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  1. Universal Century Gundam Online

    The admin of UCGO.PS has reopened his server and is restoring it bit by bit. There are a few changes that make the game a bit more fun IMO. The game's bit more friendly to new players, ie: it has an easier skill grind, the weakest machine guns for each side are free, ammo is free, shields are free, level one emergency repairs are free, and Zaku1s are free as well as Trainer GMs. http://ucgoserver.com/
  2. Gundam

    Trying to make a Human vers YMS-15 Gyan in a week. 1/2 done! (the easy half) I'm also going to dye my hair over the weekend for 2 of my cosplays, so yes MCPO Joshua will be returning again this year.
  3. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    Us Gundam cosplayers had to choose between the final Gundam Experience of all time, (one of the largest and longest running fan made panels at ACen) and the ONLY photo shoot. They were both at 7pm on friday.
  4. Ranma 1/2/Rumiko Takahashi 2013

    If E can find so pants E will be there as Soun.
  5. Gundam 2013?

    Well my hair's the wrong color for Karen so don't worry too much.
  6. What's the last thing you ate?

    Vegtable soup at MVCC in C building in room U203
  7. Count To 500 (Before A Mod Posts!)

    200 woot,woot, the woot!
  8. adventure time! 2013

    I'll be there as Simon (precrown) for the first half, but then I'll need to leave to change into my FF7 cosplay.
  9. Final fantasy 2013

    E femm pa drana mega ajano oayn. Drec oayn yc Johnny vnus Seven, but unfortunatly with the wrong hair (style and color). Also I may be a little late because of the overlap with the Adventure Time shoot.
  10. Gundam 2013?

    I'm working on a Karen Joshua right now.
  11. Count To 500 (Before A Mod Posts!)

    Blaa Blee Bloo Blaa Blee 192
  12. Caroling Again

    A few years ago we went caroling at Navy Pier and it was Awesome. We NEED to do something like that again this year.
  13. Chinese New Year

    The ACen crowd usualy meets by the Zodiac statues.
  14. Chinese New Year

    As always I'll be there at around 10 ish.