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  1. Twitch Accounts

    http://www.twitch.tv/cactusmomma Mostly crafting and Bob Ross streaming. Occasionally crappy fighting games.
  2. Unofficial gatherings

    If you have a time already, go ahead and make a new thread, so I can link to it and people can reference to it.
  3. Unofficial gatherings

    We came to last year's for a couple hours. Lilbit won't be around this time, since she's very, very mobile. Her big sister wants them to do Lilo and Stitch together sometime this summer.
  4. Unofficial gatherings

    At this point, everything is stone-set. All you can really do is hope Otome ends early, delegate someone to take over running it for you (see why co-runners are important? ;D), and run! Are you also running the Sunday Noragami shoot too? I've missed you all too! This baby is a bunch of fun and energy sapping work!
  5. Unofficial gatherings

    Hey guys! I've been getting a few emails asking if we can add in a few last minute additions to the guidebook schedule for gatherings. Unfortunately, things are already set for con next week. You are more than welcome to take one of the empty slots Here is what I would recommend: Get word out on Facebook and tumblr for your meets. Word of mouth at con will also help. I'm putting this thread here to help with any scheduling tumbles for the groups that did not make the submission deadline. Yu Yu Hakasho - Friday - 3 pm - Tower Overhang Hunter X Hunter - Friday - 4 pm - Tower Overhang ACen Open Shoot - Friday - 4 pm - BackEast Tower Overhang Fursuiters - Friday - 5 pm - Tower Overhang My Hero Academia - Saturday - 5 pm - Lower Ballroom Persona Midnight - Saturday - Midnight! - Tower Overhang Assassin's Creed/Watch Dogs - Sunday - 11 am - Loading Docks B
  6. Hotels; anyone have room for one more?

    Psst, might want to take your number out of here and have people pm you instead.
  7. Gatherings 2015 Informational

    Apologies to some, rejoicing for others.. but I'm stepping down from staffing this year. I'm having a little girl in February! With how much running around at con this requires, it's best to chill off for a year or so. That being said, send all inquiries and everything over to sabre. He's a good dude. Enjoy the holidays!
  8. Yasunori Mitsuda

    This year, we had the wonderful and highly talented Nobuo Uematsu with us.. so why not bring out one of his colleagues? Why should we bring out Mitsuda-san? Some of his compositions include the soundtracks to: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Inazuma Eleven Luminous Arc Shadow Hearts: Covenant Xenogears Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross Mario Party And many, many other favorites!
  9. BABYMETAL FOR 2015!

    Not to mention having been signed on and toured with Gaga and other metal groups. The costs would be astronomical for us.
  10. Photoshoot Leadership/Etiquette

    ....actually, that was the exact reason the Friday SAO shoot was scheduled.. so he COULD propose to his girlfriend. They had met at ACen and that was kind of part of their relationship thing. The person who was supposed to be running the group messaged me last minute and said she couldn't make it..so he took over. With the weather being as frigid as it was that day, I'm really not surprised that it was moved.
  11. Deals and steals!

    http://instagram.com/textilediscount 25 more follows here gets another groupon~ $20 for $40 of fabric!
  12. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    We did have signs out for what wouldn't blow away or be stolen. The con center and Hyatt both have strict rules on what can be put up and HOW it can be put up because of union rulings too. I know, I know.. it's a massive pain. I know we can't use outside of the Hyatt/con center area, since that makes it a part of the City of Rosemont's jurisdiction.. and that field is also directly in correlation with a freeway ramp. Generally not a good idea. Ultimately, I'd like to just.. have a person standing at each location with a giant Sim bobble on their head to check folks in, but again, it's departmental shortages all around.
  13. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    I'm still finishing up paperwork and trying to pry a bruising body out of bed... so if you guy could please, please do me a huge favor for now? If your gathering..or if you saw a gathering pushed out/hijacked by another group, could you please email the account of it to gatherings@ACen.org, please? DC group, I personally moved you guys inside from the Garden because it was 55F and there were many girls who were shivering. I don't know who pushed you from the Docks, but please email me at the above address so we can get this sorted out. As for the book vs Guidebook/forums, schedule changes had to be made in the last month and I made my best effort to get the word out to use the latter for scheduling needs around social media. At con, the only way to pull people into Rain backups was by myself, Knives, and the occasional Dani running back and forth through the con center. The second that we can unzombie, we will be holding our own feedback sessions in our little department. If you guys have feedback for the con, keep it coming here (politely and positively, please.).
  14. Offline!

    I am now offline! See everyone at con tomorrow! If you need anything, please email gatherings@ACen.org or shoot an ask to beegobuzz.tumblr.com
  15. Welcome to Night Vale

    There's one scheduled for Saturday at 7, if you folks would like to chance meeting up with more people too!