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    Anime of course, drawing, music, writing...the usual geeky stuff. TOUHOU TOUHOU TOUHOU!!!

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  1. 2013 Gripes

    2 gripes this year as a panelist. My Welcome to Gensokyo panel was scheduled 9am to 10:45am but the IRT lady who was supervising the panel forcibly had us leave at 10:15, a full 30 minutes before our panel was scheduled to end. We questioned it and she argued that we were in fact scheduled to leave, only for us to check the room schedule as we left and find out she was wrong. 2nd gripe, running a late night 18+ panel, the IRT girl who was outside the room for our panel was entirely either overworked and exhausted or under the influence of something that caused slurred speech, short term memory loss as she kept repeating the same questions and forgetting that we were panelists waiting to enter our room. We were also not given the 10 minutes before our start time to set up as she allowed the previous panel to run long. My only 2 gripes this year. Merry christmas to me that it was small things this time.
  2. Rosemont Theatre

    I'd say the biggest error was lack of advertising. It just seemed that a lot of people didn't have any clue what was going on Friday night when people started walking to and lining up at the Rosemont theater. I'd also agree with adding public ticket sales a certain period before the con, a good deal of time after con-goers have been given the opportunity to score tickets first. Kalafina was a great band for ACen.
  4. 18+ More than you wanted to know about Hentai

    Honestly, this will be my experiment to see if it's more fun running a hentai panel or more fun being in the audience of one because I've had plenty of hentai rodeos in the past but have never hosted one of my own at a Convention yet.
  5. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    Yay! The world needs more Fuuka's in it! Fuuka is best girl from P3.
  6. Type Moon

    My plans continue to revolve around them posting the actual start time for the Kalafina Concert.
  7. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    8pm? I had heard 6pm... I'll have to double check!
  8. Harvest Moon 2013?

    Noon Sunday... maybe, though unlikely since check out if around 11am usually. I'll try and see if I can swing by around then.
  9. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona 2013

    GAH! I won't be there due to Kalafina... *sobsob* I thus hand over all power to whoever wants it for the shoot. This pumpkin will miss you all until the Midnight Shoot.
  10. Touhou

    Sadly yes that is the time slot we've been given with only a 30 minute shoot time. We are making plans to relocate afterwards and continue it at another location if the extension is needed.
  11. Touhou

    East Outdoor wall, if we get it, is the outdoor area outside the Hyatt Dome, which the the side area where they usually have the viewing rooms for shows. If you enter the Hyatt from the front the dome is to the right.
  12. Touhou

    *Link Slapped*
  13. Japanese Band: Kalafina

    Same question, I have a poster from the Kara no Kyoukai movies which they were the lead music group for(heck, they were formed to make music for these movies originally). Does it have to be Kalafina merch or can it be Kalafina related merch?
  14. Japanese Band: Kalafina

    There isn't any stand space in the Rosemont theater, it's all seated.
  15. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    d =w= b