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  1. 2012 Gripes thread

    Just my two cents, as he said, you also need to try seeing it from the other side. Some people really do fake ailments so they can get away with things, *NOT* saying that you were but if they had to believe everyone that said that, you're going to get some rather unscrupulous types that will take advantage of the system. ACen has absolutely no control over that. Expoteria and the other vendors are set up with the Convention Center, not with ACen and they will not allow outside food to be sold otherwise. Same goes for the Hyatt (also it's a health code issue). Being on the front line and from what I saw, it was a mob mentality that made the crowd go back and forth. I saw some kids running to try to sneak back in, everyone was saying "oh, I guess we can go back in" and moved in, prompting IRT to push everyone back. If that was the case, I can't see how you can blame the con staff for what some attendees think is funny.
  2. Stick vs Automatic?

    I drove automatic until I was about 26, then due to some budget decisions, I took the leap and bought a MT Corolla, simply knowing only the basics of how the clutch works while driving (took my friend 10 minutes to teach me). I don't think I'll switch back to auto until I get married and/or have to share a car with my significant other. Anyone that's rode with me knows I change music every 30 seconds, if not with my stereo head unit, then with my iPod. I still do, even with a manual. Heck, on roadtrips I watch movies on my iPod during long stretches of empty road (of course, not recommended). We're not talking one of those "fake manual" cars, no? Like the one where you just flip the gear shift over and push up to shift up and pull to shift down (and doesn't use a clutch pedal)? As for the stats.... 66% more likely to be men (I guess I can't avoid this one) 43% live in a small town (Uh, I don't think Arlington Heights is that small) 30% are more likely to have had their own car in high school (borrowed my daddy's, given an old automatic clunker when I was 23) watch the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Comedy Central (nope, nope, and nope, I like food network though! Spike, SyFy, USA, and Cartoon Network are close) Like comedians like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Jerry Seinfeld (Meh, mehhh, and bleah, never saw a good Seinfeld routine yet).

    Egad, caps lock, comic sans, and font sizes...doesn't sound bad but that webpage could use some work~
  4. Fake Female Gamers

    *never mind, didn't realize how old this topic was, oops*
  5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    So...how about that Final Fantasy XXVII?
  6. Help! I'm in need of some of the funniest anime around!

    Seconded on Nichijou, Angel Beats is still one of my all time favorites though.
  7. [PSP] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva

    I dunno, Disappearance of Hatusne Miku on Hard is probably the hardest one getting even a full combo on, the rest is really just practice and hoping your PSP or disc doesn't hiccup on you and mess up your timing from a full combo or full perfect combo.
  8. Miku Hatsune

    Just for the record, I don't believe any anime conventions about 15,000 are for-profit. For example, Anime Expo (which is a surprise to a lot of people, but it's true), Otakon, Anime Central, Anime Boston, Anime North, and I believe Sakuracon and Fanime are all non-profit and none of them plan on changing their statuses for a while. I also can't see any corporations wanting to buy out MAPS/ACen or most of the other convention organizations either anytime soon. I'll be honest, unless you were standing in the middle aisle rows, it was difficult to physically see her due to the limited viewing angles. Technology still has a ways to go before it's something like Sharon Apple style or something.
  9. Soulcalibur V

    Ivy's got camel toe. That's just wrong.
  10. Catherine: from the makers of persona

    Anyone that got this game: I'm about to buy this online but I'm trying to figure out, the picture I got looks like just the game itself but the seller is telling me the sound disc and art book is inside the sealed case (I was under the assumption it comes separately). Confirm/Deny?
  11. Trying to understand "high definition"

    Because people can sell those shows slapping "HD" and making people really believe they're watching a clearer version of their favorite shows when honestly all these companies do is take the old footage and basically use photoshop to make it pretty. What's even worse, most people don't realize is how many games, programs, and some movies that are native "HD" that are supposed to be in 1080p is just an upscaled 720p. Just because numbers are bigger doesn't always mean better. A lot of what's on the market place really is just hype. You'll find a fair chunk of salesmen who honestly only know how to sell you numbers but not the product. Someone once even tried selling me a 120hz "MotionFlow" (or other names for other LCD TV's) where it uses blurring to make the picture look *really* clear (which looks like Telemundo to me) and said that was the power of 1080p...right. In terms of SD VS HD, I dunno, I don't want to sell my SD tube (CRT) TV because my games play better on it, especially fighting games and music games. With especially LCD TV's, there's a wonderful problem called "latency" in which your inputs will ALWAYS be delayed while you play. SD tube TV's don't have this problem and some Plasma's are very good at minimizing lag. 3D TV is a gimmick and the entire industry knows it. It's just that they can't push TV sales to the next level, LED :CD isn't doing as well as people hoped so the industry's trying to make 3D as the next best thing since sliced bread...and it's failing horribly. OLED on the other hand would be fantastic when it hits the consumer market correctly (See: Sony Vita, aka NGP). ... To offer an answer the question anyway, HD = more lines and pixels on screen at once which results in clearer and crisper pictures. Then the issue is how it's displayed, LCD VS Plasma VS Projection. Tubes are made a certain way with natively a lower resolution, thus you'll see them as defined as "480p"/"SD" and is limited only to a much lower amount of lines/pixels displayed at the screen at once, thus resulting in a blurrier picture compared to a 720p/1080p(i).
  12. Initial D Arcade Stage Version 4

    Sadly these days, you might be better off buying a machine, they seem to auction off in this area between $500-2500 per unit. Chicago's very sparse with arcades and you're hard-pressed to find one where the owner isn't some 60-year old fogey that throws any games in there and expects people to play 15 year old games.
  13. Initial D Arcade Stage Version 4

    If you don't have a ID3 card, you can play the movable cabinet version at Gameworks (single play only), a bit of a trip though. Otherwise you'll find random movie theaters with ID3 cabs. Haven't seen an ID2 in a really long time though. The only arcades I can think of near Alsip are a bust. Haunted Trails *might* have it but I haven't been there in years.
  14. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    You can also un-patch your game and use the item dupe trick.