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    Anime, manga, video games (although I don't get around to playing them very often), cosplay, art/drawing, and creating custom action figures and plushies (a new hobby I started recently).

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  1. Alice in ….

    I'd be happy to pose for you if you'd like a picture. :)
  2. Alice in ….

    Any idea if this has been made an official gathering yet? (I did not see it on the master list of gatherings). If so, I'd love to stop by in my Peter White/White Rabbit cosplay again. :)
  3. One Piece2014

    Hey! I'll be cosplaying as Trafalgar Law after the timeskip (in his black sweatshirt with the feather collar, from the journey to Green Bit island). Hope to make it to the gathering. I can't wait to see all the cosplays! :)
  4. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    You're welcome! And the Flickr link works just fine. Those are some really good pictures your friend took. Thank you for sharing them. That shoot was so much fun! :)
  5. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    You're welcome! Yes, Ace is a super fun character and you did a really good job bringing him to life. By the way, I tried clicking on the link to the pictures your friend took, but I can't seem to access them. Every time I click, it says "page not found." :(
  6. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Haha. Yes, you should never mess with Alice. :)/>
  7. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Hey! Here are my pictures from the photo shoot. There are one or two slightly blurry ones, but most of them came out pretty well. I think I have pictures of just about every pose we did, including the ones of Boris trying to eat Pierce, Ace "navigating" the Alices and Peter leading the Alices. I set the privacy setting to public, so everyone should be able to access them. This was such a wonderful shoot! It was so much fun meeting everyone and seeing all the amazing cosplays. :)/>
  8. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Hey! I'm the Peter from the shoot. My cousin took a bunch of pictures for me and I think she got the ones you are looking for. Sadly, I don't have a tumblr, but I could post them on Facebook or Photobucket, if you like. By the way, you were a really great Ace! I really loved how you were "navigating" the Alices. That was proboably one of my favorite parts of the shoot. :)/>
  9. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Actually, the schedule posted in the Gatherings 2013 - Schedule Up! thread says the Alice in Wonderland gathering will run from 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. on Friday in the Garden (or the Con Center Lobby if it rains). They aren't letting letting anyone use the Tree Patch this year, which is probably why the gathering got moved. Hopefully you can still make it. I'd love to see your Hatter Cosplay. :)
  10. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    I'm not really familiar with the Are You Alice? series, but I'm guessing it is based off of the original Alice in Wonderland story at least a little bit? If it is, then I'm sure you could still join in, since the original poster of this thread said that the gathering is for all series that are Alice in Wonderland related. :)/>
  11. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Yay! Alice!!!!! Maybe we could get a picture or two together. I will be the White Rabbit from the Country of Hearts.
  12. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Yeah, there would probably be so much clean up to do afterwards. But it is a fun thought. It'd be so great to have a giant Tea Party like that some day.
  13. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    I agree, you can never have enough Cheshire cats! :lol: Oh! A massive Tea Party would be so much fun! I wish we could do that! (...I'm not sure if ACen would allow it, though...)
  14. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    Awesome! More Alice in the Country of Hearts cosplayers! This gathering will be so much fun! I can't wait to see everyone!
  15. Alice in Wonder Land 2013

    That works for me. :)