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  1. Zazen Boys 2012!

  2. Zazen Boys 2012!

    ACen should get the Zazen Boys as an act for 2011, because they are amazing and would draw so many people to ACen. THEY'RE AMAZING. I MEAN, AMAZING AMAZING. LEGENDARY. They have already been to NYC. Here's a video of them live I believe they toured with Peelander-Z, who has been to ACen before (I think with HALCALI)
  3. 2012 Doubletree Rates and Terms

    Has anyone had luck booking already?
  4. When is the next tier due!?
  5. Guests?

    Rude? Oh no. My OPINION was apparently taken the wrong way by you. You chose to not like it and you got an attitude. So I extended the gesture back. Now, the fact that you feel like I'm coming off as superior says a lot about you. Not about me. I expressed my opinion with no intent to hurt anyone's feelings (And obviously someone's feelings were hurt...) I did not say everyone was in the wrong, it was not even expressed that way. The whole idea was to point out the people who have been doing those pathetic things. And, I'm pretty darn sure that I didn't mention anything negatively over people JUST WANTING MORE GUESTS IN GENERAL. Boohoohoo. And edit for your edit: What you may have seen, is probably different from what I've seen. Remind yourself of that. And I'm not going to justify any of your butthurt comments with a response since you seem to put feelings over intelligence.
  6. Guests?

    No need to get hyped up. Because you were told. Okay. Well, if you honestly believe that, sad for you. It's pathetic that just because people don't get what they want, that they count it as not "great". (I'm not applying this to everyone) And what have I been reading? Well, my dear....I've been reading the forums. The ridicule has not been in mass amounts, I will say that, but it does exist. And I've also read it elsewhere.
  7. Guests?

    The Japanese earthquake/nuclear disaster. Excuse me, but to demand more Japanese guests is a little insensitive, I think. And this ridicule of the ACen staff is not cool either. It takes a lot to get guests. And actually, I think it's cool they're not bringing in the people that go to every con. Thanks for the variety. The only thing I'm sad about is how ACen has signed their soul to AVEX. :'P It would be cool if you got some really great indie bands. It would give the band(s) a new experience, the crowd would gain a new love, and it would be cheaper. And they sound just as good (if not better) than all the bands that are "popular".
  8. Hip Hop Fans At Acen?

    I ended up scrapping this because it was so last minute and my first year, so I didn't know specific places at ACen etc. I kinda forgot my ideas of what to do for last years meetup but...I'm going to try and think of some !

    Their live schedule Nothing after May 15 >____>
  10. Laptops?

    Oh wow really? I always thought the cost of wifi was the riskyness hahaha. Well, then. I might just be leaving at home unless the doubletree has free wifi or something.
  11. Laptops?

    Does anyone ever take their laptop to the hotels? Is it a good idea to take it or leave it at home?
  12. Hip Hop Fans At Acen?

    Haha well if people are interested this year, I'm all for it.
  13. Guest Relations Thread Cleanup Request Thread

    Soil&"PIMP"Sessions or Zazen Boys. ^_^

    Right here: PARAISO They also don't have any projects right now so they could be easy to get. I think there have been guests in the past who haven't had connections to anime. Maybe I'm wrong. :3 Glad to see I'm not the only one here who likes them though!

    Clickclickclick SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS should definitely be picked to play because they really know how to get the crowd riled up and able to have a good time. Many people who usually don't favor jazz have a soft spot for soil. They hold some of the best concerts, ever. They also don't have a project going on right now so it would probably be easy to get them.