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  1. Ventra

    It takes some understanding, but its really easy and you can add the needed value online
  2. animal crossing new leaf

    Soooo, who has it and would like to add me? Maybe arrange a meet up or something?
  3. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    I MAY be there Thursday. Not sure
  4. Kyles First con!

    What he said ^
  5. Someone play the FFVII victory fanfare
  6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Is everyone going all three days?

    Happy birthday!
  8. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    App not apparently....damn autocorrect.
  9. Whats your New Fav Game for 2013?

    Monster hunter 3 ultimate and Animal crossing (when it comes out)
  10. Non-Anime TV Programs You Follow

    Netflix: Dr who supernatural Mr bean Angel
  11. My Introduction

    What an awesome choice to lose your con-ginity ^_^ ACen was my first, so I judge other cons by my experience there
  12. I totally could (I just want tacoooooos)
  13. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Sorry, I meant the apparently for it lol. But I'll check that one sincere its already ready. I'm a longsword user my wife uses the dual blades. I've loved the LS since PSP.
  14. My Introduction

    Sup, welcome to the madhouse @_@ This your first con?