrow. So I will be reading that.
  8. Thread Killers Anonymous

    I thought I killed this!! Now it will die.
  9. 25

    Thats how old I am- 25!!!
  10. Oh dear god no!

    Hey I like Buffy!!!! (But the TV series, not the movie- cause the the studio changed the movie so it would be more of a comedy then a drama/horror.) So lets not forget that the studio can screw up the movie.
  11. I think I might have a good reason to miss going this year. I went into labor on Wednesday, and ended-up having a c-section, giving birth to twins. I just got home from the hospital today, and can bearably walk. So yeah I think that this year will be a pass.
  12. Sciatica.......Yeah.Thanks body.

    Try a good chiropractor. You know that they are good if they take x-rays before they recommend any kind of treatment. I love my chiropractor, and go to Chiro One, they have sites all over the city and suburbs. They also offer a free evaluation, if you get a recommendation to go there by someone else who is already a going. As for the cold, take some extra vitamins, from now till about a week after con. It will help get rid of your cold, and help keep you from picking up anything else while at the con!!
  13. Well Life Threw Me Lemons...

    Glad to here it. I was praying for her today.
  14. Cook County wheel tax?

    I have never heard of a Cook County car sticker. I know many towns and cities have one for the town. But never have I heard of needing two. Try this link : http://www.chicityclerk.com/licenses/citystickers.html Otherwise your room mate could go to your city hall and ask in person. When you make a fuss in person you get more answers then over the phone. Just be polite till they try to brush you off.
  15. Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally

    I think I saw something like that, where the warning label said something like "not recommenced that you wear white pants due to possible anal leaking". And it was a pill for something, but it was really weird. Can't remember now what it was. We should make a game of this and see who can find the drug with the most side effects, for the easiest problems to fix. Post what you find here!!