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    I'm an Artist Alley artist, I like anime, art, naruto, eureka seven, samurai champloo, ghost in the shell, ninja scroll, vampire hunter D, scryed, streetfighter, excel saga, soul eater, and a bunch of others. I'm average in looks. I'm also very easy to get along with. And I'm 34.

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  1. How do you eat...?

    Stick cheese. ^_^
  2. This sounds like fun. I will try to go, and bring some friends too. Yessssss.
  3. Countdown From A Million!

  4. ACen AA 2015

    Hello everyone. Beginning to get my stock ready. Prints, prints, prints!
  5. Power Drop + Internet?

    Hello everyone! I'm willing to share on the cost of a powerdrop with nearby artists. My Table is Tandem Rise, my email is roa5t_demall@yahoo.com. Just let me know if I'm nearby and you want to share costs! ^_^
  6. Everyone ready?

    I'm so ready. O-O
  7. Forum M&G After Party and 21+ Meet and Greet!

    Looking forward to Cards Against Humanity.
  8. Did anyone notice...?

    I agree, that was a good decision, well done.
  9. Need Room :D

    Nevermind :)
  10. Vic Mignogna

    I agree. Vic is awesome and so much fun!
  11. Post-Con

    I completely agree, having Copic at ACen was awesome. I got a bunch of stuff from them ^_^.
  12. Post-Con

    I'm also a first timer and i had a fantastic time. Made a lot of new friends ^_^. Oh, and the credit thing, i missed out on a couple of sales so I'm going to look into getting it, sounds like a good idea.
  13. 2012 F.A.Q.

    Let me see if I've got this right. With the purchase of my product I'm allowed to give them as many as I want. I'm also allowed to just give them away. That's all. Correct?
  14. 2012 F.A.Q.

    Makes perfect sense to me. This is how I shall go about it unless the ACen Department Head says otherwise. Thanks everyone. ^_^
  15. 2012 F.A.Q.

    I was going to charge a dollar a ticket and give them with any purchase, but it looks like I'm just going to give them with purchase or for free.