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  1. Who Got A Masquerade Trophy...

    Yep. That one's mine, thank you. You go right on ahead and post it where ever you want. Congratulations on having your artwork chosen!
  2. Who Got A Masquerade Trophy...

    Here ya go!
  3. Questions About Masq. Reg And Day..

    The earlier someone registers your group, the better off you are. I'd imagine, as long as someone got there early Friday then you should be ok but to wait till later in the day is risky. You should be able to register without the whole group but all 4 will have to check in at some point. I'm guessing that you will need 'guardian' signatures for the minors in the group. The walk-on music is typically just some BG music that plays as everyone does their 'catwalk'; it's preselected by staff. As walk-ons have such a short appearance on stage, there's not really time to change music between entrants. For your last question, I'm sure staff prefers you don't run off to have dinner with your friends or go check out the viewing rooms but you are most certainly allowed to leave the green room on account of the call of nature.
  4. What We Need To Know About The Masquerade

    IIRC, skits were pre-reg ONLY. If your group would like to walk-on, there are some slots reserved that you can sign up for at con in the Masquerade office. Hours & location to be found HERE.
  5. Pre-registrations Are Closed!

    Sorry, I don't know the location either. It has changed locations in the years I've gone; it should be in your programming book. Maybe if we ask ~really nicely~, sabre will post it for us... *winkwink* *nudgenudge*
  6. Wigs, Eyebrows, And Makeup

    ULTA & Sally's have root touch up hair mascara that come in a variety of natural hair colours. The packaging is usually more like lip gloss; at ULTA the lady gave me a few of the tester mascara wands to apply it with. This is what I use when I wear my blonde wig, I have very dark eyebrows naturally.
  7. Pre-registrations Are Closed!

    There are always a few slots reserved for @Con registration. Please note, they are very limited and will go very quickly. Do observe the Masquerade Office Hours and plan to go there ASAP to secure your entry.
  8. Pre-registration Forms

    Please allow me to apologize up front for my ignorance. Normally I'm on this like a fat kid on a cupcake, however this year I am completely inept at finding the forms for pre-registration for both walk-ons and craftsmanship. My forum searches only return results from last year and any links seem dead & gone. If someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you for your time!
  9. Number Of Entrants

    As of past year's protocol, yes you may enter craftsmanship judging AND participate in a skit. They are judged in completely different ways by completely different people. As far as group limit size and your question regarding that, I cannot help. I would presume you certainly may choose to split yourselves, which means you will probably compete against each other, or elect your favorite four to enter. This will all be up to you and the other group members, of course.
  10. Resin?

  11. Resin?

  12. Resin?

  13. Resin?

  14. Resin?

  15. Cosplay Fears?