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  1. Cosplayers - Get yourself on a button!

    Yes - I'll be in the Alley all weekend - look for the table setup pictured above! Thank you all for the wonderful comments. :D
  2. It's BUTTON time! That's right, we're just a few days (OMG) away from ACen 2013 and Disjointed Images, as in years past, will be providing great keepsakes to cosplayers by putting a photo of you on a button (or magnet, key-chain, mirror, bottle opener...). A basic button is just $1.75 and if you want it upgraded to a magnet etc it's an extra .25 cents. For those of you who have not met me or heard of my shop: About the buttons: I have a travel photo printer that prints dye sub photos, so you're getting real photo paper prints, just like the one hour shops. The buttons are 2 1/4". Large enough to show off a photo, but still small enough to wear several. I also have accent rings in different colors. These go around the outside edge of the photo and give a cool frame effect. (No extra charge, examples will be on display). Buttons can usually be picked up within an hour or two of my taking your photo, and if there isn't a line/prior order ahead of you I can sometimes do it while you wait. (During AA hours) All photos will be available after the convention as well for button re-ordering (subject to shipping charges) via my website. I've heard they make an awesome holiday gift. Magnets and ornaments are the most popular options. Hope to see you there! -------Sidenote------- I do have the ability to make minor retouching to the photo before it is printed. This means if you have a prop gun with an orange tip, I can make it black. If you had a bad reaction to some pizza the night before, I can do a little "blemish" fixing. You must request this before I take your photo as it will affect your commission finish time.
  3. Artists of the Alley 2013

    Better late than never: DisjointedImages will be back again with our unique selection of buttons featuring phrases and quips from all your favorite geekery/fandom references. Ok, maybe not ALL yours, but plenty of mine and I'm sure you'll find stuff you like too. I will also be doing my typical "anything you want on a button, no extra charge" as long as it's within my artistic means. ;)/>/> Lastly I'll also be doing the Cosplay Photo Buttons all weekend. Stop by, get your photo taken, and come back to get an awesome souvenir of your work. Look for the two tables - black cloths - tons of buttons - and the hanging signs: That's hubby behind the table.
  4. Elegant Sweet 16 Tea Party

    My apologies for the "access denied" - it was quickly working after that. You guys are just too fast for all the switches I gotta switch to make stuff public!
  5. Kalafina Concert Tickets

    Hi guys - I want to thank you again for your patience, understanding, and well thought expressions of anger (seriously!) versus just attacking staff. This was a crazy new thing for us to do and there were learning experiences for IT from it. I want to let you know - since it was expressed a few times here - what we've done to prevent the same issue next time: For large scale traffic events like this we will be creating a secondary server to load balance off of. This has already proved a great benefit as Saturday's re-launch did not have the same outage problems. The programming for the ticket purchase process has been recoded to provide more lockouts (like Ticketmaster) so that even should the site have issues a space cannot be double sold. There are other more technical things that we are updating as well - and we look forward to the next awesome event launch running smoothly and happily for all.
  6. Artist Alley for Beginners

    I've got a writeup already that covers most of that: http://disjointedimages.com/blog/archives/177 I'll come back and check out the questions in detail shortly. But hope the above link helps!
  7. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    Here's the few I have - mostly in the Dealer's Hall since I have a table all weekend. http://disjointedimages.com/blog/2012/05/17/ACen-after-con-report/
  8. Photo Request Thread 2012

