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    i love japanese music in gen. i love anime, manga, and japanese fashion. i love baseball, making new friends, film, and the theater.
    fav moives deseperado and do the right thing
    fav show phantom

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  1. Kollisioncon 2010!

    will be going. to close to home not to.
  2. What Is The Fashion Show Like Backstage?

    I am the Assistant Director of the fashion show and I can tell you we need always need a helping hand! For make up we prefer some one with a back round on it but, if you could do something on yourself and send me and email I would love to give you some tips.
  3. HELLO ALL! its been a while
  4. oh i can't wait! i just loved you outfit from last year!
  5. no it should not be. we are before them so you can use the same room we are in to get ready for it
  6. you will be fine! as long as we can see you
  7. Final Fantasy Xiii

    I'm loving it so far! its looks very good.
  8. hey guys long time no see! since when are you staff'n?
  9. Youmacon 2009

    LOL yes yes! obey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont forget yes!
  10. Youmacon 2009

    when ans wheres the meet up going to be guys? two weeks! he*l ya!