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  1. The next four years....

    Yeah, I've been eyeing my 401k and was thinking about starting to contribute to other retirement methods such as a Roth IRA/401k. It's funny, but once I turned 25 I really started thinking about saving up for retirement, kids, etc. I'm not a financial planner or even a savvy spender (more of a sloppy spender :lol:/>/>), but everyone should start socking away some money in some way. Inflation, taxes, financial emergencies, you never know nowadays. Retirement Cost I usually hit B&N or the library and read Kiplinger, Money, and Consumers Digest. I wouldn't follow it word for word mind you. After all, by the time news hits print, it's a year old in internet time. But it is useful for general trends and guidelines.
  2. What are you getting people for the holidays?

    Blu-ray movies/TV shows, one of those Precious Moments figures, an 8 GB SDHC card, and some yet to be determined gifts for my parents. It's easy to shop for my sibling and my significant other gives me a weighted list, though I usually throw in a surprise gift to mix it up. Yup, after so many years I got this down pat.
  3. Windows 8 anybody upgrading?

    Running 64-bit Vista and Ubuntu. No hurry to go off to the next OS. I usually wait a year so that all the bugs are properly sorted out before jumping in and deciding for myself whether to get it or not. For many of the features that they offer, I already have in the form of other apps/services (Android/Google mainly). To me, I think one should decide to upgrade based on how they would use the OS and what peripherals (cellphone, tablets, gaming consoles, etc) you have before you purchase. I don't have an Xbox (I've got a PS3 & Wii), I have an iPad, and an Android phone. Works good enough for me. If I had an Xbox360, a Windows phone and was more of a desktop user, I would probably be more inclined to jump into Windows 8.
  4. Nintendo's Wii U

    I got to play with the demo unit at my Best Buy. Pretty neat piece of hardware. I couldn't really gauge the weight of the new Gamepad because of the security cord attached to it. I ended up playing a demo of Rayman three feet away from a 48" TV (I don't know the size, it was big). Good graphics and smooth gameplay, but from what I've read [link here] was that some of the apps aren't up and running yet. My system for determining if I get a game system: If I can think of 3 games that I want to play right now that are on that console and only that console, I will get it. So I guess I will wait until more games come out to make it worth my while.
  5. Farewell Hostess

    I remember eating these every once in a while as a kid. We didn't really have them around since most food in the house was filipino. That and my parents didn't really keep junk food around. The Hostess section at my Jewel was gutted. Someone for sure will buy the trademarks up.
  6. A question about ex's

    Hey there! Haven't been on for a very long time, but that's a post for another thread. My brother broke up with his long time girlfriend and quite amicably as far as break-ups go, but the question I pose for you: "Is it alright to be friends with your brother's ex?" [You can reword the question to be your own ex, a sibling's ex, etc.] My girlfriend in particular is very distraught, as over the years we've all sort of become like family. The idea of not seeing her so close to the holidays is disheartening to say the least. We're helping her move out in about 2 weeks so I guess there's time to sort these questions out before we say our goodbyes. A secondary question to my situation - I want to make a copy of a Medieval Times portrait of the four of us from this year, is that legal? I know that you need the express permission from the photographer if it is a professional due to copyright. Would it be considered 'professional' even if it's the usual theme park style "Say Cheese!" and pick up the photo at the end of the show? *For those who must know, one of them started graduate school and the other got a job somewhere else in the state. Funny where life leads us, huh?
  7. E3 2011 Thread!

    In no paticular order, things I'm looking forward to after E3: 1. PS Vita (I sure love my gadgets! Boo, AT&T) 2. Wii U + tablet controller (a way for me to play while my gf watches Vampire Diaries, hell ya!) 3. Uncharted 3 (omgbbq, vomity goodness!) 4. Batman: Arkham City (another guy who loves his gadgets!)
  8. PSN Down

    So, about that new Wii... I'm kidding. I don't really use the PSN much and I am worried about my personal info getting into the wrong hands. But I guess right now I'm very interested in seeing how the network was compromised. I like reading about that sort of thing. Besides, I need to brush up on Mortal Kombat 9 skills.
  9. creepers beware

    Oh man, I would totally cosplay as John Waters! Has no one seen the Creep video by the Lonely Island?
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean

    Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Probably after the con though. I got to conserve my energy! On a similar note, did anyone see the new Lonely Island video about Jack Sparrow? Never was a fan of Michael Bolton, except for Office Space. :lol:
  11. Zelda Ocarina of Time....Limited Release

    Really? All of a sudden this thread got some seriously long posts (tl;dr). I just wanted a nice morning of some easy reading. :D I have several versions of Ocarina of Time. I said no to this one. First, I don't have a 3DS. Second, it doesn't suit my current game time playing style. I'm not playing this on the way to school or in between classes. I go to work, I go home. So, I can only play at home. Besides, even if the rumors are true, I'm a patient guy (PSN is down? When did that happen? :lol: ). If you want it, get it. If you feel your money should go somewhere else, so be it.
  12. Thor

    It was decent. I'd rent it when it comes out on video. When he had his shirt off, the woman behind us made a cat call noise. I responded, "Hot damn, I want a price of that!" That made my girlfriend laugh. Plus when he smiles at the diner, he's as cute as a puppy. Yeah, I loved the references to Dr. Banner and Stark. The cameo by Hawkeye was cool. The only complaint was how fast Thor fell for Jane and vice versa. I'm stll trying to figure out the after credits ending. I'll figure it out. No spoilers here!
  13. PSN Down

    You know, I wouldn't have noticed it wasn't working if I didn't read it on the various gaming blogs. Even then, it just gets a big "meh" on my part. Only thing to worry about now is my credit card info...
  14. Mmmm yaoi

    Mmmm, yaoi. My significant other told me to stop. It was giving her a complex as to why I am reading it. :D I guess that's all I'll say on the matter.
  15. Absurd fears?

    None so far, I have no fears that would be considered "absurd". As a kid, I was afraid of swimming the deep end of the pool for fear of a shark (Thank you Jaws). I had a brief fear of spiders until I realized that watching them eat insects was fascinating (That started my bug phase). Woo, awesome stuff in this here thread! Cheers!