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  1. ACen guest list vs.....

    Don't forget "Because they've decided it's easier/more cost efficient/etc etc to just focus on making ACen 'rave/dance con' but don't want to just come out and say it and directly alienate the guests that come for other stuff." Kidding aside (but just barely) I really wish someone would just say SOMETHING. I have attended Anime Central 14 times since I began coming in 2001 and me and my big groups of friends have been slowly dwindling and/or grumbling over the past three or so years about whether it's even worth it anymore (like.. literally the main reason we've even attended in the past two years is because ACen provides some of the best cosplay and photoshoot get togethers of any local con). I plan on attending in 2017 in one final hope that maybe they'll get their crap together for the 20th anniversary. However if they don't there is a very good chance I (and the 6-8 people I usually go with) won't be back in 2018.
  2. If you have any recollection at all what section of the artist alley it was in you might be able to narrow it down/figure it out based on the map in the program book.
  3. Anime Central 2016 Photo Album!

    Let's see if I can link this properly - https://www.facebook.com/shan.cla.9/media_set?set=a.1163304120389152.1073741866.100001287242942&type=3 My personal photos - They're crappy cellphone quality but I got a handful of things, including the Lupin III and Seven Deadly Sins photoshoot.
  4. 2016 Guest Feedback

    On the off chance someone is actually reading this feedback and it's not just people venting I'd like to say that I absolutely abhor the guest signings that are restricted to a single anime. Last year was Sailor Moon (which I was actually there FOR Sailor moon stuff, but it was really upsetting to hear a bunch of people in line that had lugged merch for another show that they weren't going to be allowed to get signed) and this year was Your Lie in April. I don't really mind the way they did the ticketing, if they want to give people who bought special products an extra signature and early/guarenteed access I can live with that. (I even asked at the Aniplex booth if I could buy a different one of their products because I was willing to spend, just not on a show I have less than zero interest in). But I really really don't see why you have to limit what can be signed (especially when certain guests had NO signings other than the big group one). The only reason I was AT ALL excited about the paltry guests list this year is because I noticed 5 of them had voiced things in Seven Deadly Sins and I went out of my way to buy a manga that had all 5 characters in it just to get signatures. I was infinitely excited when I realized "Oh hey, they're all going to be in one place so I can get them all at once and not have to hunt them down one at a time!". It was literally THE ONLY event I was super excited about other than photoshoots. And then I get to the convention and see I can't even get a signature. Other than checking again twice on Sunday to see if they'd changed the policy I just said 'screw it' and didn't bother attending any of the guest events or signings. I imagine the restrictions on group things are something the studios suggest, but there has GOT to be a way to veto that crap from your end - especially if you're barely going to have any guests in the first place.
  5. IMPORTANT: Update regarding Gathering Location #2

    Since I know that it would be impossible for these changes to be added to the printed schedule, is it at least possible to post a sign at Location 2 that states that all photoshoots for that area have been moved to Location 10 (along with a small description or a map like above?) So anyone that didn't get the memo immediately sees it and knows where to go instead of standing around and being confused. I feel like that would be more helpful in spreading the messages to EVERYONE interested in the shoot than any other method. (Though of course guidebook, forum, facebook, and other general sign posting would certainly be helpful too). :)/>
  6. Partial-weekend Badges?

    Friday (or Sat) single day badges are $45 and registration starts at 8am (though of course it's never a bad idea to get there early to get in line)
  7. Partial-weekend Badges?

    To my knowledge all single day badges need to be bought at the door. Thankfully I think they've gotten a little bit better about getting people through the lines so you don't spend half your day in line for said badge - but I still believe at the con purchases of single day badges have to be purchased on the day you're wanting them. *EDIT* Actually I just found this as well - so there is a possibility you might be able to purchase a Friday ticket on Thursday between 4pm and 10pm "Friday-only and Saturday-only passes can be purchased at the convention the day of or the day before their use after 4pm. Sunday-only passes can only be purchased on Sunday. Single day passes are valid on the day of use until the following day at 8am when registration opens. Single day passes cannot be purchased online during pre-registration."
  8. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt 2016!

    A possible suggestion for a replacement for that category would be something like 'best use of stuff around the house' or something along those lines. You know the people who use things like cereal boxes, yugioh cards, cds, or other strange materials to make cool costumes/armors?
  9. Cosplay Scavenger Hunt 2016!

    Sounds like a ton of fun (and a lot of varied selection in categories) I might have to see if my friends are up for a little competition!
  10. A big shout out to Millions_Knives

    Photographing awesome cosplay is one of the biggest reasons I go to conventions anymore and ACen is the highlight of my year in that regard. I LOVE that ACen does official photoshoots and has them listed so that everyone can participate - thanks for working hard to set up as many as possible!
  11. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Hilton wasn't part of the block last year and isn't listed on the hotel page so I don't think it's part of the block??
  12. Female Idol Anime 2015

    Thank you! I caught the last 1/3 or so of the photoshoot and there were so many cute cosplays. <3 You guys may have recruited a new fan. XD
  13. Gripes Against Individuals

    Definiately agree at checking body paint the same way props are checked and approved. Does ACen have to pay for damages at the hotels or convention center if stuff gets destroyed thanks to body paint? If so I think it could be logically argued to the powers that be that it would be cheaper to invest in some body paint sealer. If not, perhaps you could sale some. Even if neither of those are viable options the check itself might be enough of an awareness check for people to realize it's something they need to do or make people think about body suits instead of paint.
  14. Female Idol Anime 2015

    I've been unsucessful in finding the answer, so I assume this is the best place to ask. XD What is the name of the character(and what is she from) that has the sparkly green skirt and chicks? I saw the cosplayer a couple of times and saw some art somewhere in the artist alley too and thought she was totally adorable.
  15. AMV shedule?

    This really is a bummer. I adore watching the AMV's, both the contest and just when they show random ones, and I have definately missed not really seeing them the past couple of years. I mean I assume they happened, but I was never able to find them given the lack of advertisement. I'd love to see them have a resurgance in future years and it's actually one of the few things I'd line up for as a 'main programming' thing if they made a big deal about it again. Regardless to size I'd love to see it better advertised next year.