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  1. Borderlands

    I just searched and did not see anything pertaining to Borderlands so I thought I'd go ahead and make a topic for it! Anyone even just a smidge familiar with games knows what the series is whether you've played it or just heard of it once or twice. You're a Vault Hunter come to the planet of Pandora to find the amazing treasure where X marks the spot. But first you have to survive the Psychos, Crimson Lance members, crazy bosses, and all sorts of odd enemies thrown at you to find it. Borderlands 2 follows a slightly more complex plot and ties in with the first game, but no spoilers! If you've got any big spoilers to 1 or 2, make a spoiler box (if that's possible?) but otherwise I wanna know who else loves the series. I know I cannnot be the only one here on the forums who does :) And there was an announcement during VGX (aka most boring 'award' show ever), that Telletale is partnering with Gearbox to have an episodic series!
  2. Black Thanksgiving?

    It's crazy how they're cutting into the holiday like this and not even giving two shakes about the employees who might have plans with family and friends. But nope, greed is winning out. I know some people will boycott, myself included, but it truly won't be enough to make them realize that pushing back their sales isn't going to hurt them. Medieval Times sounds amazingly nice to do that, now that's a reason to open up early. Not some laptop that's going to be on sale for the first five or ten people who trample over everyone else to get it.
  3. Pokemon X and Y

    I just started playing, so I wouldn't know but they look so sad :( Also, well... I just started playing! Yeah so if anyone wants to hit me up for trades and battles I'm all for it. My 3DS FC is in the main thread for it.
  4. 3DS Friend Codes

    I saw that! I was so upset I wasn't doing any online browsing at the time or else I would have definitely cashed in on that deal. Goodness knows 3DS games are still pricey during the first few months after release.
  5. animal crossing new leaf

    I have it and I find it to be really fun and casual. Perfect game when I don't want to play anything as emotional as the Last of Us or shoot 'em up like Borderlands. I have my FC on the 3DS friend code thread so feel free to add me! I play daily and still building up my town, hopefully seeing if I can travel to towns that have the things I'm looking for in their shops.
  6. 3DS Friend Codes

    Added everyone who added me! Also today I'm contemplating trading in GTA V (beat the single player, annoyed by the multiplayer) for either store-credit to use on Black Friday or to go ahead and get Pokemon X now.
  7. Do you like cooking?

    I love cooking, as long as I have the right stuff to cook with. Which means a decent stove, utensils, pots/pans, and ingredients. I tend to make meals that are balanced out and healthy if I can manage it. Baking too, to a lesser extent. My 'claim to fame' happens to be these delicious s'mores cookies I made on occasion for parties and celebrations.
  8. Just a phase...

    I wouldn't say it is a phase, but more so a hobby that you can either indulge in more or less as years go by. Honestly I contemplated not going to ACen anymore after a nasty breakup this mast March with my boyfriend who was the one who had introduced and taken me to the con for three years straight since 2010. I ended up missing out this year because of that and it made me feel awful because of the few friends I have that did go were begging me to come with them and I was just so opposed to it because of the bad experience the year before combined with my problems earlier this year. But with that funk gone after a good seven/eight months behind me? I'm back and really want to try and enjoy the con for what it is. Now it means trying to make more friends with the same interests instead of just going for panels, guests, and the Dealer's Hall. Trust me, my father is still hoping I'll begin to hate or dislike anime, comics, and anything to do with fun so I'll join his side as an entrepreneur who hordes loads of money from their earnings. Nope. Not me. If I earn money, it's going towards bills and de-stressing vacation times such as con weekends.
  9. 3DS Friend Codes

    I disappeared from here for like... a year... but I'm back and very much out of my funk! So here's my 3DS code if anyone plays Animal Crossing New Leaf and soon to be for me Pokemon X. 0130-2331-8193
  10. My Gaming Blog

    I think you should go for it! Especially if it makes you happy and you want to share it? Go right on ahead.
  11. Farewell Hostess

    I feel terrible about all those jobs lost. I read the entire article and over 18,000? That is a HUGE number D= My mother is dead set on making me sell some boxes of the stuff online. Not that I'm opposed to it, but everyone else is hopping on the bandwagon of selling for overzealous prices. Personally? Being a fan of 'snacky-cakes' from Hostess? All I want is a ho-ho and a lemon zinger for myself. Sad to see one of my zombie apocalypse stops going down.
  12. My Gaming Blog

    Hey guys, an update! I've been using Tumblr more often due to popularity of it (I can clearly see why people like it so I was missing out) and I also do videos on a normal basis on Youtube. Currently the focus is on the Sims 3 series, but once I manage to find the pieces I'm missing for my recording software I'll do other gameplay. I sure could use the support and would appreciate those who don't mind trucking it with me. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Game-Goddess-Mimi/155714034491794 Tumblr: http://theegamegoddess.tumblr.com/
  13. Wreck-it Ralph

    I saw this with my cousin this past weekend and I loooved it. Definitely an add to my DVD collection and one of my favorite animated movies. Plus I realized that Sgt. Calhoun is the Disney version of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, so all of her badassery was appreciated :clap:/>
  14. Highschool of the Dead 2013

    I'm actually considering doing Rika, complete with her awesome sniper and sexy-cool glasses. Seems easy now, but I bet once January rolls around I'm going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to put it all together correctly.
  15. Dating panel fails throughout the years?

    I know it is hard to stay in character (being Rakshata for too long makes my brain explode), but it was just an observation. My guy might not be comfortable with me actually participating because of the off-chance of hitting it off romantically. I see it as fun I suppose, a nice way to meet people? Who knows, could totally be some love floating in the air for some. Considering all the serious panels before didn't fair well, maybe a role=playing one of sorts that gets implemented correctly could possibly be a success.