    I saw you "Russell"! I was sooo bummed I was in the middle of an art piece at my table and couldn't stop you for a proper photo. http://disjointedimages.com/blog/2012/05/17/ACen-after-con-report/
  9. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    Rosa - yours was spot on. It's why I love coming in on Wed and leaving on Monday. Watching it all unfold like one of those summer concert timelapses. Building up, filling in, controlled chaos, ebbing out, tearing down and gone. I'm an artist - so I'm locked to my table for 3 days (by choice mind you!) and so my perspective is a bit unique: While I love the panels, AMV's, music, guests, and all that makes up ACen I don't get to see it as much anymore. What makes me keep coming back (and as an artist no less) is my customers. And I don't mean handing me money :lol: . It's watching someone bust out laughing at one of my designs - dragging a friend over - and them frantically saying "I must have this!". That I can create something that resonates and entertains someone else is I think at the core of what motivates any manga-ka or artist out there. All the snippets of overheard randomness that gets me in a laughing fit. Sitting in one spot means hearing some of the most bizarre things as people walk past. Sometimes you have context, sometimes it's better without. A few times I've written it down! The immersion the cosplayers will go to - there was a Doctor wandering around the alley and a weeping angel a few paces behind that stopped whenever he turned around (I guess there was a perception filter around everyone else ;) ). Or the guy with the head crab stalking a Gordon Freeman cosplayer. The Misa who lost her apple after getting a photo taken at my table - I promised her I'd watch for floating apple cores after that. (Which totally would be an awesome DeathNote cosplay - have a half eaten apple floating above and behind you somehow). But I digress.... Doing a commission that absolutely makes someone's day. Seeing them light up as I show the finished result - because AA is about getting something you can get nowhere else (typically). Seeing the younger ones too - especially the cosplayer ones. Kids in X-men, Batman, StarWars, etc costumes thinking this WAY better than Halloween even if there's no free candy. Knowing I'll probably see them on their own a few years from now - their awesome parents having shown them this little world where loving books or movies and dressing up and "playing pretend" is normal and cool. Watching the big grin as I tell them how great they look and getting a photo (parent's permission of course), makes them feel like superstars. Some of it will sound ego-centric if you've never been on this side of the table. It's the same feeling as when I find the perfect item online and share it with a friend and they go "Yes! That is totally me!". It reaffirms that I am close to them and "get" them enough to know their reaction. To have that with a perfect stranger - is giddy'ing. (Shutup, I can make up words...) :P I couldn't have that with my online store. I don't get to interact the same way. Sure you can say that's any AA at any con - but not really. ACen has it's own vibe to it. There's a different level of buzz here that I'm addicted to.
  10. Wanting to change my username

    Check your PM's - I'll help.
  11. Hahaha - well you have to have a user account to fill out the alley form. So it would be by the person as much as the studio name - if the same studio head is applying each year we could tag from that. And I THINK Voltaire30 keeps copies back for reference so he could cross check if something changed. That would be some decision making on his part though for how complex that would be and if he is wanting to take that on. I believe the system that ACen uses could do some of the grunt work.
  12. If you haven't done the feedback form - make sure you include the well-thought-out remarks you are here. (Just because that gets it all in one official place for them.) I wonder if a repeat artist discount would be any good or more trouble than it's worth? As a way of discouraging abusers and rewarding return artists of good quality. We're pretty good at self policing (if a table is empty more than staffed someone invariably makes sure the AA DH knows) and I think anyone who tried it would quickly be told not to come back. So 2nd+ year in ACen AA and you get a percentage off.
  13. Acen 2012: The Recap

    If it has to be said - a sign won't help. Perhaps an increase of trash cans is needed? I think someone else brought up Disney having invested in studies of how long someone will hold a piece of trash before giving up and just dropping it. If it's left behind then either A. folks just really think that's appropriate or B. they looked around and couldn't see a trash can and figured it was better left on the table
  14. Handicapped & Special Needs Feedback

    I don't have suggestions on getting other congoers to be more attentive and cautious of your crutches - that's an issue anywhere sadly - and I assume that it was something you will not deal with next year, but for anyone who has forearm crutches that must be used daily or happens to need crutches during the con: 1. Stop with special needs and let them know you're having trouble. If nothing else - we can pass along to IRT to be more aware of you and make sure the crowd is too. They've been at this for several years and are good with coming up with answers! 2. I know this is kind of a lousy option (kind of "fix it yourself") - have a friend to act as spotter and clear a path. I for one am never embarrassed to holler "coming through, please make a hole, a little space please!" when traveling with friends with various "transportation accessories" as long as said friend is ok with me doing it. ^_^
  15. Masquerade 2012

    Perhaps for people who this is their first an only event - but there's security at any major event of any size. Fireworks, concerts, Olympics, etc. I think as long as we're conveying ahead of time : You will notice that there are several uniformed officers throughout the convention. If you have any issues that warrant their attention, please don't hesitate to stop them and let them know. They are there to help and keep everyone safe should the need arise. I think your concern is a commentary on the negative outlook of police presence (one that is perpetuated on both sides and I'll not start that whole argument here) and is sad that just being on patrol means that there must be something bad about to happen.